Urinary tract problems

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Urinary tract problems

Questions on candida diet and CPN

I was able to see a specialist for my GI issues and it was recommended to go on the candida diet. The diet is used to starve the yeast by not eating anything related to carbs or sugar. I've been on the diet for a little over a month with very good success. My only concern is this is not a good diet for having CPNi.

Has anyone tried the diet? What are some implications for no carbs while treating CPN?


Supplement reaction?

I decided to try a limited set of the supplementsi: vit E, vit C (+ a couple of oranges, and juice at breakfast), vit D3, ALA, Milk thistle, and melatonin">i. I decided to leave B12 and NACi out for now. The reason I leave NAC out is that I want to supplement the others in order to counter any deficiencies there to increase the chance that any reaction is a NAC-flu from action on Clamydia EBs (is it a good idea or unnecessary, well see below, too).

Hello, I am new here

Hello, I am glad I found this amazing site (thank you, Ken). I just finished reading Kim's blog, and I am amazed and awed. Although I was on the Vanderbilt protocol for 3 years, I never noticed such amazing improvements--that could be because my disease is a bit milder?

My bladder does not function (I have been self-catheterizing 5 to 7 times a day for years), I have numbness and weakness in my hands and legs, balance problems, and, most of all, extreme problems with fatigue--8-9 hours of sleep every night plus two naps a day is about right for me. 

Wow, now that I have put my symptoms down in black and white, my condition doesn't sound so mild! ;)

Here goes....


I'm a newbie.  I was diagnosed with RRMSi last year but have had symptoms for 20 years.  Also have chronic sinusitis and UTIs and GI disturbance.  I have decided I am going to do the treatment for CPni.

I am going to see Dr Wheldon soon with a view to starting abxi.  I started NACi last week and have felt very strange indeed  (mucous, nausea, flares of old MS symptoms, palpitations, fevers, sweats..) which I guess is a 'good thing' as indicating the presence of CPn. 

urinary problems

Hello everybody..I started CAPi almost 4 months ago after having some problems, which everybody here personally know. :-)..I must say before I started I had had problems just few months, except for my knee, which I had problem with for two years. I am 23 so I wanted to avoid getting worse so I decided to try CAP. I must say, it has been about 4 months and I feel much more better, all the problems almost gone, except my urinary problems. This is very strange, cos before I started I had never had classic urinary infection, such as pain, blood in urine,. I had had twice pain in my back, and doctor had found some?infection. He gave me some antibiotic and it was ok.. Now, I feel my urinary bladder almost every day, I go to pee so often and my bladder is so sensitive.

Recovered only with supplements and diet

Hello all,

Since I have a full life now my entry will be brief.

This meesage is addressed to those who have seen no real/obvious improvements from taking antibioticsi for a long time. It is not meant to challenge Dr. Stratton's theory, as my case might not be representative for this community.

And now the entry:

Using antibiotics for months despite getting no immediate and clear relief has been my worst mistake.

As I repeatedly stated on cpnhelp, bacteria might not be the real culprit in my case. While I still can't point at the cause of my disease, it's probably fungal.

Bactrim - affects which CPN LifeCycle?

Can someone please tell me which life cycle of CPN  Bactrim affects? I know it's somewhere here on the site, as I believe I used to have a chart bookmarked that listed what specific ABX affected the different lifecyles of CPN.

 I'm battling with either BV or bladder infection (didn't start until I pulsed) and have enough Bactrim DS to treat; BUT, since I just finished a pulse (that hit me pretty hard) I don't want to do another one, LOL, if it affects the cryptic formi of CPN....  It's becoming increasingly uncomfortable and I should probably go to the doctor; but I really am thinking my pulse is what triggered it.

A new theory?

Hello all,

Before reading my posting please be prepared for something unorthodox for this site. It is all related to my personal experience, which might be very different from yours.

I met today with two good friends of mine, who are doctors in local hospitals. One is infectionist, the other internist (maybe it's not the right term - he's dealing with the internal organs). The latter is really open minded.

They are both very skeptical regarding the duration of the treatment and the die-off reactions.

After discussing my evolution for 2 hours, they came up with an interesting hypothesis.

What if the cause is not chlamydia but a fungus of the microsporidia genus or something similar, maybe even unknown to the medical community yet?

Alternative treatments - please post all you know about them

Hello all,

I would like you all to share your experiences with alternative remedies.

The idea of taking antibioticsi for years with few hopes of getting cured scares me to death.

Need a Word of Encouragement

A word of encouragement?? I haven't checked in for quite a while. Been doing ok, but have been undergoing Vitamin C IV treatments for 4 weeks followed by Rifampin 150mg twice a day for 4 days.  My energy is zapped and the Rifampin feels like poision to my body.

Help me please! RX'd SMZ/TMP DS

My urine culture came back showing S. saprophyticus which will not be stopped with the Cephalixin I was taking. The nurse called to say I need a sulfa med. The doctor RX'd me SMZ/TMP DS 800-160. I had no clue what it was so did a little search and found that it is double strength Bactrim. I read here that it kills Cpni. I am thinking ... UH OH. Is this something I should do? I am suppose to take one PM and one AM until gone for 7 days.

Antibiotics to be available without prescription

This is the news:  In England, possible antibioticsi to be sold over the counter, to treat CHLAMYDIA!

This is the story form http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/aug/06/health<

Oral antibiotics are to be made available for the first time without doctor's prescription under guidelines approved yesterday by the medicines regulator.

A pill to treat chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, will become available for purchase in pharmacies across England later this year.

Continual Blood in Urine (from Kidneys)

I have been monitored for microscopic blood in my urine since early 2000. The doctor I was treating with back home always seemed to believe it was due to celiac/gluten intolerance as we could never find anything conclusive.... hmmm.. cpni???

I am now out of state with a urologist who has been treating me for 4 years.  Every time I have had an appointment there has been blood in my urine.  

 I just came from a visit with her (my urologist).... all has been tested (cystoscopy, kidney x-rays, urine cytology). Today, I pushed her for a "what are we going to do or conclude" about this?  The only confirmation that we have is that:

1) there are no cancerous or squamous cells; (which is great)  and,

Most mild CAP protocol in terms of side effects & die-off?

I started CAPi with Minocycline 100mg x 3 + Rifampin 300/day only to stop it due to huge reaction. My dr was thinking in the lines that's one of the abxi causing side effects, perhaps the Mino. Soon I re-started only with Doxycycline 100 mg x 2/day. At first it was OK but I had abdominal pain, aggravated hypertension">i, hypoglycemia and porphyriasi again and by 10th day it was too severe for me to continue. I mean, I felt like it was life-threatening at the time.

I stopped Doxy a week ago yet still haven't recovered completely. Today I feel that like I was hit very hard on a head but a bit better in general.

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