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Treatment protocols for Chlamydia Pneumoniae, usually using combination antibiotics.

Tinidazole Pulse Progress

Tinidazole Pulses. (Note: Latest entry at the bottom of page)

3.2.09 - 1 - 500 mg tablet

3.16.09 - 1 - 500 mg tablet

The reason I took one 500 mg tablet 14 days after the first tablet is that most of the reactions from it seemed to be gone so I thought, why not? I am in the process of ramping up to a full pulse so I am taking liberty to change things a bit for my benefit. Speed things up when I can as I am such a slow poke.

Something Viral or different NAC?

For the past week I have been struggling with what appears to feel like a chest cold (or those  CPNi elementary bodies are reactivated?)  This is such a strange feeling, in that, even though I have been "sick" with all the repercussions of the protocol, I haven't had anything like a cold, flu, or viral type illness since being on CAPi.  I have been running a low grade fever, coughing and feeling very flu-like.  Considering I don't get out of the house much, if it is viral my husband probably brought it home.

Pyruvate Experience: Working, I think

Just a quick note for those of you who haven't taken pyruvate.  I took it first in the evening and nothing happened so I thought it wasn't going to be effective.  The next morning I took it, and then awhile after, lost my appetite(a first in this treatment) and felt like I might throw up.  I took 4 charcoal pills and pepto bismol, and then in a couple hours was hungry.  I have since had increased inflammationi in my bowels, more itching, and a little body pain, throat glands sore, some stomach pain (odd for me) but mostly feel tired and like I'm sick, but not terribly sick, just enough to not want to do much. 

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Looking for a doctor in my area

I am looking for a doctor using the Stratton or Wheldon protocol. I live in Las Vegas, NV but have family in Chattanooga, TN.

 Please excuse me if I have posted this request in the wrong place. I am not familiar with this message board.

Thanks for any leads or redirection.

Paula Carnes

Health Freedom Warning: Drug Company Seeks to Outlaw Vitamin B6 to Protect Pharma Profits

I subscibe to this newsletter, as I believe a few others do here.  Sometimes the author may seem "a bit over the top"; BUT, his information is usually spot on and helpful.  We as citizens of the great US of A.... are quietly being hoodwinked by going's on such as this article; i.e., drug companies/Big Pharma are committing  widespread biopiracy, stealing all the good medicine from nature<, claiming patent protection on the useful molecules, and getting the FDA to outlaw virtually all the natural substances from which those medicines were first derived!


finding a doctor who does Cap?

I believe !

Now, how do I locate an experenced Md to help?

Does anyone know of a MD in Texas?

 (I am in the Houston area)


thoughts on 2 mo. substitution for components of cap


My LLMD, neuroi. has suggested that for a 2 month period, use sulfa(bactrim) along with rulid daily as for cap and tinii. pulses every 3 weeks again as per cap. Stop the doxyi. during the 2 months.

I have been following wheldon cap since february. My head is clearer. I am grateful for this, no doubt.

My pain and spasticity and inflammatory feelings have increased. Not sure of EDSSi numbers but in my opinion, they are higher, most noticeably in issues of mobility which are diminished.

I hope I will get some informed discussion going with the hopes that we will be able to help one another.


Canada's C-51 Law May Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products; Big Pharma Pushing to Criminalize Supplements

For the Canadians  (very important).... Big Pharma is getting out of control.... link<


CAP costs

I'm a coauthor of The Potbelly Syndrome, a book that is largely about health problems caused by CPNi. Within the next few days I plan to start approaching large companies with the argument that they could save millions of dollars on employee healthcare programs if they would start paying attention to low-level chronic infectionsi. I'd like to know what it costs to implement a CAPi. Ten years ago, I estimated that implementing the Vanderbilt protocol would cost less than a thousand dollars a year. Today, I'm sure it costs several times that much, but I don't know how much more. I'd appreciate your input on this. I'd also like to know how long it takes to irradicate a CPN infection. Thanks. Russ<

Doctor in Hawaii?

Looking for a doctor in Hawaii to supervise my wife (CFIDSi and Fibro) on the CAPi. Any suggestions? Thanks!

List of my previous difficulties which have "disapearred" on 2 years of CAP

herpes virus condylomata accuminata mycosis acroceratosis/tetter sight setback trichismus, hair and nail fray white nail spots painful muscles, bones and joint head aches painful teeth, very sensitive enamel abnormally sensitive skin bad wound healing Sun allergy pollen allergy furry animals allergy feathers and dust allergy fungi allergy metal allergy asthmai painful heart arrhythmia "jumping" heart pulse and blood pressure fainting feeling like going to faint physical and mental exhaustion (I could not step up even 3 stairs only) terrible tiredness (even 16 hours of sleep was not enough) feeling like having lack of oxygen feeling like having something really heavy on my chest lungs burn infancy of disseminated sclerosis

Anyone being treated for ALS?????????????????

Anyone following Dr Strattons protocol who has ALS? I have a friend who has ALS and am wondering if I should point him in this direction. Linda

Comments on CAP variations from Dr. Michael Powell

I asked Dr. Powell to comment directly on concerns that have been mentioned over time as to whether he uses the CAPi with his new patients. I received his response a number of weeks ago but have had no time to put it together in a cogent context. But continued posts on these questions has mobilized me to get his comments to our readers here. But context is, as we say, everything.

Need CAP doctor

I'm in Augusta, Ga. i don't travel well, can barely move. western blot capacity a must...
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