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Toxic byproducts of bacteria or metabolism

Herx reaction--Why Now?

After 3 1/2 years on the protocol I had my first real heavy herx reaction last night. I've had feelings of nausea and slight flu before but nothing like this. Horrible headache in forehead and sinus area, stabbing pain in left breast down into my side, couldn't breath deeply it hurt so bad, panting, hot, cold, terrible nausea, very weak, couldn't roll over, could barely move my legs. Almost went to the hospital. Started a couple hours after I had taken 100mg of Doxyi and 500 mg Azithromycin like I always take. Only difference was about two weeks ago I upped my doxy to 600 mg a day, for a couple days. Had to back down because the stomach pain and nausea were unbearable. So I stopped all medication for a few days and started again yesterday. Why would this cause this reaction now?

Big-Time Liver support by combining MSM (w/ moly), MIlk Thistle, Methly-B12 and NAC

From time to time I may "test" a supplement. These usually are supplementsi I already have tried but want to see how they do when I'm feeling bad. I usually take it an hour away from anything else to see the immediate effect of the single supplement

Most supplementsi I regularly would take just because they have been recommended but don't know if they are helping or not. For me, this is a way that I can try to narrow down to just what is helping.

In my past NACi helped but lately makes me feel worse and more toxic. Last year Milk Thistle on one occasion made me feel terrific for a few hours. Recently MSM made me feel very good for a few hours, which was a big surprise to me. MSM usually makes me feel worse although I feel compelled to take it at times.

CAP & Adjunct Treatment update March 11, 2009

Treatment Overview on March 11, 2009;

Diagnostic Evaluation May 24, 2007. Chronic Fatigue Sydrome - Progressive onset - 20 to 30 years to overwhelming fatigue, Fibromyalgiai, Mild Form.  C.Pn. positive by Lab test result > 1:512,  Bb positive by Lab test Western Blot after doxycycline taken for 3 -4 weeks for CPni, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) was revealed as positve on Western Blot late July 2007.

Started CAProtocol 6-21-07 with Doxycycline, N-A-C and all supplementsi<,  CAP Progressed on 10-31-07 Macrolide-added, progressed 11-22-07 Tinidazole-added and also Cholestyramine HS PRN x 7d starting day 3 - 4 of pulse and continuing for +/- 7 days.

Porphyria / Die-Off / Herx / Exaserbation

I'm back filling.  Seemingly dumb question, but, I don't know.

Do we incorrectly use Herx/Porphyriai/Die-Off interchangeably?  Are they the same thing?  Are they the same thing that non-Cpni'ers are referring too when they take antibioticsi and feel worse?  When we talk about charcoal and Ibuprofen and Glucose, are we talking about the same thing?  Or are these all different things?  I hope to get clarification, because, I wonder if I'm casually confusing 2 or more things as being one thing.  Did my question make sense?  Ken

Fish oil tremendous help to my sleep

(I posted this in a forum entry and thought it should be here also)

I recently started D3 and ramped up over a 3+ week period from 400x2 to 2000 per day. During the time my sleep, especially REM, improved dramatically almost to the "normal" point. I was able to sleep in, felt refreshed in the morning, vivid dreams returned...I had almost three weeks of this. I assumed it was the D3. I noticed the D3 was comprised of soybean and fish oil. When I started the D3 I was taking 1 D3@400 with an EFA fish oil in the AM. I dropped the EFA when I went to 3 @ 400. I bought 1000 IU caps and was taking 2 per day. After 4-5 days of that the die-off effect was too great. My adrenals were a wreck, GI disturbance too great.

Does die off interfere with thyroid???

I've been upping my Vitamin Di, now at 2000 IU per day for over a week and experiencing significant adrenal fatigue which, for me, has meant increased die off. I've got other signs (GI) as well of that.

I'm wondering if it's the die off that is interfering with the thyroid hormone? I was just now feeling horrible and had to lay down. Took 2 grams C and Milk Thistle and felt better fora while. I took a B1 still no luck....Then about 250 mg N-Acetyl Tyrosine and BINGO....much much better.

 Tyrosine is raw material for thyroid hormone, T4 I think.



FIR and Steam sauna, Herx, body temperature

The other day I sat in front of the fireplace for a couple of hours. I've been doing the steam sauna at the GYM and it's been helping a lot. I can't go there every day so I'm trying to get some IR at home.

I seem to have produced a sizable herx from the IR exposure and/or heat from the fireplace.

Should I take the Amoxiciiliian???

My poor body is protesting again. Basically, I have been ill since November 3rd with a severe bout of bronchitis, almost as bad as when I first became ill in Nov. of 2006.

Doc told me to double up on my azith and take it daily -- which I did. I also became SEVERELY constipated being in bed most of the month. Was starting to have "spells", nausea other wiggy symtpoms, so I took milk of magnesia... I got relief but it also threw my colon into spasms. Luckily I had some hycosomine from a previous "spastic bladder" after a bladder scope. The drug helped the spasms which I am contining to have 2 weeks later. I continue to have nagging pain in left descending colon area and splenic flexure area.

18 Months on CAP

Dec 24, 2008 marks the completion of my 18th month of treatment.  I am antibody positive for CPni and Bb.  I started treatment on bacteriocidal level of Doxycycline 400 mg/day for almost 4 months before cutting back to 100 mg BID and adding Roxithromycin 150mg BIDi daily.  Those first 4 months were incapacitating and perhaps advantagious it is water under the bridge and I would not recommend it to others. 

recommendations for chlorella and charcoal

I have been using cholestyramine prni for endotoxins but returned to charcoal. I don'nt want to go into details on the reason why I can not tollerate cholestyramine because for awhile it did help a great deal. Since I started my capi with charcoal and found it worked well,I started taking it again. Now that I am further along in the protocol,  how do you manage to fit it in with all the meds., meals, and so on?

My toxin levels are creaping up on me quickly and I need moppers on board at a more effective level.

I was wondering about chlorella and can you use it with charcoal?

Thanks, Bonnie








Die off from NAC experienced

NAC Sustain<

I took just one of these today and experienced a moderate herx die-off. Not as bad as the germanium but enough to get my attention. Seems that since I've been taking the cats claw regularly it is not too hard to push me into herx land.

Hopefully it is a good sign.

Is anyone using any blood purifying herbs like Burdock, Red Root, or smilax to help with the herx?

I'm trying to time my charcoal to get bile dumps as well as taking apple pectin for fiber and to absord toxins.

Using Charcoal to mitigate endotoxins?

I am about to start a pulse in less then a day.  I've been giving thought to ways to reduce the impact of endotoxins released during the pulse and have been thinking about Charcoal and how it might be used.  I'd appreciate your insights and opinions on the subject.

Hooray for Charcoal (What I've learned)

Again not sure if I have CPNi or Lyme (or what).  I have had terrific early success with Charcoal. I would bet that those who respond well to charcoal in this manner have some form of pathogen causing their misery.

In the world of mercury toxicity they give someone chlorella (an absorbant) 1/2 hour before eating. This is supposed to put the chlorella in place when the bile dumps. The bile contains a sample of the toxic material that is collected by your system and brough to the liver for disposal. The liver disposes of this in the bile. Bile is excreted to help digest fatty foods.

Why does Charcoal help CPN?

I think I remember quite a few here taking Charcoal.

I know what activated charcoal does and have used it in the past. It has helped me and also left me in need of something (Pulled something I needed from my system).

 I'm guessing the CPNi have a toxin. Has it been identified? Is that specifically how the Charcoal is helping?

I'm stepping off

I have been more debilitated, for a longer continual period of time than ever in my life, since starting the CAPi.

I have been bed ridden almost completely for 6 weeks. I am in pain, I am weak, I throw up almost every day. I finally learn which anti-porphyric and endotoxini measures work best for what, and how and when to take them, when the very measures that are supposed to help me end up making me sicker. I do all the things right so that I don't get side effects -- from anything -- and I am run over and flattened. I should not feel this bad, I'm doing everything not to.

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