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Male prostate problems

Jim’s Story- Chlamydia Pneumoniae and Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

The Tunnel of Illness

I want to update my story on the front end so readers know even before reading the "agony post" how much benefit I've gotten from the treatment. It is August 26th, 2006. Coming up on two years I've been on the Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAPi) for Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cpni). A recent forum poster asked if anyone with CFSi has improved on the CAP. My response:

Damned right I'm getting better!When I started the CAP I was in a 2 year slide after 25 years of CFS, then added FMSi. For many years I'd struggled and somehow maintained a semblance of a life. Then over 2 years my pain, brain fog, restricted functioning, etc. slid to a point where I had to stop traveling and could for the first time see the possibility that I would become bedridden eventually.

some questions

Hi There!

My last entry is quite long ago and as i have some questions too its time for an update.

first the good news: my scrotal pain improoved quite well but still gets worse sometimes while pulsing or after walking to much. right after pulses it gets better mostly. 

my older symptoms are more or less the same though (ibs-b (with sibo and consequently malabsorbption and low weight), cfsi , light fibro,chest pain, very cold limbs ).

the ibs eventhough taking probiotics even got a little worse i think. im a bit affraid the abxi are messing up my gut flora too much.

Delivering Antibiotics by Direct Injection - Prostatitis

Direct injections of antibioticsi into the Prostatei area is something to consider in the case of stubborn infection, but there are also other options

Here's a paper reflecting the mess that the Medicine Industry is in when it comes to Prostatitis; Bacterial or Non-bacterial? Some support for common sense:<

Chronic Prostatitis

Has anybody used the protocol for chronic prostatitis? Would be very happy about any experiences so far.  I would also like ask whether Chlamydia Trachomatis has the same life cycle as Chlamydia Pneumonia?

Big improvement

Hello all,

Things took an excellent turn for me since I stopped the abxi protocol. The logical conclusion is that I might not have cpni or cpn might be the effect rather than the cause.

Here's what helped:

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

systematic gonorrhea

Is it possible to confuse systematic gonorrrhea with cpni? I have had cpn for 8 months but earlier in my sickness I had someone tell me gonorrhea can get in your blood stream and cause the same problems and if so can it become cronic like cpn?

Prostatitis caused by Chlamydia family

Hello All,

I ama new member and I am in very bad confusion with prostatitis that I cannot find the root cause and then treatment. Here is my story:

First time in 1999, UTIi after intercourse. Cultured and the bacteria was E.Coli, treated by Cipro and then symtom free.

Essential Observations by Dr. Charles Stratton on Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection and Disease

I am very excited to present the following article that summarizes Dr. Stratton's recent observations on Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. Putting it together has contributed greatly to my own understanding of Cpni as well as to my appreciation of Dr. Stratton's generosity with his time, and his great depth of knowledge of this area. Thanks to him for his contribution.

Jim K

Recent observations by Dr

Recent observations by Dr. Charles Stratton on Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) Infection

Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Chlamydia Pneumoniae

Stratton et al found evidence of Cpni in interstitial cystitisi (IC) in a study which is listed in our research pages. In a recent web excursion I found this researcher's page which describes a number of studies finding quite high rates of Cpn in prostatitis, BHP, and even prostatei cancer:<

The research looks solid to me. Worth taking a look. 

Plateau, Cleanup, Megapulse & the Kitchen Test

I haven't blogged in a bit, wanting to get through this whole cycle before reporting in. By early June I had reached what seemed to be a plateau-- I wasn't improving at any noticeable rate, I was feeling more brain fog and fatigue, and urinary and prostatei symptoms were worsening. I had added a lot of new supplementsi as per Dr. Powell, and didn't know if I was reacting to the supplementsi, having increase die-off from them, or what. Consulting with Dr. Powell, he suggested that take a week or two off antibioticsi, stay with supplements but with less niacinamide and remove the new ones, give my body some recovery time, and test for some possible viral co-factors (HHV-6, CMV), and increase my anti-yeast supplements.

I found a new antifungal supplement called Kolorex (Horopito extract) which sounded good to me, and added this once a day, stopped zithi/doxyi and followed directions. In a week it was clear to me that the increased brain fog was due to yeast, as I had die-off reaction for the first day or two, then less generalized inflammationi and less brain fog. Okay, puzzle piece one. Since I was getting irritated eyes from the higher dosee of niacinamide (I had worked up to 3000mg per day and was now down to 2000) I decided to cut it back to 1500mg per day, thinking it might be irritating my urinary system. No difference in that yet.

Diseases associated with Cpn: the exhaustive list

I have culled from Mitchell & Stratton patent #6,884,784 an exhaustive list of diseasesi where Cpni has been implicated as a possible cause or co-factor (reference: Mitchell & Stratton patent #6,884,784):

Diseases where an association has been discovered between chronic Chlamydia infection of body fluids and/or tissues with several disease syndromes of previously unknown etiology in humans which respond to unique antichlamydial regimens include:

Editorial comment: Strong findings from their research. If you have any of these it suggests to me that at least an empirical course of the combination antibiotic therapy is strongly indicated, with or without serologyi.

Multiple Sclerosis (MSi)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Inflammatory Bowel Diseasei (IBD)
Interstitial Cystitisi (IC)
Fibromyalgiai (FM)
Autonomic nervous dysfunction (AND neural-mediated hypotension);
Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG)
Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Chronic Fatigue Syndromei (CFSi).

Chlamydia pneumoniae... in prostate pathologies.

Chlamydia pneumoniae as an impacting emerging pathogen in prostate pathologies. S. Mazzoli,1 A. Salvi,1 F. Guercini,2 M. Marongiu,1 A. Raugei 3 1 Centro MST, Ospedale S.M. Annunziata, Firenze, Italy 2 Istituto di Urologia, Universita' degli Studi, Perugia, Italy 3 Istituto di Urologia, Universita' degli Studi, Firenze, Italy Chlamydia pneumoniae (C.p.) is one of the newest pathogens of the respiratory tract in humans. Every year almost 10% communicable pneumonitis are caused by this microorganism. The seroprevalence of C.p. in normal populations is high, estimated to be 50% at the age of fifthly, confirming its wide diffusion. Recently, C.p. has been connected with coronary chronic disease and myocardial infarction. Very recently C.p. has been found in patients with interstitial cystitis, a condition related to prostatitis.
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