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Treatment protocols for Chlamydia Pneumoniae, usually using combination antibiotics.

Continuous Treatment

I haven't blogged my treatment for a while, as I've been waiting to see if I would stick with a shift in protocol. So far, still with it, so thought it might be time to report in and get other's thoughts. New folks, please read this as informational only. It does help clarify Dr. Stratton's use of the continuous rather than pulsed protocol, but the rest of the hypotheses here are presented as my own speculations, not scientific fact.

Karl's Treatment of MS via Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAP)

(Editor: Karls rather rapid response to the CAPi is not necessarily typical of MSi patient response. Every patient's response is different. Karl was able to hit the Cpni infection hard and persistently and manage the die-off symptoms adequately in this process. Others must take it much more slowly. His story is inspiring for the persistance it took for him to get adequate treatment, and his thoughtful description of his experience.)

CAP Treatment Survey Redux 1/2007

To all of you who took the survey in October, my thanks... and apologies. In looking at the data analysis it appears that some questions were misunderstood, leading to possible skewed data... as in "all skewed up!" With a rather small N=53, that leaves little margin for error. Rather than try and smooth out the data I have decided that better science requires a complete redux. Again, my apologies, but the work you all did on the last one helped us refine and expand to this present offering. It still ain't perfect, but getting better!

So, I'm going to rely on your fundamental good natures (at least I believe most of you have one when not undergoing a pulse!) and ask you all to do the CAPi Treatment Survey over again.

Rica's Story- She Won't Let Multiple Sclerosis Get Her Goat!

Rica-- known as katman in her< membership, has been an intrepid user of the CAPi for Chlamydia pneumoniae in treating multiple sclerosisi, well before this website even existed. She finally put together her most impressive story of recovery and we are proud to present it here. You'll find this and more about her journey in her blogs< on this site.
Jim K, editor

In the 28th month of relentless, daily treatment, I feel that I have earned the right to stand at the vantage point of a second or third tier trailblazer.  I stand as Pancho to Don Quixote or Tonto to the Lone Ranger.  There are a couple of operatic characters nibbling at my sub-conscious but you get the point.

Now, I have a very real problem with sharing MY body with all the (bacterial) freeloaders who are doing just that.  I am indignant - I have worked very hard for my place in life and the workplace and when I found that these nasty little devious creatures were stealing my life, I had to fight back.   After spending much too much time in their immediate presence and on their level, I am leaving them behind.

Five Ways of Feeling Lousy

 Dr. David Wheldoni's succinct summary of the different reactions to Cpni and its treatment helps in sorting out the different responses and what to do about them. I've moved this from his comment in another members blog post to a page of it's own here in the Cpn Treatment Handbook.

Jim K (Editor in Chief) 

Five Ways of Feeling Lousy

I am inclined to think that there are five major mechanisms behind those unpleasant side effects of chronic large-load infection with C pneumoniae which worsen in the short-term with antichlamydial treatment.

a) Lipid peroxidation may likely get worse in the short-term as bacterial products are released both by breaking down EBs and by apoptosisi< of infected cells. Antioxidantsi<i< and B vitaminsi< (including B12) may help with this. I find melatonin">i<i< at night helpful.

Jim K's Story in CFS Newsletter

Remedyfind published my story again, this time in their CFSi/CFIDSi newsletter. Isn't having multiple-diagnoses efficient! Same article, but if you missed it you can find it at<

We will no doubt be seeing some new guests and members from this, so you'all make 'em welcome, ya hear? 

The news from Lake Pulse Begone: Pulse 21 finished

I just realized that I never commented on the finish to this pulse. The reset of the pulse after the Vit C flush was not uneventful, but not unexpected for my 'average' pulse.

I carried through the Thanksgiving holiday and continued for a total of 6 days. I had a wave of pain and inflammationi after each dose, and one evening where I was completely wiped out and irritable (porphyrins?). Did some powdered charcoal and added Yaemon Chlorella to my regime which may be helping.

Post-pulse- some periods of severe irritability-- yelling and cursing at mechanical objects that were not "cooperating" by doing what I wanted--- which I attribute to post-pulse apoptosisi and dump of porphyrins en masse into my blood stream. Now I'm on vacation and enjoying the let-down feeling as I slow down and relax.

Pulse 21: Tini this time- A kind and gentle start

I went into pulse 21 with some trepidation, having been slammed by pulse 20. Pulse 20 was the first one I had done with the addition of Rifampin (still only up to one capsuye a day). I mentioned in my last blog that Dr. Stratton told me that the addition of Rifampin  created a 'physiological conflict' for the Cpni ie leaving it no pathway of escape, so I had more die off. I also had more post-pulse effects, a lot of apoptosisi and inflammationi. I finally figured out that I also had a build up of porphyrins as my anti-porphyriai efforts had been lax. I hadn't seemed to need them the prior couple pulses, but with bigger die off, bigger porphyria. So just before I began the pulse I did a Vitamin C flush and felt much better after. My body soaked up a lot of Vit C before gut clearance, at least 15 grams, so I was probably depleted in this as well. Really brings down inflammation and brain fog!

Willkommen auf (Deutsch) widmet sich dem besseren Verständnis und der Behandlung von Chlamydia pneumoniae, eines Bakteriums, welches eine Rolle bei vielen menschlichen Erkrankungen spielt. ist nicht kommerziell, die Seite wird von Freiwilligen betrieben und gewartet. Sie wird weder finanziell noch anderweitig durch andere Interessengruppen gefördert. wurde durch mündige Patienten ins Leben gerufen, die selbst eine kombinierte Antibiotikabehandlung (CAPi) gegen Erkrankungen anwenden, bei denen C. pneumoniae mitwirkt, u.a.:

Multiple Sklerose MS<Chronisches Erschöpfungssyndrom / Müdigkeitssyndrom CFS<Erkrankungen des Herzens<Interstitielle Zystitis<, Prostatitis, Morbus Crohn, entzündliche Darmerkrankungen, Morbus Alzheimer<Asthma<Arthritis<Fibromyalgie<, chronische refraktäre Sinusitis, Makuladegeneration<, Bluthochdruck (Hypertonie) und andere.


Help get Cpnhelp and Your Treatment On Remedyfind

Hi all Cpner's-

I've taken the plunge and put my story and pic on< : in for a penny, in for a pound! The profile will be used for the Remedyfind's November email newsletter for Fibromyalgia, and then also the December newsletter for Chronic Fatigue. Brett, the site owner, asked me for this quite a while back and has been following cpnhelp with interest, so it's timely now that i have some real improvement to show.

I could use your help to make a good showing for the cause. If you don't know it, take a look.< is a site consisting of patient ratings for all sorts of treatments in various diseasesi, encompassing common meds to alternative treatments. It started with CFSi and FMSi, and now includes MS and many other conditions. I found it a useful reference point over the many years when I was desperate to find something helpful, and it's a great, high integrity and cleverly organized resource. Brett's done a great job, and is a CFS sufferer himself.

Major Post-Pulse Slam, And Some Useful Understanding

In my last blog I reported that, despite having had increasingly mild pulses, this last (21st) pulse was surprisingly painful and fatiguing. I speculated that it might be due to the addition of Rifampin having some kind of synergistic effect, or perhaps creating more cryptic Cpni to kill.

Last night, my second night post-pulse, I had the biggest post-pulse "slam" I've ever experienced: sudden and severe irritability, red and burning eyes, acute mid-back muscle spasm and pain, a surge of all-over inflammationi. My irritability was way off the charts, and to I had the good judgement to decline to have any important conversations or make any decisions last night! All I could do was sit against a heating pad for my back, take sleep meds and ibuprophen, and hope. This morning, although I was very loggy at first, I felt much better with glucose and 2000mg Emergen-C, especially better as the day went on. What on earth was that?

Short explanation of interrelation

This forum and the interrelation between statton, wheldon, geiffers and forum members is not clear to me. Do the "scientists" contact each other? Is this forum a sort of link between them? I found the discussion on persistance in white blood cells very interesting and it seems, as if Jim and some others have a very deep understanding of medical backgrounds. Do you/they have a medical education or is this knowledge learned by ... cannot find the word... intensive study? And, what I really want to know, does a Dr. Jens Gieffers for example know that this forum exists (and not only he)? Does he take some input for further investigating studies from here? I only ask this to get an idea of how deep it goes into "scientological fact-founding" besides from personal interest of all the very ill people here (including me).

Pulse 20: Day 4

Well here I am the morning of day 4. I have to say that every dose of Tinii I've taken thus far in this pulse (twice a day) has slammed me: fatigue, burning eyes, gut rumblings, nausea, joint and muscle aches. Just when I thought the pulses were becoming a breeze. This speaks to the unpredictability of pulse reactions.

I'm preferring to see this as a positive sign: that the indicated improvements to my immunei function could beget stronger cytokinei reactions to die-off and apoptosisi. Not a lot of chances to use "beget" in a modern sentence, is there?

Of course, many alternative explanations abound: better tissue penetration this round, more Cpni in cryptic phase from the long term use of the INHi and doxyi/azith, etc. Anyone's guess. I'll keep checking in. So far, this one is a doozy! 

Antibiotic associated diarrhoea

I've just added a page to my site; it is about antibiotic-associated diarrhoea. I've not come across this in the treatment of MSi with antibioticsi; doxycycline and azithromycin seem to be uncommon causes of AAD, and, paradoxically, metronidazolei, which is used for treating AAD, can, on rare occasions, cause it. Personally, I don't think it's a big issue, but it would be irresponsible not to mention it. Diarrhoea is quite common during the antibiotic treatment of chronic C. pneumoniae infection, possibly because of infection of the autonomic nervous system which innervates the gut. This seems to clear up quite commonly. Probiotics are likely to prevent AAD. Saccharomyces boulardii may be particularly effective.

Here's the link:< do feel free to comment and to point out any mistakes. D W

Beginning Pulse 20!

I think I missed blogging my last pulse, number 19. It was an odd one. The one before, number 18, was fabulous. I had reactions for only about two days and then great energy, and did the pulse for two weeks. From that I decided to do two weeks on and two weeks off. I've been feeling generally better (the kitchen is almost done!): more energy, more stamina. But some symptoms still haven't turned.

Then the next pulse (#19) I got to 4 days and could only tolerate 1 tinii per day, and pushed through this way until day 6. Maybe it was Ron's magic apoptosisi number, but I seemed really sensitive to the Tini and couldn't tolerate the full load.

So, here I am on first day of 20th pulse. Amazing to have gotten this far. Feel a bit nauseated from the first two Tini's, and achey, but that's the norm for the first day. We'll just have to see how it goes.

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