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Laboratory tests for Cpn

18 Months on CAP

Dec 24, 2008 marks the completion of my 18th month of treatment.  I am antibody positive for CPni and Bb.  I started treatment on bacteriocidal level of Doxycycline 400 mg/day for almost 4 months before cutting back to 100 mg BID and adding Roxithromycin 150mg BIDi daily.  Those first 4 months were incapacitating and perhaps advantagious it is water under the bridge and I would not recommend it to others. 

Should I get please

Since the tests for CPNi are there any point in getting tested? Is the IgM, IgGi any good as a test. What about if you have been or are on antibioticsi and want to be tested. Is there a particular lab that you would recommend? I am in Canada.



new-PCR not detected

So another newcomer tired of being tired and having family friends and doctors give me "that look" when I suggest something is still not right w/ me. 

I started on this search and destroy mission 18 months ago.  I am a L&D RN.  I had lots of friends and patients who had PCOSi.  One friend delivered and had difficulty breastfeeding, so I started looking up info. on PCOS.  It looked just like me, except no infertility.  Diagnosed by 3rd doctor I saw for it(also very difficult to be diagnosed and treated for).  Last winter, I was beyond tired.  Again 3rd, but different doc diagnosed me w/ low thyroid.  But, first, I was told that I was depressed, that I needed a vacation, needed to journal and get-you'll love this one-Vitamin Exercise. 

Cpn panel updated with D25, D1,25 test results

I recently had a blood test done for Cpni panel to see what I could learn. I realize these tests are not considered accurate. But I was curious & had the opportunity ... so why not?

The panel included C. trachomatis, C. pneumoniae & C. psittaci.

Both the C. trachomatis and C. psittaci results came back normal reference range and said "ANTIBODY NOT DETECTED".

However the C. pneumoniae came back marked high on two fronts.

IgG  1:512 H   (reference range: 1:64)

IgA   1:64  H    (reference range: 1:16)

IgM <1:10

Interpretation = PAST INFECTION

Need help for my sister. Why CPn test POS and then NEG?

I've written about my sister before.  She asked to be tested for CPni at Cleveland clinic and came back positive, something like 1/125 or close to that.  Cleveland Clinic asked her if she wanted to be treated with 1 abxi for a few weeks. 

She has lung and sinus problemsi, fibromyalgiai, fatigue and serious heart and vein problems and inflammationi.  Basically the falling apart syndrome.  I tried to get her started on CAPi, but she didn't follow through, claiming she didn't have time to get sick.  She did take NACi for awhile.  Now she is really sick, with pretty bad heart problems.  She has been diagnosed with everything under the sun over the years, but then they always end up changing their minds and saying it probably isn't what they thought it was.

Paula Has Borrelia!

Just a quick update.  Just got off the phone of Dr AW's clinic.

It appears that in the blood sample that Paula produced a couple of weeks ago, using his dark filter microscope, he found BORRELIA!

Paula was bitten by about half a dozen ticks in the summer of 2004!

When she first became bedridden, she was tested by the NHS for Lyme but nothing was found.  I wonder if the little blighters have been forced out of their slumber like a massive kick up the arse, by the Doxyi and Roxyi! - I bet if we did the NHS Lyme test again, it would be positive - I wonder if it is worth asking?

Prior to any abxi or Samento, Dr AW using his blood test, only found CPni in Paula.

Good News Today and Maybe Better Days Ahead

I had my annual dexa scan done today and reviewed thyroid and Vit D tests at the endocrinologist's. 

My bone density has GREATLY IMPROVED.  I am almost out of the osteopenia range and into the normal range now and I am 8-9% improved from my baseline test of 2002.  Laughing

Last year, I had lost all gains and was below the 2002 baseline after reducing my Vit D down to 8.  My current Vit D is 55.  I only began to add Vit D back in about 6 months ago so I think these results are truly amazing.  

Where to start

I have been suffering from CFSi for 5 years and have just this year looked into Candida, Mercury, Lyme and now CPNi. I'm starting to think the mercury is synergistic with a pathogen such as lyme or cpn.

Interesting is that one of the lab results spoke about here is a high normal Hemoglobin and Hematocrit.

"Another indicator, according to Dr. Stratton, is high hemoglobin and high hematocrit."


"But in general, a high-normal hemoglobin and high-normal hematocrit are both good indicators of porphyrins."

Here are the pertinent and abnormal results from blood work:


my last CBC 6/10/08:

Eos 8 (0-7)

RBC 5.57 (4.1-5.6)

Hemoglobin   16.0 (12.5-17.0)

Lab Tests Lack Sensitivity

 Lab Tests Lack Sensitivity

By Lorraine Johnson, J.D., MBA, Executive Director

 California Lyme Disease Association

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

New Here-What determines POSITIVE Cpn diagnosis?

Hi All,

Have read extensively on this very informative website.

Brief hx-Diagnosed with CFSi 4/07.  Cpni lab results through Quest:   

     Cpn:   IgM <1:16             Reference:  <1:16

                IgGi>1:1024        Reference:  <1:32

                IgA   1:64            Reference:  <1:16


Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and having progress in there treatment. As for myself I am actually quite scared. I was making great progress and im about to start the flagyli here soon. but here is the story. As you know I got sick back in October. I started feeling better after a couple months ttreatment of doxyi and zithro and then I had sex with my wife. The next day I felt like I was going to die. My wife got a full general stdi panel along with me and it all came back negative. so then it was the scenario with the doctors again with no answers but then I started the Wheldon protocol in May.

Lab Results Finally! Interpretation & Suggestions Anyone?

Hi All,

It's taken 3 blood draws due to lab errors and over a month to get the final results. I still think there are some lab tests missing from the original order but I'm not even going to bother to try to find that out now after this slapstick comedy of a lab requisition. It's been insane. In fact, when the ID Dr's office mailed me my results I received an empty envelope so I ended up having to pick them up personally from the office. Of course, the ID Dr believes all of these tests to be "normal." Yell

where is my energy gone..


 I hope someone can help me find something to help with my energy level.

Lately, it has been getting so bad that getting up out of bed feels lilke a chore. I know with cpni it steals your ATP and I'm taking all the suppliments along with  D ribose, but still feel exhausted. The doxyi. causes me to sweat a lot so I have been taking more water to maintain fluid levels. Does the healing process cause thyroid issues? My doctor has given me a script for checking T3 levels although, I've also read that the levels can still come back in the normal range even it they my be off.   

First Blog on my CFS and Cpn

I’m not much of a blogger. My generation grew up with email and have been slow to adopt the new forms of electronic communication. But I am so grateful to this community, its founders and ‘old-timers’, and all of you that daily support and inform members of this site, that I think it’s about time I start to tell my own story. There is something very important about telling our stories to each other, knowing there are listeners who have been through their own ordeals and understand.


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