Urinary tract problems

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Urinary tract problems

Frustrated, Depressed -- Needing to Vent

This week has been one of depression/frustration.... probably due to my impatience and lack of control.  But also because I don't understand what is going on with my body and this bacteria!  Family members keep looking at me at asking "when are you going to get better"... I stopped trying to explain. Having to use a wheelchair this week -- I've experienced the stares from people and small children and now understand what those of you with MSi must endure from society.


I am Hilly and have been suffering from Lyme Disease and other tick related diseasesi for some time.  I also have Morgellons, and feel I probably have chlamydia pneumonia although it has'nt been diagnosed as such.  

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

will eight be enough?

...only time will tell as I get set to embark on my eighth pulse. It was a bit harrowing to get prepared for this pulse as my initial six month prescription for things had run out and I had to get them renewed. Either the pharmacy or the doctor's office messed up and it took a day longer to get them all renewed. I was a little worried there but it was for naught and I was quite relieved to pick up my prescriptions in time to start tomorrow.

Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Chlamydia Pneumoniae

Stratton et al found evidence of Cpni in interstitial cystitisi (IC) in a study which is listed in our research pages. In a recent web excursion I found this researcher's page which describes a number of studies finding quite high rates of Cpn in prostatitis, BHP, and even prostate cancer:


The research looks solid to me. Worth taking a look. 

Urinary tract problems

Many doctors think conditions like interstitial cystitisi and vestibulitis are not infectious because they fail to culture pathogens. Angela Kilmartin in Britain and Dr. Fugazzotto in South Dakota test the urine of patients with interstitial cystitisi< and find infection other labs miss. They frequently find mycoplasm other labs had missed.

Also, the routine 10 day  course of antibioticsi may not work, or the problem may shortly return. That sounds awfully familiar.

We've had a few posts that to me suggest a link between endometriosis and cpni

Diseases associated with Cpn: the exhaustive list

I have culled from Mitchell & Stratton patent #6,884,784 an exhaustive list of diseasesi where Cpni has been implicated as a possible cause or co-factor (reference: Mitchell & Stratton patent #6,884,784):

Diseases where an association has been discovered between chronic Chlamydia infection of body fluids and/or tissues with several disease syndromes of previously unknown etiology in humans which respond to unique antichlamydial regimens include:

Editorial comment: Strong findings from their research. If you have any of these it suggests to me that at least an empirical course of the combination antibiotic therapy is strongly indicated, with or without serologyi.

Multiple Sclerosis (MSi)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Inflammatory Bowel Diseasei (IBD)
Interstitial Cystitisi (IC)
Fibromyalgiai (FM)
Autonomic nervous dysfunction (AND neural-mediated hypotension);
Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG)
Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Chronic Fatigue Syndromei (CFSi).

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