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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.

pulse 14

Well so far on this pulse I feel better. I also got my period and am getting relief of stiffness with it. I used to notice  huge release of stiffness sometimes when menstruating now I realize it is only a great relief when I ovulate. Meaning I guess I get the relief in swelling/inflammationi stiffness when I get a surge in progesterone which you get after ovulation. Again I am using transdermal bioidentical progest now at 200mg 3x daily . Progesterone is supposed to help with remylination so lets see what happens. I am trying everything to switch my body from T1 (inflammatory) to T2 (antinflammatory) . So I have added estriol transdermal along woth the progesterone. I am also supplementing thyroid and adrenal.

over a year great brain function, mri improvements, but no mobility improvements

well i am feeling really sorry for myself in the mobility department cold hands feet and stiff wall walking. My doc has me tweaking my hormones with bioidentical transdermal creams estriol/ progesterone to rebuild myelini and promote t2 anti inflammationi. I am also trying amoural and adrnenal though I have not gotten the correct emounts yet.  Interestingly enough I am not getting heavy die off symptoms as before from abxi. I am taking all my supplementsi. Wow I think it about time for me to see some constant improvements at least in glimpses. It is imposible to exercise when you'rethis stiff and swollen footed and that of couse is what I REALLY WANT AND NEED TO DO. oh well i try everything when do i get to feel better?

Looking for a doctor in Illinois (Chicago)

Hi everyone, I am looking for a doctor familiar with the antibiotic protocol in Illinois, preferably close to Chicago.  Thanks, Anna


thinning blood for better curing of bacteria and reduction of inflammation

Please respond to this . My doctor recommended a thinning of the blood to help the bacteria/viruses be killed more easily also the antibiotic supposedly will work bette and inflammationi decrease circulation increase. I notice this is suggested in lyme protocol anyone familar with this or any comments? barbara


Well, Have been on doxyi 100mg 2 x a day, added biaxin and had to lower it to 250mg 2 x a day.  Now the yeast has got me again (have had fungal sinusitis for years and seems to be coming back) even with vsl#3 and lamisil once a day, and yogurt.  So, I'm going to stop the lamisil and go back on the diflucan 150mg once a day and see how that works.  I know it's a lot of work on my liver but I'm also itching all over again so I have to try it.  I was on antibiotics 17 years straight so will probably never get rid of the yeast.  (Had fungal sinus the last few years and on ampho b nasal wash every day for 2 years).


I talked to a doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said to try stacking Moxifloxacin with my other antibiotics. Im not sure about this so I thopug id ask you guys


Tinnitus very bad

Well, my tinnitus">i has come back with a vengeance.  When I first got sick with FMSi/EBVi?<  correct link dr perlutter discusses abxi vanderbilt protocol

Dr Perlutter website mentions vanderbilt abx protocol<    a very well known neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter mentions protocol he doesn't quite get the whole thing but woth checking out! Barbara   His website is interesting  his suggested supplementsi have always been similar to ours

Interesting study on investigational drug rifalazil for treatment of C. pneumoniae

J Antibiot (Tokyo). 2008 Aug;61(8):489-95. Links

Rifalazil Retains Activity Against Rifampin-resistant Mutants of Chlamydia pneumoniae.

Progress update (1.5.09)

ADD ON: 01/05/09 - Last night I finally added on the second daily 100 mg. of Minoi. Yay!

slowing ramping up

I have been on doxyi 100mg 2 x a day and now just started biaxin(1 last night) and feel horrible today.  Would it hurt for me to take a biaxin every other day but still take the doxy?  Or should I start with 1/2 biaxin a day along with the doxy and everything else I am taking?  I feel as bad as I used to feel on all the years of antibiotics before (didn't take any for cpni though).  Taking dyazide and ibuprofen for swelling, calcium pyruvate, vita c, etc.  I've looked through the website but can't seem to find anything on my specific question. (Oh, also taking NACi 2400 a day)

Second Month on Mino about done.

First of all ... I do not know why I ever complained about not sweating! I had daily & nightly fevers in Sept. Sweating was the way of my existence and drinking water was all I could think about as my thirst was so great. This past month the fevers are letting up. I only sweat a few hours a day usually after dinner or during the night. Occaisonally now I skip a day or maybe two or three at the most. Just when I think the fevers and sweats are going I get hit again. So this has caused me to stay home indoors a lot the past couple months cause my nap time is definitely therapeutic. By afternoon I am drained. However, I jump at the chance and have managed to drive two or three days during the good hours of my better days. Otherwise I think I would go stir crazy.

My History

Hi. Thanks for the responses. I would have got back to you sooner but I only just found them. I am still getting used to navigating the site.

I have had CFSi<i< since 12/97. I have had two episodes, the most recent of which started in 12/99 and continues to today.

Doctor In NY

The result of my self management of the situation has not been successful. After two days of feeling progressively worse, I have decided to go back on the anti-biotics.

Are there any doctors in New York that are knowledgeable about CPNi?

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