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Chronic pain characterized by tender points, sleep disorder, fatigue

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation

Dr. Yasko's new book, Autism: Pathways to Recovery contains much information on Methylation.

The Intro and several chapter can be preview at;<

There will be a conference Summer 2010 in Boston;<

Lauricidin - adding another adjunct shown to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeasts

1-19-2010 I'm finally getting all my adjuncts from my Dec 09 visit lined up and started. My MD seems to be on track with DrP, Lauricidin was highly recommended to me by my provider. Here is a written source that can give some information regarding its benefits. Thanks Raven for sharing your information, I ran it by my provider and he already knew about it and certainly approved of it's addition to my treatment plan.<  (taken from Joyce's blog titled Lauricidin)

Does anyone here drink kefir?

I bought some cranberry kefir at Christmas at the local supermarket.  Tastes a lot like yogurt but what I've read makes it sound better for you because there is extra stuff in it.  I make my own yogurt (sometimes) and thought about making kefir but you have to order a starter.  Oh, maybe I could make a starter with some purchased kefir like I do with organic purchased yogurt.  Any thoughts?

Anyone had cervical spine surgery?

Has anyone here had to have cervical spine surgery?  Mine is C 5 & 6 and has gotten progressively worse the last 9 mos.  Blamed it on the fibro but is now too painful to ignore.  I am going to have a nerve block this Wednesday to see if that helps.  The doc looked at my mri and said I shouldn't be hurting so badly, that I had plenty of room in the spinal canal.  He must not understand about fibro pain.  I had lower lumbar back surgery in 1994 and got the fibro after that so I am somewhat fearful of more surgery.  But, if this doesn't help, I'll have to have it done.  I am so tired of screaming pain.  Constant Biofreeze, lidocaine patches, walking around the house with a microwave heat pad on my neck and sleeping with a heating pad.  As you all know, constant p

Well, went off of antibiotics and flagyl, trying something else

I am so sick of antibioticsi and yeast!  Been on continuous antibiotics since 1990, iv's 2 antibiotics at a time 6 weeks here and there plus the antibiotic pills inbetween iv's, 19 years continuously.  I will stay on naci and 5,000 to 10,000 mg of vita c plus yeast fighters, supplementsi, etc.  and see how I feel.  I haven't felt good but one week since I started on capi in Oct '08. 

Is it just me or does Flagyl still make any of you deathly ill?

I have been on capi since Oct of 08.  I am on my 8th??? pulse and still get so darn sick!  Feel so horrible and the yeast is raging after 5 days.  One time I took 10 days of it and didn't get sick at all.  Every other time I feel horrible.  Three days, five days, seven days - still horrible.  I take Diflucan, probiotics and yeast fighers and "yuck" suppositories. I think I'll ask doc for tinii but don't know if my insurance will pay for it.  Ibuprofen, moppers, etc.  I just had some "bowel" tests done so don't have results back yet.  Maybe that will show up something.  Or, I may just be one of the lucky ones that can't take the flagyli because of the side effects.

Is this going the right direction?

This is probably going to be fairly long since it's my first blog entry.


I started an empirical CAPi in October on suspicion of a Cpni infection, as my 10 years worth of symptoms find a ton that fit in with a Cpn infection. Not long into starting, I went through a series of old symptoms that hadn't bothered me in years that reminded me that way back at the start of all these symptoms, I had legitimate concern of a lyme or other TBD infection. Bullseye rash, joint pain, muscle twitching, sore throat, increased floaters and neck pain. I saw my doctor about all of that, but it was explained away. Anyway, maybe 2 weeks into the CAP, I re-experienced all of that except the bullseye rash.


This is gross but need help

Can Flagyli cause foul smelling stools?  After I finished a 7 day pulse I have that problem real bad.  Also vaginal too.  I know Flagyl can cause more yeast which I always have in abundance but my question is - did I take the flagyl for too short a time and caused a bowel infection???  Or maybe it's more likely that I got a killer candida infection in my colon?  Sorry to be gross but just wondering if anyone has had that problem and what did they used to get rid of it?  I am taking 1 - 100mg diflucan pill a day (which I always have to take anyway) and probiotics.

Low thyroid and now very dry hair

I have been on thyroid meds since Oct 08.  Started on the Armour but couldn't get it lately so I got some substitute.  My hair seems to be like straw (just like before I started with the thyroid med) but no hair loss this time.  Could it be the thyroid?  Maybe I need to increase.  I was hypothyroid.  Can't afford to go to my out-of-network doc (he is expensive and doesn't take any insurance).  Maybe just go to my gp and get retested instead.  Anyone else have hair problems with low thyroid?  Lynn

Itching and rash maybe from Doxy or Azith????

Lately I've been itching a lot and I'm wondering if I am now allergic to the doxyi or the azith?  Has anyone else had this problem?  I was taking percocet up until a few weeks ago when I started itching from it.  The doc said it could cause itching.  I have a lot of allergies anyway.  I am allergice to tobramycin IV and also sulfa drugs.  If I get to where I can't take antibioticsi I don't know what I'll do.  Please help.  I'm off to take another benadryl.  Lynn

New- need a doctor, please help.

Hi-I am new to the site.  I am a young stay-at-home mother of 3 young children.  I have a chronic Cpni infection that I have had probably since my early teens.  I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  I have read the Cpn Handbook and have even tried the NACi test.  When I tried the NAC test, I became very ill on one 600mg pill. I also tried Doxyi 100mg 2X day and had to stop with such a bad reaction.  I have titers of 1:256.  My doctor is not familiar with the CAPi.  She is willing to prescribe, but I get so sick from such small doses of the (partial) protocol that I am not comfortable moving forward without a more experienced doctor.  I want to fight this disease, but I also am a mother who can't be in bed sick all day every day.

Mom's Making Great Progress

I am happy to report that my Mom is making great progress. We had a three-way phone consult with her doctor last week. Her heavy metals challenge was very high in lead--about average in the other metals. She did 2 weeks of OSR after the challenge and had to quit because of some detox side effects. She will resume taking it but only twice a week. She reports a drop in pain levels from an 8 to a 2 and a surge of energy. Her doctor says she is tracking well and by his estimate mentally much sharper by about 50%. Dr. P. is very pleased.

Immunocal / Immunopro (Bio Active Non-denatured Whey) in treatment of CPN

Has anyone treated themselves with a bio active non-denatured whey product like Immunocal or Immunopro? 

Carol Sieverling quoting Dr Paul Cheney says:  "Patients who tested positive for Chlamydia Pneumoniae and Mycoplasma before the original study tested negative at its conclusion six months later".  She goes on to say "The traditional treatment for cpni is 18 months of triple antibioticsi which can wipe out a patient's gut flora and leave them a gut ecology cripple for the rest of their life.  This treatment approach is much gentler and appears to be just as effective."

Any comments regarding the use of these non-denatured whey products would be appreciated. 



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