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The Elephant(s) in My Room – Blog Update

I haven't posted much and my last blog update was in May of this year. I wish the reasons were because I was enjoying a recovery and had my health back, but it's not.   I now join the ranks of some of the others here who came to this site about the time I did.  


Last week I had Bioenergetic Testing done which indicated I have:  Bartonella Henselae, Babesia Nosodes, Mycoplasma Fermentes, Borrelia Burgdorferi and high levels of systemic yeast (as well as EBVi, HHV-6 and CPNi) -- "my elephants" and reasons for not recovering. 


3 Years, 8 Months, 2 weeks and 2 days.....(Revised 2/14/2011)

It has been 3 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 2 days since I started CAPi<i<.   I have reached a point, not by choice, but rather by necessity, that I have had to back off the protocol for a while. 

What pro biotic & such should I take to replenish good bacteria after taking PrevPac which is 3 antibiotics to kill H. Phylori

What pro biotic & such should I take to replenish good bacteria after taking PrevPac which is 3 antibioticsi to kill H. Phylori

why does taking Valtrex make me feel better? Please read and try to help me. Thank you

I have CPNi, Ulcerated colitis, Lyme's, Herpes simplex 1 & 2, never a out break though only cold sores. I think I have CMV virus in my colon but the only way to check I heard was doing a scope and taking a biopsy. My ulcertive colitis, is being cause by something I believe. When I take Valtrex my pain is not as bad in my rectum.


My Lyme's doctor wants me on a ton of antibioticsi, which I was taking for 6 months until I started having panic attacks or adrenial rushes he called them.


My UC doctors just prescibes me liquid enemas for the inflammationi but that's not helping the root cause. They make me ill, and depressed and they made me have crying spells.


Antibiotics now are making me feel nervous

I had a shot of Bicillin and had a adrenaline rush my doctor said, heart pounding, felt like I was going to pass out. I stopped those injections. Tried then a oral antibiotic, same thing woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack. I was on antibioticsi for 6 months then bam, nervous feeling now all the time when I take them. Could my body be rejecting them? Thanks for you help.

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrogenomics Testing Results, a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve Coating (Re-myelination)

Methylation, Metals Toxicity and Nutrigenomic Testing Results,a major Adjunct Treatment enables Nerve coating repair.

Blogpage Originally Submitted by Louise on Sunday, 2010-03-21 17:06.   Chronic Fatigue Syndromei Fibromyalgiai Folic acid">i Geneticsi Immunei Infectionsi Inflammationi Melatonin">i Multiple Sclerosisi Neurological diseasesi Seratonin">i Supplementsi<

Biofilms - Clinical Implications of, by Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for Prothera and Klaire Labs -

On February 26, 2009, Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for ProThera® and Klaire Labs™, gave a lecture to the Physicians’ Roundtable meeting in Greenville, North Carolina on gastrointestinal biofilm.

Biofilms - Supplements related to their treatment by dispelling and absorbing dispersal of Biofilms metal bearing contents

Biofilms - Supplementsi related to treatment of biofilms through the action of dispelling their cell walls and then absorbing the dispersal of the Biofilms metal bearing contents.

Please post supplementsi and sources for same that are used in the treatment of biofilms in this forum topic.


Giardia and other protozoan infections: Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis hominis the real culprint?

I've been researching Giardia and was (and was not) surprised to see that there is a chronic form to this bug. I've found some good links below. The preferred effective MD treatment seems to be Tinidazole. From what I've read Flagyl/Metronidazolei has no activity on Giardia.

"Tinidazole is indicated for the treatment of giardiasis in adults with a single 2 g dose and with 50 mg/kg single dose in children over 3 years of age. In eight randomized comparative studies totalling 299 adult and pediatric patients, the average cure rate for tinidazole in giardiasis was 90%.2-8"<

(Other Giardia links at the bottom)

InterFase Plus and Biofilms

Last Wednesday, I decided to start the InterFase Plus for the treatment of biofilms.  I was curious to see what, if any, type of reaction I would have.  The recommended dosage (on the bottle) is 2-8 capsules per day.   Additionally, I have a schedule obtained from an autism parent given to her by the autism doc, Dr. McCandless, but it is too agressive IMOi, for me so I decided to only take it on M/W/F,  the days I take both Azith and Doxyi. (I switched back to Azith, from Roxi January 2010). 

List of Probiotic Bacteria

I thought some may find this list helpful: List of Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in the intestines. Promoting healthy digestion and absorption of some nutrients, they act to crowd out pathogens, such as yeasts, other bacteria and viruses that may otherwise cause disease. Probiotics develop a mutually advantageous symbiosis with the human gastrointestinal tract. They benefit from the foods we ingest and our bodies utilize the byproducts of their life processes.

Probiotic - Lactobacillus reuteri demonstrate antimicrobial activities

Related Research - Human-Derived Probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri Demonstrate Antimicrobial Activities Targeting Diverse Enteric Bacterial Pathogens<

Pulse #12 Culminated with an ER Visit

For my records here….. I started pulse #12 on Sunday, October 4th.  I have been tolerating my pulses (for the most part) decently.   The first 2 days the left side of my head felt clogged with cement.  My left ear, eye, lymph nodes, sinus were painful.  Right knee painful.   Total inability to concentrate... first 3 days I felt as if I were in "suspended animation" and all I really did was “zone out” and stay in the house.

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