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Agents used to kill micro-organisms.

Talke Doxy and Azithro Together?

Hello everyone.  I have just started the CAPi recently with two weeks of Doxyi (100 mg) and am about to start Aziithro on Monday.  Can any advise whether I should take the two antibiotics together (i.e. at the same time) or space them out during the day?  Certainly would be easier to take together so I can space out other supplementsi, probiotics etc. but don't know if it is advisable (both are taken with food as a little hard on the stomach so it would be easy to take them with one of the meals of the day).


Any advice from the veterans on this site?


Thanks so much for your input!


rifampin use and optic nerve damage

Anyone experience optice nerve damage while taking Rifampin? I need some online medical papers to confirm this for my doc. Thanks

Questions, Questions, Questions

I am about to embark on the CAPi journey.  I am seeing one of the most relevant doctors in NYC.  His treatment strategy is to start with Doxycyclene and Rifampin for a min of 6 months.

Taking Antibiotics with or without Probiotics

Hey guys,     

I have been diagnosed with Chlamydia Pneumloniae.  My doctor put me on a whole truckload of antibiotics. My question is should I take pro-Biotics with the antibiotics? If so when should I take them? Is it during, after, or while taking the antibiotics? 

Who out there is functional? (Non-Ms'ers)

For the benefit of perspective......I am curious.  We get varied responses on physical reactions to pulses, ABXi, etc.; BUT,  in the big picture, how many of you ( on a day-to-day basis), are still functioning below normal.... or non-functional?   How many are unable to work, drive, take care of the home, cook, etc.?

Some of you speak of your pulses taking you down, but yet have the physical capabilities of going to the gym, carrying out day-to-day activities and working.  (Which, by the way, is fantastic)  This query is in no way meant as an offense to anyone.  

 Since I am unable to do a poll, is anyone willing to share?


How long on CAP:



Physical levels of endurance: 



Time to Add Rifampin?

What started as a severe sinus problem is now in my chest (again).  I am still having debilitating malaise, deep chest coughing, running a low grade fever off and on.  I have been taking Tinii continuously now for a little over a month (as well as Doxyi and Roxi).  I am still doing the neti pot, Mucinex (seems to help), nasal sprays, etc.   I still have what appears to be swelling in the mandibular area of my face.


Which abx first: Doxy or Azithro?

Greetings folks.  I have finally find a doctor (after almost 2 years) willing to try the CAPi and will be starting it shortly once I have been on NACi and supplementsi for a few weeks.  My questions are:


1) From Sarah's description of Wheldon's schedule of treatment, after NAC, start with Doxyi, followed by Azithro once tolerated.  But from Stratton's protocol elsewhere, I see recommendations to start with the Azithro first followed by the Doxy.  Can anyone shed some light on this - i.e. does it matter which of the two main abxi is started first?


I have been on Flagyl for about a week for parasites, and it makes me Really dizzy, or better said super drowzy. I also fell extremely tired, and i feel like i get more tingling in my left leg and left hand too. I had some tingling in those areas before at times, coming and going but now it seems worse. I'm not sure if i should stop taking the Flagyl or not, and i can't call my doctor, he's not in the office today.

Has anyone else experienced this with Flagyl?

Means to enhance absorption of Doxycycline and other means to enhance CAP

As a CAPi for Cpni is to be maintained over many months, the abxi can pose a problem to organs like liver and kidneys, as those are part of the elimination route. Higher doses also carry a higher risk of other side-effects. Hence, enhancing the effect of abx taken is beneficial.

Just once...


 Can you get a resistance to an antiobiotic by just taking one tablet?



Chlamydia Trach STD is similar to Cpn relative to it's chronic state or persistence?

After being diagnosed with Chlamydia STDi and taking mulitiple individual chlamydial drugs one at a time and unfortunately relapsing, I stumbled upon this site. I believe both Cpni and Chlad Trach are of the same chlamydial family, therefore, can I expect resolution by applying the protocolsi offered on this site? I've been taking biaxin and flagyl now for over 7 days along with NACi and feeling about 80 percent better or 80% asymptomatic. My strain I'm convinced has grown resistant to both doxyi and azithromax. Amoxicillini seems like a reasonable alternative to the macrolide I'm already taking along with metroi.

 Thank you,



Anyone know of doctor in Ontario, Canada who will prescribe CAP?

Help!  Does anyone know of a doctor in Ontario, Canada (ideally in Ottawa but any knowledgable doctor licensed in Canada might help) who might be willing to work with me to prescribe the CAPi?  If I could find a Cpni- or LL-MD who would consult with me by phone and prescribe the CAP, I'm convinced I'm on the right track.  I've had no success in spite of spending almost a year doing my own Cpn reading, countless hours amassing a well-researched package (several times) and providing it to two different doctors.  Cpn does not seem well-known nor is it even tested for here and I could spend years trying to convince the skeptical medical community while continuing to suffer (I have interstitial cystitisi, not MSi).


I'm taking Valtrex is Zithromax ok to take with no interaction

Just wanted to know if Zithromax was ok to take while on Valtrex? Thanks
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