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Toxic byproducts of bacteria or metabolism


If Lyme can be caused though having a root canal done -as it is said by the Doctor Steven Harris, M.D, in the conference he presented - the link given here by lifeontheice<: and now I read in the website healingdaily an article called “Should you have root canals? Where they talk about this Doctor, expert in root canals, who then found that this “repair in the tooth” might be the biggest cause of bacteria in the mouth and then the body. The article says:

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/aug/06/health<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.


I could use some help with "moppers", such as what works well and when to take them.  I am currently taking a herd of ABXi and I supect that my extreme fatigue is related to a lack of "moppers."  Help anyone?

Miserable & worried. Heat Shock Protein or Die Off or Both? Sudden "flu" symptoms & inflammation after several good months.

I would sure appreciate it if anybody out there further along into treatment could give me some rational for my oddly timed symptoms and inflammationi.  I’m excessively and unusually miserable (flu like) all of a sudden after several months of no symptoms.  I finally am assuming  die off but confused why now suddenly out of the blue, and why so much inflammation?  Is there anything I should or can do about the inflammation?  Why are there red inflamed areas at my temples? I've been on doxyi and 250 mg Biaxin 2

Ursodiol question- need help...

Hi to all!

I saw that some of you take ursodiol. Can someone tell me when to take and how much? Doesn t it absorb the abxi?

I took it before I started the capi and it helped great with not toxic feeling , but stopped because I thought it might absorbes the abxi.


Warmest regards from sunny Hamburg



Addendum - Pulse #1 - Day 21

Addendum to my blog.  It's day 21 post pulse. I am depressed and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I guess it's finally hit.  I only took 1- 250 mg of Tindamax for 2 days.  Nothing really happened until now.  I was experiencing pelvic/gut pain but kept writing it off to the pulse.  so I then went the route of gyn and  urologist which has led me to:

1) I have a bladder infection  -- was prescribed Nitrofurantoin 100 mg BIDi

2) Per gyn - I  have BV and gyn wants me to use Clindesse -- I have not administered it yet as I am concerned I'll be on antibiotic overload and could possibly cause another pulse or yeasst.  I have no idea how it would interact with CPNi.

Help Me Figure Out What is Going On-Please!

Help me figure out what is going on-please!  I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with EBVi and CMV.  My numbers were very high and dr. put me on Valtrex 3 gm./day, Lysine 3 gm./day and Guna Virus (homeopathic anti-viral).  I was ok on the Valtrex until I increased to 2 gms./day.  I began to get that flu-like reaction with bad headaches, eyes got drier and burning, IBSi symptoms returned.  I backed off to 1500 mg. for the past week.  The terrible headache got better but I still feel awful.  Could the anti-virals cause a die-off like response?  They only suppress the virus right?  I still need to get to 3 gms./day and I'm not feeling any better than I did a week ago.  Can anyone tell me (in general) how long it might take to get this viral load down? 

Comments on CAP variations from Dr. Michael Powell

I asked Dr. Powell to comment directly on concerns that have been mentioned over time as to whether he uses the CAPi with his new patients. I received his response a number of weeks ago but have had no time to put it together in a cogent context. But continued posts on these questions has mobilized me to get his comments to our readers here. But context is, as we say, everything.

Positive for BB?

When I saw my dr a few days ago we went over my labs results that had come back. The Western Blot for Lyme disease. IgGi was negative. Good news, right? But strangely enough, IgM was positive by both standards - unconventional Igenex (where the labs were actually done) and CDC.

I was floored, I really didn't believe that I may have Lyme.  The dr told there may be a false positive and we ordered a confirmation test with Igenex.

The reason I think it is strange to have IgM (+) b/c my sxi started so long ago and logically it's IgG that should be (+) if I have Lyme.

Detoxing - What to take & When?

& how often?

Most mild CAP protocol in terms of side effects & die-off?

I started CAPi with Minocycline 100mg x 3 + Rifampin 300/day only to stop it due to huge reaction. My dr was thinking in the lines that's one of the abxi causing side effects, perhaps the Mino. Soon I re-started only with Doxycycline 100 mg x 2/day. At first it was OK but I had abdominal pain, aggravated hypertension">i, hypoglycemia and porphyriasi again and by 10th day it was too severe for me to continue. I mean, I felt like it was life-threatening at the time.

I stopped Doxy a week ago yet still haven't recovered completely. Today I feel that like I was hit very hard on a head but a bit better in general.

Cholestyramine and Thyroid Meds

 For those who are taking Cholestyramine and Thyroid meds:

Questran, Welchol & Charcoal

...I thought I saw them flushing toxins out over by the bile duct; Questran, Welchol & Charcoal... 

Well, Maybe it's not as catchy as "Abraham, Martin & John", but it ain't easy to come up with attention-getting subject lines.

My question is prompted by a posting a few days ago.  Among the people on the site that use bile acid sequestrants Questran (Cholestramine) or Welchol (Colesevelam) to help remove fat-soluble toxins, do you use it IN ADDITION to Charcoal or IN PLACE OF Charcoal?


Gas, sprouts and hand/eye coordination

Christmas dinner in the UK very often includes Brussel's sprouts which are well known for producing gas - possibly contributing a little towards holes in the ozone layer. A lot of us CAPPERS know all about gas don't we so this little game can make the subject a little less tedious, as well as testing your hand/eye co-ordination.

For those who like sprouts and can use a mouse Christmas with the Sproutifarts<

For those who would rather use the keyboard Attack of the sprouts<

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