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British physician who has created a combination antibiotic protocol for Cpn based on Vanderbilt/Stratton work.

The calm before the gathering storm....

Here today on October 6 and I look ahead to October 18 when I will be embarking on pulse 27.  That sounds so calm when I'm anything but calm about it.  Pulse 26 took me from being ambulatory to having to use a wheelchair and/or walker.  It wasn't something I was expecting to happen, it was pulse 26.  I had pulsed for over 2 years and yes, I had a little bit of heat and heaviness in my legs but by and large was able to get around and be fully functional through pulses.  Pulse 26 was far different.

the here & now...is, what it is


It has been some time since I have updated my blog so here goes.  What to say???, breath, wind me up &&& …. I have been disengaged on the site as I just haven’t had the mindset to handle the stress.  I apologize for this as I know that my support has made a difference to some.  I found myself reading the posts and was getting stressed out & frustrated with it all.

Paula's Schedule

Paula's Daily Schedule.

As promised, here is Paula's supplement and CAPi schedule.

Please have a look at the below and let me know if there is anything anyone thinks we may be doing wrong.

As an aside, she is allergic to Soya and is both gluten and diary intollerant.  She is also Glycemic, which means she currently can't take glucose, but is instead replacing it with d-ribose (which currently doesn't seem to be helping from what I can see).

We have Colestyramine on order and hopefully Paula will be trying it very soon and replacing it with the Charcoal.

The Unbroken Circle or: It's the Rifampin, Stupid

Last month I added Rifampin to my arsenal again, after taking it twice a day for sixteen months and stopping it in Jan., 06. A few things have happened since I started Rifampin a few weeks ago. I decided I should set them to paper while I am lucid (so to speak).

I'm stepping off

I have been more debilitated, for a longer continual period of time than ever in my life, since starting the CAPi.

I have been bed ridden almost completely for 6 weeks. I am in pain, I am weak, I throw up almost every day. I finally learn which anti-porphyric and endotoxini measures work best for what, and how and when to take them, when the very measures that are supposed to help me end up making me sicker. I do all the things right so that I don't get side effects -- from anything -- and I am run over and flattened. I should not feel this bad, I'm doing everything not to.

Year in update

Just a quick update. I am half way through a 2 week break from abxi. Prior to this I took 600mg of Rifampicin daily for a little over 2 weeks and in that time a 5 day Flagyli pulse. I had no reaction to these abxi, so as I am on holiday I decided this was a good time to start intermittent. Nothing to report so far, feel fine.

Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: the war continues at Pulse 26

On the eve of pulse 26, I can't help but reflect on some things that people here as well as in my day-to-day life have suggested to me.  The suggestions have been good, considerate ones, and I recognize that; however, I have decided not to take the suggestions, at least not yet.

What suggestions am I referring to?  I'm referring to the suggestion that I get a cane or a walker.  I refuse, outright, until I have no other choice.  And despite the hell I put myself through, I have a choice, and I choose to fight.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/aug/06/health<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

The bugs' long-overdue deaths

The title was suggested by a conversation between two of our most battle-hardened warriors, and I couldn't resist it. This has been one of the most eventful years of my life - busy, too. Beginning in January with surgery and moving through kidding season, then a very, very good show season, this last taking a temporary break after the best Nationals in years, then linear classification of our goats, now a break for the really bad August heat (this is AFTER the really bad July heat), then a resumption of show season next month, which wil begin my fifth year of MSi treatment.

Creepy Crawlies

OK, we're now well into this and the pill taking is becoming very tiresome. I have to admit to lapsing with some of the less important supplementsi, mainly because I just couldn't face taking another pill which is maybe why I'm currently driven mad with what feels like ants running around under the skin of my left leg.

I have to keep checking to make sure nothing is running around on the outside of my leg, and there isn't, or, if there is then I have eye problems instead.

If this normal? Or is it me being odd again?


Chronicles of a Rifampinaut: stayin' alive on pulse 25

Day 3 of pulse 25 is well underway.  Over the weekend, I had two days of taking the higher dose of Metronidazolei and it continues today with 3 x 500mg, this time in pill form as opposed to the capsule form.  I can now say from first hand experience, there is a major difference between taking the capsule form and taking the pill form.  The pill form is NASTY.  Horrid, horrid taste!

I've started attempting to toss the pill back in my mouth to my throat in hopes of missing my tongue entirely and washing the bugger down.  Uggh!!  I had it easy with the capsule form!  Unfortunately, when my doc increased my dosage, he also increased the amount of pill prescribed so that I get a 4  month supply at a time.  Now, all in pill form....yuck!

Time to go intermittent?

I am beginning to think about moving from continuous to intermittent protocol. I took a Falgyl pulse last week and the primary impact was to make me feel a bit morose and I wonder if this is more an effect of the Flagyli alone. I am generally extremely well, and in some ways I fell better than I can remember. For example I cycle around my town, which takes me about 25 minutes (non stop, quite fast), and I find this easy but I am sure that prior to my MSi dxi it would have felt like much harder work, and it is not really about fitness, it is more that I am free of some sense of lethargy that I used to live with a fairly permanent basis (unknowingly).

At 2nd pulse end

I'm on the fifth day of my second full pulse.  I've had no problems and am wondering if I should continue the pulse more days.  The reason for the question is that I think I have read here (someplace) that more days are better.  I'd like to be off the pulse, I guess because I keep waiting for negative reactions and feel that days are consummed with taking pills, but if it would be effective to stay on, than I will.  BTW because I am not having negative reactions, I worry that this "isn't working" for me.  So, 2 questions: 1) should I go more days and 2) is it common to not have negative reactions.  This site is a lifeline and I actually feel close to you all.  Look forward to hearing from someone.  

Oh bleurch

OK I wish to complain. There I am, happily doing CAPi. Everything going along swimmingly and then I start my first pulse.

Well day 1 was fine. 1 Metroi - no real issues.

Day 2 - 1 Metro - also fine apart from a sticky eyelid problem

Day 3 - 1 Metro - feeling decidedly odd. Very queazy in the morning which drove me back to bed. Fine later on.

I decided at this point that 3 days was enough of a pulse for the first one. However, I now seem to be having queazy issues every morning. I can only assume the Metro has set off a reaction to Doxyi that I never had before as this feeling seems to come on after my morning abxi.

I'm thinking of moving them to late night so I can sleep off the queazies. Anyone else do this or have any warnings about night time abxi?

Started Full Mino Fri 6/20 and Updates Before Tini

I'm now on full doses of both of the main two antibiotics. So far, so good, however, it's so very difficult to tell right now whether my symptom increase is coming from my extra daily activity, (been doing repairs on a rental) the extremely hot weather we're having here in hell, er, Phoenix right now (was 115 this afternoon in the shade) or is it simply the antibiotics are now catching up with me?

At first I thought I was having allergy symptoms from cleaning the filth and dust in the rental which I do believe is part of it but I'm wondering if some of the symptoms I'm having are actually an increase in NACi flu? Has that happened to anyone as they increased the abxi?

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