Iritable bowel syndrome

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Stomach and bowel problems

If a probiotic reolves most of your symptoms?

I was on Culturelle for a month, I took a break for a business trip (5 days) felt worse. Got home was taking again and felt better.

Ran out of the stuff. Wasn't sure if that was what was making me feel better or other supps I was taking at the time.

The last couple of weeks since I've run out my gut has gotten very toxic.

Got my culturelle yesterday, took 2 after taking some bicarb-soda to reduce stomach acid.

This morning feel good, enough energy to go to the gym again (which I was able to do when taking the stuff before).


Vestibular Neuronitis-regardless CPN Needs More Awareness

New to this forum... Hello!

I was diagnosed with cpni in 2001 (by titer) after I sought medical attention due to my airways shutting down, wheezing, coughing, etc. Had all the classic symptoms of cpn. Treated with Avelox, seravent, albuterol, flonase, another nasal thing, claritin, bromfed, etc.

I have a B.S. in microbiology and I am a licensed clinical laboratory scientist. I told my physician that I thought I had an atypical pneumonia. Did a mycoplasma titer first, and it came back negative. Then did a cpn titer, and BINGO!

what to do nausia

I have been having problems with eating lately. In the mornings it's seems the worst and now it has turned into severe nausia. Can anyone give some advise on what seemed to help them trough this phase. 

I also need to update my signiture as I still have not started back on my antibioticsi due to vascular issues. Maybe this could be the cause.

Thank you all.


Celiac Disease Lecture

Good lecture on Celiac Disease UCSD William C. Warren Center for Research Martin Kagnoff, MD, 1hr 26 min.

This is professional information.<


LDN books and Websites

LDNi - I have been on this medication since Feb 17,2009 4 1/2 months now.

I have viewed the speakers whose talks from past LDN Conferences are

available on the internet,

the weblinks are posted here on the CPnHelp website for anyone who is interested and viewing them.


This spring I order several of the most recent books on the topic.

Very interesting! I'm not depressed, I'm actually really sick. Really.

I've just finished a seven-day course of Flagyli, and - after warnings from both the doctor and pharmacist to stay away from alcohol - Googled "Flagyl" and "alcohol" and came across this site. Didn't know ether was a virtual support group for chlamydia pneumoniae |(how do you explain that to the uninitiated? I've been asked "sexually transmitted, eh"?)

So this is rather exciting and quite interesting as well. My story is quite a bit like so many I've heard or read about.


I am in a quandry.  I am concerned I may be developing a resistance to doxyi and/or azith, is that possible? Or could it just be time for me to mix it up?

 I am again very ill with severe bronchitis and/or cpni pneumoniae symptoms.  I am almost physically at the point I was in March of 2007 when I was first diagnosed (bed ridden, chest pain, deep bronchial coughing, very weak)  This is about the 3rd episode over the last 6 months (2nd within the past 2 months!)

In all honesty my improvements over the past year haven't been significant, other than a reduction in brain fog and a reduction in my FM symptoms.  As each month passes I keep adding to the mix..... I KNOW that is part of this process -- it just becomes more obvious how infected I must be.

vita c

Well, I have finally worked up to 1/2 a biaxin twice a day with the 100mg doxyi<i< twice a day.  Taking green stuff, calcium pyruvate, probiotic mix and 10,000 c in juice, (not the c all at one time) vsl#3, plus all my other meds.  Feel yucky.  One problem, the vita c really messes up my stomach, gas ,etc.

Noticing a change 2 months in

I am really glad to report a positive change since I've started CAPi.  My first symptoms when I became ill were digestive issues.  That is when my IBS began.  I have had uncontrollable sugar cravings ever since (8 years).  This is definitely due to my candidiasis, which feeds off of sugar, and the cpni that allows the candidiasis to grow out of control.  Anyway, I just ovulated and usually would be going to the grocery store for a box of twinkies and cherry turnovers.  The craving would be so strong that I would give in every time.  It's not just feeling like sweets but you have to have it.  It was like a drug addiction.  I am a very healthy eater and would feel guilty for every twinkie I ate but I felt better after my sugar fix..for a while anyway.  This is a huge deal to me b

IBS Symptoms decrease while on cap?

Just wanted to ask people who have Iritable bowel syndrome if their ibs symptoms reduced while on capi.

I myself have (only one of my CFSi symptoms)IBS (mainly too soft stool or diarhhea) since I became ill 5 years ago.

Everything was checked several times - no colitis ulcerosa, no crohns disease etc.

I am on cap now for 6 month and the IBS symptoms didn t changed very much so far. But I had only 5 or so pulses. Maybee more pulses is the clue.

I think IBS is a common problem with cfs and CPNi.

I would glad to hear your experiences especially how long it took on cap to see a decrease in ibs symptoms....


Warmest regards to this great community.

I'm stepping off

I have been more debilitated, for a longer continual period of time than ever in my life, since starting the CAPi.

I have been bed ridden almost completely for 6 weeks. I am in pain, I am weak, I throw up almost every day. I finally learn which anti-porphyric and endotoxini measures work best for what, and how and when to take them, when the very measures that are supposed to help me end up making me sicker. I do all the things right so that I don't get side effects -- from anything -- and I am run over and flattened. I should not feel this bad, I'm doing everything not to.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

IBS type symptoms

I'm new to this site and would really appreciate some advice.

I started a CAPi in June and got as far as taking doxycycline, azithromycin, omeprazole and NACi for 5 weeks plus a pulse of metronidazolei before I had to stop because of bad abdominal symptoms. I've had IBS since childhood (now in my 40s) but was diagnosed with CFSi three years ago and recently had a positive test for Lyme Disease. The doctor who is overseeing the protocol (a doctor who has many patients in the UK on his protocol) suggested I stop for four weeks before trying again (I'm now taking a herbal supplement to boost immunei function).

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