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Treatment protocols for Chlamydia Pneumoniae, usually using combination antibiotics.

Embarking on CAP - what do you think of this protocol?

Last Fri I saw my new dr who is an integrative MD specializing in Lyme. Very nice, compassionate and down to earth person. The appt was early morning when I am not yet in my best shape. I was so exhausted and brained fogged, my BP was soaring 170/110 so that my hubby had to drive me over and was a big support at the dr's office as well. 

Not sure my next step...

Hi everyone,

I just finished an appointment with Dr Powell this week and was very happy with my visit with him. He is an extremely compassionate and knowledgable doctor. That isn't to say that I am not a bit overwhelmed by information right now....I am not his typical patient because I have not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgiai. My health problems started with Interstitial Cystitisi and then continued to a host of other sudden ailments including extreme dizziness/tinnitus">i/blurred vision/headaches/TMJ/chest pain/nausea/muscle spasms/frequent oral herpes infectionsi....

I am wondering the following:

And just when I thought I was cruising through...

Went to my Dr on Monday after six weeks of Doxyi 200mg/MWF of Azith 250..time to add the  bad boy.  Flaygl.  He voted for 250 1x day for 5 days since I had only minor reactions to the other meds.

 Went straight to CVS and took my first dose Monday night.   Tues, Wed, Thursday came and went, I have been working about 50 to 58 hours the past couple of weeks and still doing reasonably well.   Sat in the infrared sauna for 30 mins on Tues evening and got shaky so no more for the week.  

Quick and Dirty CFS/ME survey

For those currently on or completed a CAPi who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Disorder or Myalgic Encephalitis">i:

Take the survey #6 on this page:<

It's open, and shouldn't require a password. This will only be around for a week, so get to it you tired and slow friends!

Once we accumulate the results, you can use the filtering system on the results page to look at subsets of the data, eg filter for only those on CAP for 1 year or more, etc.

Current results link< 

Number this Pulse? CFS/ME, Cpn & CAP: a complex thang!

We’ve had a big influx of members with CFSi/ME in the past year, especially with my article appearing in a web CFS newsletter. Getting on the CAPi is confusing enough, and difficult enough for this group, so I have been reluctant to report my own particular experiments and treatment results so as not to add more confusion. My story on the Patient Stories pages is accurate and honest: I report a 60-68% improvement using the CAP for Cpni, and that some particular symptoms have not improved as much as I would like. But it begs the question about what can someone with CFS/ME expect from Cpn CAP treatment?

Using ABC drugs while doing the CP plan?


I stumbled across the Weldon site.   Is the CP protocol a all or nothing or using in conjunction with the ABC drugs.  Please give me your insights and any research.  

I am currently on copaxone and I feel adding the CP along would turn my MSi in the right direction.

I have recently started the vitamin protocol.


Development of antibiotic resistance in Chlamydia pneumoniae

I'm quite frequently asked whether the development of antimicrobial resistance in C. pneumoniae is likely, particularly when starting with one antibiotic or when adding metronidazolei intermittently. To be honest I think the emergence of antibiotic resistance is unlikely, given that the organism in not actively replicating while in the cryptic formi. I've put a new page on my website which discusses this:< Do forward comments and criticisms.

Glad to see listed

Glad to see listed on the following ME/Fibro site.  Could be at the top of the list from my perspective but..... 

Taking a break from continuous

I've upped my INHi to full dose now, which engendered more sacroilliac and lumbar back ache, but seemed otherwise manageable. But I've decided to take a break on the continuous tini which I've been doing for a couple months. I'm on vacation and noticed with the increase in sunshine (Vit D?) and increase in INH that I have felt continually cruddy. Not smart on vacation! So I'm interested to see what the pattern is just on the regular antibioticsi. I'm particularly curious about post-pulse type symptoms (apoptosisi and cleanup) and cycling, which have been impossible to discern on a continous protocol. Always the fine balance between killing the buggers and having time to actually feel better!

Summary Chart of Different CAP Protocols

We have been preparing this for an eventual overhaul of the Handbook, but there have been a number of requests, especially by new folks, to help clear up confusion.

Charcoal & Low Blood Sugar vs Chlorella

I have experienced on three occasions (today being one of them) episodes of extreme dizziness and disorientation which seems to dissipate after I eat a small meal.  I have been taking my activated charcoal 1st thing in the AM on an empty stomach. 

At first I thought this was perhaps endotoxinsi or porphyriai, but in reading an old post there was a reference to activated charcoal causing blood sugar problems and that some people take the charcoal at night?

I can't seem to find anything definitive other than that statement.  Wow, I just ordered a supply (they had a 3 for 1 sale) of charcoal and am now wondering if this is what is causing this? 

LDN Users: Any noticeable affect on Cpn die-off?

A couple of recent posters suggested that their use of LDNi (low-dose naltrexone) seemed to buffer or mitigate the severity of die-off symptoms on the CAPi. I thought I'd put the question out and see if those of you using LDN for other reasons have noticed any variation, for example when you have run out of LDN but continued your CAP meds, or had Flagyli pulses with and without LDN, or had inadequate LDN dosage for a time inadvertently, etc.

If LDN acts as a immunomodulator as it is suggested, perhaps it is modulating the inflammatory cytokinei reactions to bacterial kill.

Where is the one-page description of the protocols, please?

I'm sorry, but I can no longer find a page that describes the protocol -- did it disappear during the site meltdown a few weeks back? I mean, we all know it, so we never look, but a newbie might find it hard. Can anyone please reply with a link? Ron

Anatomy of a Pulse

After about five pulses or partial pulses, I developed a mental model of how I respond to them, which has held up fairly well through the succeeding pulses (of which there have been nine, for a total of fourteen). The overall strength of my responses has diminished with each successive pulse, but the pattern has remained the same, and is as follows.

About three hours after taking a pill of metronidazolei, I start feeling a bit tired. If I stop the pulse there, then the next day I continue to feel fairly tired. (Often, in response, I take a nap, which helps.) Also, during the first few pulses, another effect would start that day: an unpleasant feeling which was nonspecific, and very hard to describe; if it got stronger, it would resolve itself into anxiety. This

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