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Chronic pain characterized by tender points, sleep disorder, fatigue

Private message page messed up

Does anyone know what is wrong?  When I try to type a private message to someone, the area to type in is squeezed so much that there is only a half a line showing.  I can type what I need to type but I can't read it.  Don't know if the person that receives it can read it either.  Also, everything I type is centered now.  Help!  Lynn

Here I am again - sick and flying to Ohio next Friday

Well, really feeling horrible this week.  Thought I was coming down with a cold, then a stomach virus.  Been feeling really bad since Monday.  The neck and shoulder pain is almost unbearable.  I feel so swollen.  Trouble breathing, feel so hot and exhausted, can't sleep.  My question is, should I try to take a few days of Flagyli before Friday?  Maybe it's a fungal thing?  Last round of Flagyl made me suicidal.  Or maybe I should up the Diflucan.  Don't seem to have a sinus infection.  I will be visiting my grandkids and don't want to be sick the whole time.  I'm sick every time I go it seems.  What's weird is I've always felt better with the colder temps until I started on the capi.  I took 10,000 mg of Vita C yesterday but still didn't help.  It seems that pa

Don't know if cap is helping or not

I am usually taking 5 - 6 grams of Vita c a day.  I up it to 10,000 if I feel a cold coming on.  The only thing I can tell from taking thyroid meds is my feet and hands are not like ice anymore.  I still feel bad most of the time.  Lately the neck and back pain are really bad.  Almost screaming bad at times.  I really can't tell if the capi is helping or not.  I know my neck and shoulder pain has gotten worse since starting cap.  I am swollen a lot more.  I had the pophyria symtoms before cap.  Fibro since 1995.  I know I have multiple infectionsi from 20 years of constant antibioticsi for constant sinus infections.  Many iv antibiotics for 6 and 8 weeks at a time.  So probably fungal and bacterial loads of stuff.  I am still on cap and will stay on it as long as

Using charcoal

I know charcoal soaks up the toxins from the capi but if it makes you constipated doesn't that just make you reabsorb the toxins???  Or do I have to take laxatives all the time???  I had some charcoal but have not used it for that reason.  I feel so horrible lately that I think I will do anything to feel better.  I live on ibuprofen, percocet, biofreeze, heating pad, etc. 

Trigger Point injections anyone???

My neck and shoulder hurt so badly.  I've been going to physical therapy for 2 1/2 months now and still not better.  Two of the fingertips on my left hand are now numb.  The left side is the worst and apparently the numbness is caused by a nerve in my shoulder/neck.  I am thinking about just getting injections.  Are they cortisone?  I assume so.  I use Biofreeze, heating pad, ibuprofen, percocet and now thinking of Savella.  I just don't want to gain weight (fat enough!) which the nerve meds cause.  I may just have too though.  But then I'll have to buy bigger clothes and who has the money for that!!!

Flagyl and suicide

Does anyone else freak out when they do a Flagyli pulse?  I seem to get so depressed (on antidepressants anyway, depression runs in my family) during a pulse.  I yell at my husband, get so upset that my fibro gets a lot worse, think suicidal thoughts.  Horrible!!!  Anyone else?  It would make me feel better to know that it must be the Flagyl.  At least I know it will get better afterwards.  I am trying for 10 days this time.

Anyone taking Savella for FMS???

I took Lyrica and gained 20 pounds so I stopped it.  Lately I have had a lot of pain so thinking about Savella.  My doc gave me some samples.  Some of the side effects include nausea (which most of us have anyway), insomnia (which I have real bad), constipation (again, IBSi-c), etc.  I also take Wellbutrin and Lamictal.  Should I try it?  I also read the mfg website that says FMS is caused by spinal cord injury I think it said.  I had back surgery and got FMS a few months after but not everyone has back (spine) problems so I don't understand how they can say that.  Apparently they don't get it either.  I guess Savella and Lyrica, just blunt the pain but they don't get to the cause of course.

Olive Leaf extract/Colloidal silver for virus/fungal

My Epstein Barr counts were still high after a year of Valtrex 3 x a day.  Doc won't give me Valcyte so far.  Has anyone used Olive Leaf Extract and/or colloidal silver for viruses?  I have been reading about them both,  Seems like they might work.  How much should I take a day?  Any ideas? 

Pain is almost unbearable

Just wondered if anyone else has/had pain in shoulders and neck that is constant?  I used to hurt all over but the last few months have horrible pain in my shoulders and neck.  I'm going to physical therapy twice a week and doing exercises and nothing helps.  I use Biofreeze constantly and walk around with an icepack on my neck and shoulders most of the time.  I take a lot of ibuprofen.  Anyway, my question is, do you think it is infection that has moved more into this area?  I've always had pain in my neck and shoulders along with most of my body but the neck and shoulders are worst than ever.  I'm still on my capi, about a year now I think.  I just started Quercetin so maybe that will help.  I seem to get very swollen too.  Any ideas or suggestions?

CAP month 28 Update, Progressed to Intermittent Cycles

CAPi month 28 Update, Progressed to Intermittent Cycles After 20 months on WheldonCAP I went on intermittent.  My MD has chosen not to order trepeat labs for the CPni<i< and co-infectionsi<i< or viruses, of which I had all of these done before the starting any abxi<i< therapy.   

Trying Roxi instead of Azith

This is day two of switching from Azith to Roxi.  I have a few months' supply and thought I would switch out one of my ABXi since I have been on this protocol for about 2.5 years.   My CPNi titers (in June of this year) are still very high.

I really didn't think there would be any noticable change, but today I am having definite endotoxini reactions (red, scratchy eyes),inflammationi ( my knees and hips are stiff), my legs feel like mud and it's more difficult to walk today.  Extreme fatigue.

Definitely notice Roxi doesn't seem to have the immunomodulatory effect that Azith does for me (so far anyway).


Health update

I have been on the protocol for about 1 yr now.  I felt better the first of August while taking 10 days of Flagyli.  Then ragweed season started.  Feel horrible again.  Swollen, toxic, achy, yeasty, hot and flushed, exhausted, which is the fibro and yeast is worse.  I started back on allergy shots (took for 15 years) but it takes months for it to help.  I'll start feeling better after the first frost.  In Memphis that could take til late November!  I am beginning to wonder if I have some fungal something because  the Flagyl seems to help now.  Would make sense because I was on continous antibioticsi for chronic sinusitis for 18 yrs before CAPi

Flagyl dosage

I have finally worked up to 10 days of Flagyli and am doing it every month.  Doc said it should be alright that way.  I seem to feel better on the Flagyl.  (Still taking everything else)  Does anyone here take longer pulses and how often? 

Inadequate Thyroid Hormone Regulation as the Main Mechanism of Fibromyalgia: A Review of the Evidence

Inadequate Thyroid Hormone Regulation as the Main Mechanism of Fibromyalgia: A Review of the Evidence<  (Please click on the entire phrase it is a link to the article.)

Fibro is still highly controversial but some may find this< (click on the word this to locate the article) article interesting as well....

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