David Wheldon

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British physician who has created a combination antibiotic protocol for Cpn based on Vanderbilt/Stratton work.

Jim’s Story- Chlamydia Pneumoniae and Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

The Tunnel of Illness

I want to update my story on the front end so readers know even before reading the "agony post" how much benefit I've gotten from the treatment. It is August 26th, 2006. Coming up on two years I've been on the Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAPi) for Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cpni). A recent forum poster asked if anyone with CFSi has improved on the CAP. My response:

Damned right I'm getting better!When I started the CAP I was in a 2 year slide after 25 years of CFS, then added FMSi. For many years I'd struggled and somehow maintained a semblance of a life. Then over 2 years my pain, brain fog, restricted functioning, etc. slid to a point where I had to stop traveling and could for the first time see the possibility that I would become bedridden eventually.

From Here to There

Yesterday I had my several-times-a-year checkup. My doctor is ecstatic over my progress. He has been pleased almost since the beginning, but is now even more delighted.  

It turns out the rental place didn't have a tutu in my size...

You have to read the last paragraph of my March 2011 posting for the subject line to make sense.

It was another recordbreaking day in Dallas.  The people who say global warming is a myth had been strangely silent for more than a month as temperatures climbed to levels that even the residents of Phoenix or Tucson would have found uncomfortable.  Worse for the Texans was that the humidity had not dropped to desert levels so being outdoors was like being slow roasted in a convection oven.  The deteriorating asphalt of the parking lot outside his neurologist's office that he had skipped across like a frog jumping between lily pads at the time of his last visit had melted in the heat and looked almost new.   

Here an inch, there an inch, after while a mile

It is a very long time since I wrote a blog, so please forgive me if it is a ramble. As MacKintosh says, many of us have moved back into real life. I certainly have. But there is so much need here on this incredible site that those of us who have had so much returned to us have a real obligation to try to give encouragement to those who are struggling with this horror. 

contacting Drs. Wheldon and Powell

Since I wrote The Potbelly Syndrome, I've had a lot of small strokes called lacunar infarcts. Last year I had a hemorrhagic stroke. I had a TIA a few days ago that was pretty scary. MRI images of my brain look like pictures of Swiss cheese. I attribute all of these strokes to Chlamydophila pneumoniae (CPNi), but my Kaiser doctors won't take me seriously. I did, however, see an infectious disease specialist last week who said she would be willing to talk to CPN experts if I gave her contact information. I gave her the contact information for Dr. Stratton. The email addresses I have for Dr. Wheldon are five years old and he has not responded to my emails. Dr. Powell's receptionist will not give me his email address.

CPN getting a start w/out antibiotics

After the reaction I had to my first NACi supplement a few days ago, and researching CPNi and it's possible connection to my conditions (Interstitial cystitisi, vulvodynia and PCOSi), I have decided to start trying to combat any possible CPN infection. Starting today I am going to up my vitamin Di dose from 4000 to 5000 iu, take 300 mg NAC and add in some natural antibacterials like raw garlic, berberine, and oregano oil. At night I will take activated charcoal on an empty stomach. As my flu and other symptoms subside, I will slowly up my vitamin D dose (up to 6-7000 iu) and NAC dose (to about 1800) and continue taking and rotating the antibacterials. Other supplementsi I take are B complex, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Doctor in the Northeast

Hello everyone,

If anyone knows of a doctor with a history of treating C. Pneumonia in the Northeast, please let me know.


Thank you! 


Decorum on a Forum


Decorum on a Forum

I have been reflecting on this topic for some time as I participate on this site. (I have been a member here since 2007.)  Some activity over the last several months, and as of late, prompts me to express my feelings here in my blog

We are a diverse group and come here to participate for many different reasons - some out fear, some to confirm their sanity, others frustration with doctors, others to find support, and to ask questions.  This IS the ONLY dedicated CPNi support site.   It was my lifeline when I was so very, very ill and still is one of the few places one can go to have comrades who understand what this process is about.   


Hi all
this week  before yesterday I started 6 th pulse with metronidazolei 400 mg 3 Tablets metrodinazol for 5 days

Started David Wheldon protocol

Had been seeing a Chronic fatigue specialist that is supposedly world renowned. After one treatment I felt fantastic, but her approach is one week of antibioticsi per month, giving it 3 weeks to get aggressive and it did.  I done my own research, found this awesome site.  Decided on Dr Wheldons protocol because it seemed similar to the chronic fatigue specialist I had been seeing but it was more intensive, and December and January have proved difficult months with increase in pain in my joints (fibromyalgiai) and the fatigue got worse, feels like lead in my legs, I battle to walk and even gym.  I finally got a GP to put me onto Dr Wheldons protocol only after I went for her tests.

CAP doctor in MN

I am looking for a CAPi doctor in Minnesota.  IF anyone knows of one please let me know!

Out of the fog - again

In my seventh year of CAPi, I am once again emerging from the fog.  It is seventeen months since I began, for the second time, to attempt to climb out of the hideous hell-hole of M.S.

Cesare's struggle with his aching back made me realize that my neck does not have paralysing pain any more.   After months and months of not being able to move my head, then graduating to most-time, then part-time, pain, my neck is very close to normal.   That was my final area of great pain from the abxi going after the involved areas of my body's infection.

BP and the Sun

Here I am back again with a couple of things I meant to say before.

The first is just a funny coincidence - my blood pressure at my check-up was my weight over my age: 106/70.

The other has nothing to do with our protocol.  It is that next week we are getting solar hot water!  We almost went entirely solar at the beginning but "chickened out" and decided to try this first.  There is a federal tax rebate of 30% and NC has a 35%  tax rebate in addition. 

A few days after our decision, we learned that a very famous dairy goat judge, breeder, and dairy owner is doing the whole thing.   She is in CA and hers is the second largest solar profect in CA.  This is incredibly exciting that all this is happening!


Few things are perfect - my physical was close

It appears that living right can do good things.   And the young coyote is alive and well - she was not euthanized, but instead released, due to a catch-and-release program!

Today was my annual physical, and I passed with high flying colors.  Such adjectives as: phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, and several others were used.  I was told again that my doctor has fully realized that there is a Vit D deficiency across the county - he used the word "epidemic" - where have I heard that before?  Incidentally, mine is again down to 65, so I will increase my intake again from 8,000 to 10,000 for a while.  My level seems to go up or down as my diligence - unwitting or not - ebbs and flows.   

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