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Asthma or Chronic Bronchitis?

Ok, so what is the difference between asthma and chronic bronchitis? Or is there a real difference?

Michele 'Fighting' Findlay reaches another milestone...

Another milestone has been reached, I've just finsihed my 30th pulse, and I have a few observations which I think are worth recording and communicating.

From the beginning I have been taking 200mg Doxycycline daily and 250mg Azithromycin MWF continuously and done a 5 day flagyli pulse every three weeks, so I would take 1200mg flagyl on MTWTF of one week and take the following week-end and the next two complete weeks off.

In that time the alopecia">i recovered to so such an extent that I need to go to the hairdresser once more. The hair still goes through phases of falling out, but the balance is on regrowth.

Why does it seem taboo?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but why does it seem taboo to list doctor's names in forums? It's not just this site but it seems to be true for other sites I've visited looking for doctors. I do a search to see if anyone else has found a doc in my area they are happy with and the responses are always "I'll PM you" or "I emailed you" with the name. No one actually replies in public. Seems it would save a lot of searchers (and responders) a lot of effort to compile a list in a sticky post somewhere instead of having to reply privately over and over to the same question. But it all seems so "hush-hush" I'm sure there's a good reason?

Calcium channel blockers again.

You probably have noticed that when I get on a hobby horse I'll ride it until it's a different color. Or something.

Anyway, here's this article about asthma< (which we know is associated with CPni) causing an overabundance of mitochondria, due to excess calcium in the cell? Overabundance of mitochondria struck me as odd; so did the paucity of them in COPD.

 XS mitochondria would seem to be an advantage for CPn, since they parasitize the mitochondria directly. It's an odd finding, to my mind.



"ACE Chlamydia levels" -- anyone heard of it?

My niece took a fistful of papers to her doctor because she has rosacea">i, chronic bronchitis/asthmai, chronic sinusitis, and what looks to me like GFAi. I highlighted the appropriate passages.


It is official.....update


Vitaminsi are ramping up, Niacin">i 375 mg, NACi for 3 wks now 2gms, D 1600U, along with all the rest of the Wheldon recommended supplementsi & what I normally take.


Hi all, first appologize for my English, I am writing this mail from small country in Europe (The Czech Republic) and must admit am reading these sites for a while now. I must say I am so glad to see a way to cure which works and am even more amazed it is on internet. Unfortunatly my doctors do not share such exitement with me but I am sure after some time they will understand (once they are willing to open eyes and mind).

ruthless1, Canada

Multiple Symptoms, here is my diatribe!!  I was new to the site April 06 & I have Fibromyalgia-FMSi, Chronic Fatigue Immunei Deficiency-CFIDSi/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis">i- ME, Chronic Lyme Diseasewith the usual cornucopia of underlying symptoms, crashes, flu like symptoms, migraines including CPNi, Babesia & recently hereditary genetic Hemochromatosis. 

Diagnosing CPn for Asthma

Hey all,

I've found this site through and I want to ask some questions about CPni. I am asking here since looks to be dead as far as activity on the forums goes.

Anyway, around 4-6 months old, I contracted pneuomonia. About a year or two later I was diagnosed with asthma. I've been dealing with it ever since. I am now 21. Currently, I am on Advair 500 (max dose) for controlling my asthma. I also have sinusitis. Usually every year or so I usually get some kind of upper respiratory infection too.

#13 unlucky for some...

So here I stand at the threshold of one year on the site, having completed 13 purgatory pulses and still bitching about the fact that my most painful ailments are still with me. But what have I got to bitch about, after all I now have a pratically full head of hair, my sinuses are much less painful, I can breath better and I at times enjoy a couple of tummy pain free days in a row. Added to that I constantly remind myself that I have been suffering from a Cpni infection since my early childhood, and it has persisted all my life, so its not going to go away in 9 months...

3 months, 3 weeks & 2 days... pulse 2 due soon...


Finally had a minute to put finger to keyboard after Christmas!

Initial thoughts about the first metronidazolei pulse: It didn't really cause me too much grief at all. I've come to the conclusion that the bitter taste was an absence of any kind of bacteria in my mouth, which I quite clearly wasn't used to (that and the actual taste of the pills themselves). I certainly became very sensitive to any  smell, during, and after that week. It would have taken a very brave one-celled critter indeed to get past three different abxi AND NACi...

I felt interesting after the first couple of nights. My vision improved slightly, the remnants of the so-called retinopathy have been slightly less bothersome ever since. I felt very sharp during the pulse, head-wise, and that has persisted. Quite looking forward to number two, actually. I didn't suffer nearly as much as I thought I might as Christmas, either. The numbness in my left hand appears to be progressing intermittently, afftected by all the usual variables (heat, etc), although it's eased again somewhat.

Findlay Family fights on

Yes, that's us, Ella, Hamish and I, fighters, scrapper, survivors; however heavy our concrete boots, so far we have always made it back to the surface.

Stricktly speaking of course Hamish should not feature in this blog as he is not likely to ever follow a CAPi for his treatment, but I thought you would like to know that he is slowly making progress after his stem cell transplant.   Someone suggested that Cpni might be implicated in CLL (chronic lymphocistic leukemia), but my husband is much too conservative to try anything as controversial as the CAP, instead he has received a treatment which cost the NHS (National Health Service) $235,000.   At present he is still in hospital, in isolation and getting very impatient to get out.   He is likely to be there for at least another fortnight (two weeks).

PFT results

So I had to go to the pulmonologist today, because the college health service has been pushing me to get a local doctor.  No point telling them that the whole idea is useless because I'll probably never see the guy again and he won't agree with the CAPi anyway.  But I had to go, so I did......  When I got there, the nurse did a pulmonary function test.  I was so scared when she said he was going to, because I've been feeling better, but I was afraid the numbers would prove that nothing had changed and it was all in my head somehow.  After she printed the test results, I really didn't want to look at them, but then I decided to.  And......they were MUCH better than the ones I got a year ago.  Actually, they were even better than test I did in January 2004,

Sarah's Thanksgiving Blog

This is my Thanksgiving day blog.  Today it is three years, three months, three weeks and three days since I first started doxycycline and it is also my birthday.  It is due to the team researching CPni at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre that I reached this birthday, so I give them my heartfelt thanks, especially Chuck Strattoni and Ram Sriram, who willingly offered us so much help in the early days. There is much about those very early days that I don't remember clearly so it was lucky I had David to make sure that I took the antibioticsi in the morning and then again in the evening when he got home from work. Of course, by no means all of you will be as bad as I was when I first started, but a supporting partner or friend is invaluable nonetheless. 
I have been extraordinarily busy over the last few months and have made many strides in many different directions.  The summer here, until August, was extraordinarily hot so I haven't made that many strides as far as walking distance goes, but one thing that both David and I have noticed is the way I walk.  My stride used to be long and smooth.  Wearing the right shoes I could creep up on people and take them unawares but of recent years I have tended to shake the house to its foundations just walking across my studio, just one floor up.  Now though, for short periods I have regained my old walk.  I think this is as important as the distance walked because he more awkward the walk the more tired you are at the end of it.  I know that at the start of the summer I managed to walk nearly four miles, but that should only have taken not much more than an hour.  Luckily I wasn't wearing a watch and I left my phone at home, but it must have taken nearly four times that and the next day I felt so stiff.  The more I can walk the way I use to, the less I will jar all my completely unarthritic joints.  I need to work up a bit more speed as well, so that my family are again begging me to slow down because they can't keep up with me.

Walking aside, my painting also continues to improve as I get even more used to my new medium.  I do still wish that acrylics didn't dry so quickly though.  Apart from my "Isola dei Pioppi"< I had one more painting left unfinished before I began the Queen Mary 2 paintings and then ended up not able to do anything.  I have called it "Temple Window."  It is based on a high window in the Protestant Temple in Nîmes, which I saw from  hotel room several years ago.  You could see right through to the other side of the building and I remember imagining what all the mysterious shapes in between were.  I must say I took some liberties with the colour of the frame, because in real life, all the paint has been weathered off.  However, windows are a building's eyes and my eyes are blue:

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