Iritable bowel syndrome

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Stomach and bowel problems

Searching for years, not giving up !

Hello all! Im Wanda and Im an advocate for my hubby, who went from perfect health to progressive decline starting 2003, we have been married 27 years and still adding on. 3 kids (2 grown) 1 dog, 2 cats.

Im learning how to navigate this site and post, so please forgive me as I learn. Im not sure if I will find hope here, any input is appreciated!

2003 he started with flu like illness extreme fatigue few small bite? on chest, fever, which developed in to what appeared to be hives? Doctor said hive, stress...xanax!, prednisone does pack...Prednisone did nothing, Next doc drew blood for lymes etc. put hubby on Doxyi for 10 days...

introduction and inquiry about topicals

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I was not able to locate information referencing contraindications to my Rx topicals.

Please pardon me if this is covered elsewhere.

I'll start with a bit about where I'm at and have been.


I'm a graphic designer who works from home. I have a happy homelife and a positive worklife. I believe that i am a healthy person, I just do not physically feel like one. I have long suspected that everything I experience is tied together, so am really happy to see this Web site. I want to live my life again: I want to go outside into the sunshine; ride a bike; shop in a store!


A Young Woman Comes Back to Life: Zdenicka's Story

Zdenicka, as you will see, is a spirited, passionate and stubborn young woman. Her story is very heartening to read, and she holds nothing back in speaking of the trials of dealing with standardized medical treatment with a non-standard condition and protocol. Fortunately, her father Coufal was an early member here and started the Czech version of Cpnhelp, so she had an avenue to find her own help. I've left her very thorough description as she has written it, an amazing job for a non-native English speaker, so that I don't sully the pure charm in her rendition. (Jim K, Editor)

Coxsackie / Enterovirus / Echovirus

Hi to all!

Does anybody of you have or had before elevated Coxsackie and/or Echovirus titres?

I have them along with the cpni<i<. I hope the Enteroviruses will pass when CPN gets better!

Could it just be a viral henchman? Just thinking about what gives me more problems?


Please post your titers against Coxsackie / Enterovirus / Echovirus.


Greetings from hamburg / germany



Coxsackie / Enterovirus / Echovirus

Hi to all!

Does anybody of you have or had before elevated Coxsackie and/or Echovirus titres?

I have them along with the cpni<i<. I hope the Enteroviruses will pass when CPN gets better!

Could it just be a viral henchman? Just thinking about what gives me more problems?


Greetings from hamburg / germany



Interruption of ABX – Waiting for Biopsies

Sunday night I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain (upper/lower left quadrant, front and back – [as an aside, I have experienced pain on my left side since almost the beginning of my ABXi in April of last year –2007].  I kept contributing the discomfort to possibly die off and/or my spleen.  My dr. could never find anything on x-rays or a cat scan, so I just kept plodding along, as it was not intolerable.

More on the bitter-sweet pill.

It was only three weeks ago that I wrote about my 30th pulse and how easy and 'pleasant' it had been, so easy in fact that I was able to carry on taking Flagyli for 14 days.   Well it just goes to show that one good pulse does not a pattern make... Day two post pulse 31 and my mouth is still full of bitters, my maxilla still aches, my eyes are itchy, my ankles are swollen, my ears are throbbing and my urine is still dark.   But MIRACLE OF MIRACLES the pain in my gut is hardly there and I have regularly been sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.

I think that my experience is an example of that Tipping Point that Jim and others talk about.   Enough Cpni cells have died in the cell for apoptosisi to take place... 

Michele 'Fighting' Findlay reaches another milestone...

Another milestone has been reached, I've just finsihed my 30th pulse, and I have a few observations which I think are worth recording and communicating.

From the beginning I have been taking 200mg Doxycycline daily and 250mg Azithromycin MWF continuously and done a 5 day flagyli pulse every three weeks, so I would take 1200mg flagyl on MTWTF of one week and take the following week-end and the next two complete weeks off.

In that time the alopecia recovered to so such an extent that I need to go to the hairdresser once more. The hair still goes through phases of falling out, but the balance is on regrowth.

The Findlays Fight On

Nothing spectacular to report, but I have not written a blog for a while so thought I would update.

What Is A Chronic Illness, Anyway?

             What Is A Chronic Illness, Anyway?

A chronic illness is a disease or disorder that a person has to cope with on a continuous basis. Many people become so ill, they are unable to work and are forced to give up activities they have always enjoyed. Often their  illness goes undiagnosed for years, leaving thousands of people frustrated, depressed and without answers to why their bodies will not cooperate with their desires.

6 Month Milemarker on CAP

Actually, 6 months and 2 days... the 27th of September marked six months of my being on CAPi.  As Ruth mentioned in a previous post about herself, I am no longer a newbie!  I am now reading posts of those coming on board, reflecting on my past experiences!  It's a strange feeling indeed -- firstly, to realize how many of us there are "out there".  It is wonderful that people are finding this website -- the word is getting out.

As I read of those coming on board it's a curiosity to gauge the different levels of tolerance the individuals have.  Some are able to ramp up on the meds quite quickly and others, like me, struggle to build up to each level.  I guess this is also indicative of our unique immunei systems and the CPNi load each of us carries.

End of Third Month Update

End of My 3rd Month Update:

I am now beginning my 4th month of ABXi and felt I should blog what has been happening. I finally reached the full 200 mg of Doxyi/day, the week of July 8th and was feeling pretty decent actually. I had 2 weeks of feeling normal "so to speak". Not "whispers" as you call them, but they were shouts!!!

Doctor in Australia who is happy to prescribe CAP treatment


I am pretty new to these pages. I live in Sydney and I am looking for a doctor who would be happy to prescribe CAPi treatment. So far I am awaiting my PRC blood results for Chlamydia and Mycoplasma. I am expecting them to be positive as I suffer from range of symptoms quite similar to those listed and voiced on these pages.

So far I haven't been able to locate any doctor who would have any experience with this treatment protocol. Please let  me know where to  look for help.

Thank you.

update time



June 18, 2007              -           started taking azith 150 MWF & doxyi 200

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