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Chronic pain characterized by tender points, sleep disorder, fatigue

Who out there is functional? (Non-Ms'ers)

For the benefit of perspective......I am curious.  We get varied responses on physical reactions to pulses, ABXi, etc.; BUT,  in the big picture, how many of you ( on a day-to-day basis), are still functioning below normal.... or non-functional?   How many are unable to work, drive, take care of the home, cook, etc.?

Some of you speak of your pulses taking you down, but yet have the physical capabilities of going to the gym, carrying out day-to-day activities and working.  (Which, by the way, is fantastic)  This query is in no way meant as an offense to anyone.  

 Since I am unable to do a poll, is anyone willing to share?


How long on CAP:



Physical levels of endurance: 



Time to Add Rifampin?

What started as a severe sinus problem is now in my chest (again).  I am still having debilitating malaise, deep chest coughing, running a low grade fever off and on.  I have been taking Tinii continuously now for a little over a month (as well as Doxyi and Roxi).  I am still doing the neti pot, Mucinex (seems to help), nasal sprays, etc.   I still have what appears to be swelling in the mandibular area of my face.


Does dieoff cause insomnia?

I have had more trouble sleeping lately, not that I sleep good.  I started back on all my meds and my ears are ringing, feel shaky, hot, swollen, flushed, and hyper.  I think I started too much back too fast after being off of the antibioticsi and Tinii.  I may need to just start back on one antibiotic a day for 2 days and then add the other one???  (doxyi and biaxin each twice a day).  Then maybe try tini later???  I really got sick with a throat/sinus infection, have laryngitis real bad and feel horrible so started back on all 3 at one time hoping I would get over it fast. 

What brand of probiotics?

What is the best brand of probiotics to use?  There are so many different kinds.  I am now taking Culturelle but it doesn't have everything I need does it?  I have taken a lot of different kinds.  Am really trying to help the nausea, bloat, yeast, etc.  Maybe I just haven't taken enough a day.  Tried it off and on for years.  Or maybe digestive enzymes?  I was diagnosed with IBSi at 14. Maybe start back on the kefir - how much a day - a cup?  I have milk allergy though.   Lynn

Well, I'm back again

Been on the capi for 2 years and just had so much yeast that I took myself off the antibioticsi.  Took 2 weeks of Tindamax and was okay for a few weeks.  Been having a hacking cough which I now know was a throat infection trying to take hold.  I held it off for about a month and now am so, so sick.  Had to go back on doxyi and biaxin and tindamax.  I kept up taking everything else (supplementsi, etc.). 

Seems I may never have my own immunei system again.  I have been on 20 years of antibiotics continuously for 20 years prior to this.  Maybe I just killed my immune system with all the antibiotics.  Constant sinus infectionsi (staph, sudamonas, etc.).  Had 12 sinus surgeries and 3 tear duct surgeries.

Newly diagnosed with CPn and Fibro- Need Help

I am newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chlamydia pneumonia. Only my IgGi is still high right now, but the IgA and  IgM- are now at normal evels. Does that still mean i have Cp? Is that how other people's titers are? 

I also need to know if anyone really experienced improvement in Fibromyalgia symptoms after doing the CPni protocol, because i am not sure if i should start on it.


Thank you!



Sore throat, sinus yeast

Well, I'm on Doxyi, Biaxin and Tindamax and am still getting a sore throat.  Also on low dose of Diflucan.  I have had yeast in my right sinus cavity for years.  Trying to get back on Amphotericin B nasal wash again.  Maybe that will help.  Also have a terrible dry cough for the last 6 mos.  I read that it can be a sign of mycoplasma.  Just had lab tests done so I'm interested in the results.  Guess I'll up my Vita C again to 7 grams a day.  Hate that powder stuff.  I'm just so afraid that I'll get a mutated infection that they can't treat.  I've been on continuous antibioticsi for 20 years now but only on this protocol since Oct 2008.  Sure hope I turn the corner soon.  Anyone have any ideas.  I take all the supplementsi, etc. too.

Bood test shows some improvements

I  just received my lab work in the mail and have some small improvements.

One year ago: vitamin D3 level was 32. Now it has gone up to 68

                        ferriten level was 13. Now is 27


It doesn't seem like much but at least it is going in the right direction. Any improvement is worth posting!


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Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.

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