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British physician who has created a combination antibiotic protocol for Cpn based on Vanderbilt/Stratton work.

Clarifying Question about Metronidazole (Flagyl) and 2nd Year Pulse

I've been reading through the Wheldon Protocal and I'm not completely clear on something that is likely to be obvious. 

When starting the pulse I understand that one would start with a one day pulse.

Is the second pulse one week later, or one month later?  Would the second pulse be 2, 3, 4 or 5 days?

Likewise, would the third pulse be in the third week, or third month?  I get the impression that it would last for 5 days regardless of how the first two went, yes? no? maybe?

Then after the first 3 weeks or months, is this recurringly done on a weekly or monthly basis?

second question while I'm thinking about this:

I Need a Nail

This is another of those combined blogs, one by author, one by proxy, two by confusion, too confusing? Not for us. We know how to deal with the confusing, the confused, and the unexpected: give flagyli.

1st week of abx

Saturday has now devolved into the day I take stock of my progress and make any changes. I've now reached the full dosage for the abxi and increased to 1800mg for NACi. I have no major effects to report, is that good - is it bad - toss for it. However I seem to be trying to work my way through the entire gamut of minor unpleasant effects - tingling feet and hands, restless left leg, muscle pain, small rash on chest, some facial flushing, upset stomach and high pitched ringing in my ears - par for the course. If it wasn't for this site, I'd have myself put down.

pulse 16 + Rifampin

I'm on the eve of my first nervous pulse since starting the protocol, oh these 18 months ago.  Pulse 16 is ahead, to begin on Saturday.  I'm a bit nervous because there have been people here who mentioned that doing a pulse while on Rifampin was rough in comparison to doing it while not on Rifampin.

Maybe I shouldn't be worried?  Really, there hasn't been anything dramatic in a negative sense since I started Rifampin.  I've had a couple of bad days but more likely those were due to weather (it was hot) or having my gym schedule disrupted so that I didn't go for some reason.

A delicate balancing act

Well I've now graduated to the full protocol. It's been six weeks and I can report no really unpleasant effects except depression, which has occurred after the abxi.

I think I've had a reasonable experience so far because I'm trying to take things steadily and increase things gradually. Something I have discovered is that it takes me a week to tolerate each step.

I've been prompted to write this entry because of what to me is a significant step. I have only been taking the abxi for 2 wks and already there has been a decrease in the major spasms in my right leg, my overall pain has decreased and my floppy right foot has stopped flapping like a seal's flipper all the time, it now rolls as I walk, at least until I tire.


As Joyce has said "What a bizarre group we are". The title of this blog stands for: Blog By Proxy - Blood Pressure/Gum Disease. For years Dr R (Richard) has fought bad breath and gum disease with meticulous attention to an heroic dental routine and visited the dentist alternating with the periodontist for a total of 6 times a year. His gums have inexorably receded and bled. Several months ago in a matter of a few days, his bad breath disappeared, becoming almost overnight as sweet as a baby's.

Doctors Warning

I had my second meeting with my Doctor. He was unable to prescribe Roxithromycin as it was not on his list and he said, therefore illegal to prescribe. So I have a months supply of Azithromycin.

He warned me that I might experience problems with diarrhea and that this could get serious, in which case I should stop the abxs and come back to see him (he said I would know if I was having a problem). He mentioned entercolitis and toxic megacolon. This is quite worrying as the Doxi appears to be causing me some problems already.

Has anyone had colitis and is there any supplement that can reduce the risk of such complications?

top this for duh factor....

The other day, I received a letter from our Tax Assessment Department.  They have requested my receipts for medical & charitable giving for the past year.  So, no big deal...I go to where I put it & my Tax Return was not there.  I have nicely filed my husbands away, but mine???

Well, I have turned everything upside down & bass ackwards & I cannot find my return, much less the receipts which would have been attached to it!

I have no idea where it could have gotten too, it has seriously vanished.  Talk about brain fog, my word.  I still need to call the accountant but I am sure he doesn't have it anyway.  I recall taking the folder from his house along with my spouses.  I could have sent it out to recycle by error??? 

on a new one, so we begin, so we continue

I finally did it today, I started Rifampin.  As a side note, I've been referring to it as Rifampicin, it's Rifampin.  I got the product information sheet from my pharmacy when the prescription was filled (thanks to Rica's suggestion).  I read the entire thing and it was very informative.  I note that the product information sheet talks about using Rifampin and INHi together so it's not unusual to be taking both at the same time.  I suppose one could say taking those plus doxyi plus azi plus pulsing with flagyli would be just a little over the top in their eyes though, lol!

and now time for something different.....metronidazole anyone?

Thank you sir, may I have another?  Yes, another Flagyli pulse....the 15th to be exact.  Yes, I'll wash it down with some water, thanks.

Okay, my prescrip for Flagyl was filled this week and I started pulse 15 today.  I need to call the pharmacy and see if the recieved my prescrips for INHi and Rifampicin.  My doc and I discussed it by email and he said he would have his nurse call it in.  I was expecting him to mail them to me as that's how he did the first set of prescrips, but whatever works.  I have to admit to being a bit timid about starting on two more antibioticsi since I'm on 3 already (4 if you count NACi).  I plan on starting Rifampicin next weekend and INH on my next pulse (16).

Hoping for a Higher Level

It seems much longer than the 20 days that have elapsed since my adventure in Wyoming. After returning only 3 weeks ago tomorrow, we (Richard and I) began flagyli 2 days later on Thursday night. My own response was the usual short hour until loss of function - a little less than usual - and mental confusion - much more than usual and the lethargy lasting for days. I still have the emotional flatness and great amounts of slow, fuzzy thinking. And the vertigo, something always present, this time in huge waves requiring me to hold on and wait till it passed every time I changed position. Even now, 13 days after ending the pulse, if I move suddenly, I must stop and wait, but briefly now. I look at this pulse in wonder.

A Young Woman With MS: Ella's Progress on the CAP

(Editors note: This is a report by Ella's mother Michele, a very active contributor to www.cpnhelp.org< and user of the protocol herself. They began the CAPi in the crisis of Ella's rapid deterioration and the change since then is quite remarkable though the story is far from over. It illustrates well the judicious use of steroids to manage inflammatory symptoms while slowly ramping up on the CAP. Most of us have followed Ella's progress with enthusiasm and bated breath. She's kind of become a mascot for many of us more "mature" types, symbolic of the restoration of vigorous life were this treatment started when we were younger! We will add to this update as her treatment progresses.)

the next step

I just thought I would mention that my doctor and I have discussed adding Rifampicin and INHi to my list of meds. I'm waiting to hear back on him as to what I need to do to get the prescriptions from him. So I'll soon be adding Rifampicin and INH to the list of meds I'm taking. On a tangent, I have an order of Culturelle on the way, along with another probiotic. Finally, pulse 15 is due to start on Saturday. I don't think I have enough time to get the other meds before then, so I'll likely start next week.

Antibiotics useful against CPn which cross the blood brain barrier well?

I recently recovered some information from the former web site of Dr. Sririam pertaining to the usefullness of antibioticsi against Cpni and which ones will cross the blood brain barrier.  What I don't know is how accurate this information is or why some antibiotics that appear to be less effective at crossing the blood  brain barrier were chosen.  Why the latter question?  Because at least one of the doctors who have devised protocolsi did so with the specific objective of treating Multiple Sclerosisi, a neurological disease.  Crossing the blood brain barrier is critical in the success of such a treatment.

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