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Hormone secreted by the pineal gland in reponse to darkness. Regulates circadian rythms, is antioxidant and anti-endotoxin. Used to promote sleep.

FMS symptoms, besides pain meds??

Good afternoon!

I've been having fibromyalgiai symptoms for the past 4 days- neck, left shoulder, back of head, band across my head from 1 temple to the other, down my spinal cord. I haven't dealt with fibro symptoms in several years and I can't remember what I can do to relieve my pain and stiffness.

I've been taking Lortab (Hydrocodone with acetaminophen) and/or Ultracet, aspirin, using a topical analgesic oil rub and a moist heat wrap. I'm also stretching. I've considered the chiropractor and massage therapist just haven't made appointments yet.

Restless Legs??? Need answers quick please!

Restless legs?? Need answers quick please! I was out last night with my friend when all of a sudden I felt like I was going to have a seizure.  I have felt this way on and off since starting the protocol so I know it's part of the cpni (besides having a hx of these sizures which i now know is Cpn related seizures). Had not had feelings of a seizure in a couple of years before CAPi protocol. Anyway, after that I realized that I felt I could not stand up. My legs were so weak and I started having the sensation that ants were crawing inside legs. Haven't had restless leg syndrome since last winter with EBVi. And it got really bad last night.

Best day yet! Quick update...

Best day yet! Quick update on my health... I'm in 2nd week of NACi 600mg, Doxyi 200mg, and Erythromycin 250mg and I actually had a decent day. Had stamina for about 6 full hours of work today and I've been online a while tonight. I was only nauseated once today and was able to knock it out with some good ole' fashion compazine. I've been stuffy for several days and sneezing, but not so bad that I can't deal with it! Much better than the NAC flu!

I'm tiring now, but actually feel like I can say I felt better today than I have since starting CAPi. I'm trying not to set myself up by reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day, come what may, and not to get discouraged if this doesn't last.

my story...

Ok, my name is john. i'm going to try to write this quick and keep it relatively short because my thoughts come and GO pretty fast. i've gotten used to it and it only irritates me in times like this when it's important for me to get the thoughts on the paper fast. I'm here because of a friend and a discussion that we were having about the length of time someone can have these problems and still be moderately functional as a person. JimK's name was brought up because apparently he had this problem for quite some time. i would have written him directly but i thought it would be more appropriate to do this...

One Week Under my Belt

Happily I can report nothing too dramatic.   Friday evening had some very weird jolts of electic shocks in my left hip and then in my left foot.  Glad I had read on here that was a possibility so the weird stuff doesn't freak me out too bad.  Now it's more of an out of body experience of "Hmmm, that was odd" and keep on going.

Need to talk to someone soon

Need to talk to someone soon.  I'm feeling a little desperate at the moment.  Don't know how to IM, willing to learn or willing to just e-mail back and forth. 

Phase 2

<sigh>  What a mix of emotions.  I've just taken my first dose of Doxyi this evening.  I'm excited and scared of the impact all at the same time. 

Today was my 1 month followup to starting Amox 500mg 2x day.  The rash progressively got worse until it took up 1/4 of my leg and patches on both but it wasn't really bothering me except I couldn't wear shorts or skirts...looked very freaky.  When I began itching after taking 2 doses within 6 hrs of each other (I forgot--imagine THAT!) I voted for allergic and last Thursday took my last dose to see what would happen by today.  Sure enough, withing 24 hrs the redness was gone, itching gone and it looks like all areas are healing.

My Four Year Blog

A new signature for a new year!

An Itinerary in Light and Shadow  
Finished Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MSi in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still slowly improving with no exacerbation since starting. EDSSi was 7, now 2, hopefully will soon be less.


I am Hilly and have been suffering from Lyme Disease and other tick related diseasesi for some time.  I also have Morgellons, and feel I probably have chlamydia pneumonia although it has'nt been diagnosed as such.  

update time



June 18, 2007              -           started taking azith 150 MWF & doxyi 200

It is official.....update


Vitaminsi are ramping up, Niacin">i 375 mg, NACi for 3 wks now 2gms, D 1600U, along with all the rest of the Wheldon recommended supplementsi & what I normally take.

They're in the starting gate...&...they're offff....

Well, finally today my additional supplementsi recommended for the protocol have arrived!

I just had a snack, took the NAC & a few others, sorted & wrote on all the bottles & now I am tired & I need a nap!  Oregano Oil makes your lips feel funny!  I will have 3 weeks of NAC under my belt when I see my MD next on June 22.  Then I will have my prescriptions for the switch to the Wheldon Protocol.

Melatonin, again

I have a real problem with sleep, falling & staying asleep & have had for quite some time.  I am trying to quit the tryptophan.  As I mentioned before I was taking a cocktail in 3 doses about 1/2 hr apart Tarazadone 50 mg up to 6, Novo-cycloprine 10 mg up to 3,  Temazepam 30 mg 2, down to 2 gm tryptophan, + up to 60 mg melatonin.  I mix things up when needed as I build up resistance & Lord knows what else bothers me in the middle of the nite, like the weather changing for e.g. 

Presently I only take 3 tarazadone, 3 cyclo, tryptophan & 60 mg melatonin.

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

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