Charles Stratton

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Main researcher/physician at Vanderbilt University whose fundamental science and research, along with his colleagues, has formulated the combination antibiotic approach to treat Chlamydiae pneumoniae

One Week Under my Belt

Happily I can report nothing too dramatic.   Friday evening had some very weird jolts of electic shocks in my left hip and then in my left foot.  Glad I had read on here that was a possibility so the weird stuff doesn't freak me out too bad.  Now it's more of an out of body experience of "Hmmm, that was odd" and keep on going.

Phase 2

<sigh>  What a mix of emotions.  I've just taken my first dose of Doxyi this evening.  I'm excited and scared of the impact all at the same time. 

Today was my 1 month followup to starting Amox 500mg 2x day.  The rash progressively got worse until it took up 1/4 of my leg and patches on both but it wasn't really bothering me except I couldn't wear shorts or skirts...looked very freaky.  When I began itching after taking 2 doses within 6 hrs of each other (I forgot--imagine THAT!) I voted for allergic and last Thursday took my last dose to see what would happen by today.  Sure enough, withing 24 hrs the redness was gone, itching gone and it looks like all areas are healing.

What kind of fool am I?

Charcoal. It's annoying to schedule the two-hour NPO gap around taking it. The capsules tend to float up and get stuck in my esophagus. If the charcoal hasn't had time to wet down, a small cloud of it comes up if I burp -- and it makes me burp. Good thing I don't smoke!

All this is to say that there are perfectly understandable reasons why I stopped taking it a few months ago. I was pushing way too hard; so hard that I quite literally didn't have the energy to eat enough at mealtimes. I had to eat what I could tolerate, then wait a while until I had enough energy to eat some more. Needless to say, this made scheduling around charcoal nearly impossible.

Recreational Drugs

No blowouts this time and our faithful diesel cruised to the show. But the fair people had forgotten to stop the entries at the usual limit of 300 goats, so we were crowded at 480. We have French Alpines and the basic Alpine philosophy is that the last one left standing is the winner so we were very busy with keeping everyone occupied with something to do. Treats, new hay often, back scratches, peanuts, and for the really determined basher, a little water in the face - the penultimate insult.

I Need a Nail

This is another of those combined blogs, one by author, one by proxy, two by confusion, too confusing? Not for us. We know how to deal with the confusing, the confused, and the unexpected: give flagyli.

San Antonio, TX

Has anyone found a doctor near San Antonio, Texas that prescribes CAPi? If so, please send me a private message.


As Joyce has said "What a bizarre group we are". The title of this blog stands for: Blog By Proxy - Blood Pressure/Gum Disease. For years Dr R (Richard) has fought bad breath and gum disease with meticulous attention to an heroic dental routine and visited the dentist alternating with the periodontist for a total of 6 times a year. His gums have inexorably receded and bled. Several months ago in a matter of a few days, his bad breath disappeared, becoming almost overnight as sweet as a baby's.

Case Reports from the Mitchell, Stratton et al patent

patent 6,838,552
                             TABLE 11
Serological and PCRi<i< Responses to Combination Antibiotic Therapy
Months of
Pa- Titer Antibiotic

Hoping for a Higher Level

It seems much longer than the 20 days that have elapsed since my adventure in Wyoming. After returning only 3 weeks ago tomorrow, we (Richard and I) began flagyli 2 days later on Thursday night. My own response was the usual short hour until loss of function - a little less than usual - and mental confusion - much more than usual and the lethargy lasting for days. I still have the emotional flatness and great amounts of slow, fuzzy thinking. And the vertigo, something always present, this time in huge waves requiring me to hold on and wait till it passed every time I changed position. Even now, 13 days after ending the pulse, if I move suddenly, I must stop and wait, but briefly now. I look at this pulse in wonder.

the next step

I just thought I would mention that my doctor and I have discussed adding Rifampicin and INHi to my list of meds. I'm waiting to hear back on him as to what I need to do to get the prescriptions from him. So I'll soon be adding Rifampicin and INH to the list of meds I'm taking. On a tangent, I have an order of Culturelle on the way, along with another probiotic. Finally, pulse 15 is due to start on Saturday. I don't think I have enough time to get the other meds before then, so I'll likely start next week.

Antibiotics useful against CPn which cross the blood brain barrier well?

I recently recovered some information from the former web site of Dr. Sririam pertaining to the usefullness of antibioticsi against Cpni and which ones will cross the blood brain barrier.  What I don't know is how accurate this information is or why some antibiotics that appear to be less effective at crossing the blood  brain barrier were chosen.  Why the latter question?  Because at least one of the doctors who have devised protocolsi did so with the specific objective of treating Multiple Sclerosisi, a neurological disease.  Crossing the blood brain barrier is critical in the success of such a treatment.

Blurred Locomotion, Fuzzy Reality

It has happened again - tinadazole is easy for me but the aftermath is no gain. Last year I did three pulses of tinii because of the National Dairy Goat Show - I simply did not have time to be "out of the loop" - (loopy, that is!) so it was an excellent time to try this magical drug that didn't send you reeling to the bottom of the well. After days of waiting for events to occurI realized they weren't going to. They didn't; nothing happened that I could tell, except that my walking became - well - mushy. So I went back to flagyli. I have done nine or ten of flagyl with very clear- cut inprovements since then. Spring came (?) again, bringing 23 kids (one of these days, we will figure out what's causing that!), hours in the barn, classification, etc.

Where is the one-page description of the protocols, please?

I'm sorry, but I can no longer find a page that describes the protocol -- did it disappear during the site meltdown a few weeks back? I mean, we all know it, so we never look, but a newbie might find it hard. Can anyone please reply with a link? Ron
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