David Wheldon

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British physician who has created a combination antibiotic protocol for Cpn based on Vanderbilt/Stratton work.

5th Flagyl Post

My 5th Pulse from 17th to 21st December. Not much to report, a fairly easy pulse, though I am left a little jaded and stiff.

Betwixt 19 and 20...now what??

I have been counting the days since pulse 19 and waiting for some sign of improvement to indicate when pulse 20 should commence,but no such luck. The myalgia/inflammationi set in within 3 days of starting #19 and has remained firmly entrenched. Advil round the clock helps a bit. Pain has cropped up in surprising places: neck, shoulders, tight, ropy spinus erectus muscles have been the name of the game making ambulation so trying that I have found myself in tears just attempting the simplest things. I think I feel worse than I did two weeks post pulse. I admit some of it must be posture-related as I have been too tired to do much. I can be tough about this, but I fear another pulse may just worsen things further?? Am I wrong? -kk2

Article written by Ella and Michele and edited by Judy Graham of MSRC

Dr Wheldon’s Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAPi) “The Combined Antibiotic Protocol has enabled me to take up my life again and rebuild my hope for the future. It has started my recovery and halted my relapses.” ---- Ella Findlay, 28, was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MSi at 21 which soon got rapidly worse. She lives in Farnham, Surrey and works as a volunteer for two disability charities. She recently did a daredevil sky dive to raise money for the msrc. Ella’s mother, Michele Findlay, is an artist and retired teacher. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Problems With Glucose Powder - Help!


Paula has been taking some glucose powder (dextrose) just after a meal.  The most she has been able to take is one teaspoon of the stuff, and this caused her problems.

Please remember that she is completely bedridden and can only get up a couple of times per day to visit the bathroom.  The symptoms she got a few minutes after taking the glucose was:-

Rapid pulse - her heart was racing like she was running, but of course was unable to.

Irregular heartbeat, fatigue, restlessness, breathlessness

How important for porphyriai is it to take glucose?  Should she reduce the amount she takes, until she is well enough to get out of bed?  Is there any other way she should take it? Is it worth trying D-ribose instead or would it give the same effects?

Help to deal with fatigue

I am in touch with a Turkish girl whose mother has msi and who, despite being very disabled is feeling some improvement. She still has unrelenting fatigue though. Since this was never one of my worst symptoms, what do people here find most helpful. I would like to pass on any information received.........Sarah

Hurry Up and Wait - A Taste of My Own Medicine

I really hate this.

I've been spending weeks reading and asking questions and reading and asking questons and being deliberate and careful and now that we want to push the button and run, we get bottlenecked with this whole medical community fear of the legal system.  I get it, I explained this to my GP this week and he said it's all about getting sued.

I truly understand that there are 3 ways to do this.

1) You have a doctor in your family

2) You find a doctor that is willing to break with medical procedure

3) You go somewhere like Vanderbilt that has a medically accepted process for doing this.

We don't have 1 and really want 3 and would rather not go with 2.  But, I'm open to anything.

Finally....a Real Breakthrough!

Posting now after increasing my Amox and adding LDNi to my regime...I have successfully gotten past the LDN-related "cement legs" and yet the improvements just keep coming. The Amox. has definitely reduced knee swelling and related pain. My left knee is now about the same temp as my right--a first. I can stretch further which feels almost strange--imagine muscles as tight as thick rubber bands able to be coaxed beyond previous comfort limitations. The LDN has taken some getting used to[initial increased spasticity], but am sleeping way better than before AND my initiative to conquer daily 'chores' has drastically improved. So I could just say that my energy is better, but it's the desire to accomplish things that I have noticed.

Pairing the CAP with LDN: A New Beginning

Update: I have increased my Amoxicillin to 1GM twice daily, also splitting my Doxyi doses to twice daily instead of all at once. I believe that the increase in Amox has allowed me freer breathing in both nostrils[new improvement] and my hearing is better. I noticed the clock ticking yesterday and I do not think I have heard that in over a year! I have lost 30 lbs since June through a steady effort of avoiding sugar, and the kitchen for that matter. I have found a less fattening way of preventing stomach upset with all these pills I take. An apple or half a banana beforehand seems to work. No more pb&j.

What kind of fool am I?

Charcoal. It's annoying to schedule the two-hour NPO gap around taking it. The capsules tend to float up and get stuck in my esophagus. If the charcoal hasn't had time to wet down, a small cloud of it comes up if I burp -- and it makes me burp. Good thing I don't smoke!

All this is to say that there are perfectly understandable reasons why I stopped taking it a few months ago. I was pushing way too hard; so hard that I quite literally didn't have the energy to eat enough at mealtimes. I had to eat what I could tolerate, then wait a while until I had enough energy to eat some more. Needless to say, this made scheduling around charcoal nearly impossible.

2nd Pulse

I have just completed (yesterday, Tuesday) my 2nd Flagyli pulse, this time for 2 days (first one for one day). Hasn't been particularly bad, generally I felt (and feel) a little unwell and fatigued, but not too bad.

Overall I have experienced some big improvements since starting CAPi. I can work all day without needing naps and my movement has improved. I played tennis on Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday I was feeling great and playing the best tennis in ages and 2 people told me how well I was playing. On Sunday I wasn't feeling so good, my leg felt stiff and my play was not very good. So I feel that my progress is very much upward, with some amazing days scattered around.

2 years on Wheldon's protocol

I have started WP 2 years ago (since December 2005). First half of a year was really terrible, I was almost sure I had to stop the treatment, I felt like I was dying ... but even that I did not stop ... after one year of the WP treatment, I felt like I was going to be a heathy man again!!! .... Nowadays, it is almost 2 years since I had started CAPi .... I feel really very well. All the symptoms have disappeared!!!! I do live the real live!!!WP do really works, thank you! Without this webside, I would not be alive, I am sure .... thank you again. At a short notice, I will write more about my experiences with WP ....

CFS: Wheldon Protocol and Marshall Protocol....polar opposites?

Greetings! :-)

I started the Wheldon Protocol last week...and am thrilled to have found out about it, to have found this site, and to have a doctor who let me try the protocol.

My question relates to the nutritional and supplement schedules and tips. If I've read things correctly, there is a big emphasis on things like Vitamin Di, Fish and Flax oils, Vitamin B complex, and seafood (among other things....and my list above is not meant to suggest that the protocol only recommends these food / supplement items).

Recreational Drugs

No blowouts this time and our faithful diesel cruised to the show. But the fair people had forgotten to stop the entries at the usual limit of 300 goats, so we were crowded at 480. We have French Alpines and the basic Alpine philosophy is that the last one left standing is the winner so we were very busy with keeping everyone occupied with something to do. Treats, new hay often, back scratches, peanuts, and for the really determined basher, a little water in the face - the penultimate insult.

Year and a half update.

I haven't posted in a while, not because there's no progress, but because it is so uneventful. Let's see: I can now putter around the workshop for 2 hours, dig a big hole in the back yard for an hour, and go to the library in one day without being hammered the next, if I take two naps in between the activities. Or, I might work at my computer all day, vacuum the house, then go to the grocery store.
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