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8 Year Old with Asthma, another update...

Nathaniel's new CPni titre came in today.  In December 2010, when he commenced zithromycin, his titre was 1:256.  Today (April 2011) it was 1:128.


He is doing very well.  He sleeps well now - since the end of January, for the first time in years, he has not needed his ventolin inhaler during the night.  In the last month he has commenced allergy desensitizing and I've noticed that in the past 2 weeks he has been needing his ventolin a bit more.  I'm not concerned, I think this is an immunological reaction to the desensitizing.

 He is tolerating the full CAPi extremely well and aside from the intial, awful reaction he had in January, has really not been bothered by anything.


brown mucus in the morning

I`ve had to stop cpni on december after being 3 months on it for my asthma.I had some kidneys problems but I got better now and back on the protocol. I used NACi when i stopped.

The problem since I stopped is I wake up in the morning coughing very thick glue-like green mucus everyday. After Icough 3 table spoons of it, my lung is clear and I can breathe again. After I sleep, it comes back in the morning . I`ve been like this for a month. I started cpn protocol back today. What am  I experiencing?

Treatment using Antibiotics for kids

Hello, my name is Byron and I am new to the site. I personally don't have asthma but my 12yr old son does. I am a single dad and I am just looking for help or a push in the right direction in terms of finding a doctor who will use antibiotic treatments. Does anyone have a child who has had success with this type of treatment ? Does Dr. Hahn see kids or just adults ? I live in Indianapolis and I'm willing to travel if I could find a doctor who will explopre this therapy on kids. Any help would be appreciated.




Find of Doctor in Europe

I am looking for a doctor in Europe

Doctors in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ?

Hi all,

I've only recently discovered this information about CPNi.

 I have asthma, it's not particularly severe, but it effects my life and has been getting worse instead of better, despite ever increasing medication dosages.

I went to a doctor about the connections between asthma and CPN and he seemed open to looking into it. I directed him to this site so he could do some reading and went back to him a week later. He didn't seem particularly convinced but agreed to prescribe me some Azithromycin and Doxycycline. The dosages didn't follow any of the recommended treatments but I thought if I tried it out and had a reaction then I could go back.

Occupational Asthma/Adult Onset Asthma/COPD

I am a 59 year old man that worked 30 years in the Automotive Industry in Southern Ontario. I worked many jobs over the years; production line assembly, metal stamping, Millwright/Machine repair and Machinist for over the last 6 years of factory work. I developed Asthma in 2000. I am a smoker. Prior to the Asthma I carried my golf clubs for 18 holes without a problem.

The night the first attack hit me, I awoke gasping for air, every breath I released left me more frightened and short of breath. I could not re-capture fresh air, I thought I was dying. I arose from bed, leaning against thewall for support made my way to the kitchen and stood leaning against the counter unable to move. frustrating

I've told many people with asthma about my experience getting rid of asthma and how they could possibly get rid of theirs too. I'm continually amazed by their lack of interest. I explain to them this is not some silly breathing exercise or magical herbal supplement I'm talking about. I explain that there is real medical research to showing a relation to certain bacterial infectionsi and asthma and that treatment with abxi works. They always respond with something like "well my asthma's from allergies" or "my asthma's from smoking pot as a teen" or some other silly reason they feel destined to live with it forever. After that they just tune me out like I'm some sort of annoying vaccuum cleaner saleman at their door.

About Me

I have been suffering with asthma for about 20 years.  I then developed chronic sinus infectionsi and bronchitis.  About 5 years ago, I had sinus surgery to remove nasal polyps.  About this time, I also started allergy shots.  Due to insurance premiums, I stopped taking allergy shots.  For the first time in years after surgery, I could breathe out of both nostrils.  The allergy shots did help to some degree as well. The bronchitis and sinus infections reduced dramatically, but slowly came back.  I use the netti pot and must say that it is very helpful (at times).  I use a symbicort inhaler from time to time and  notice my asthma kicks in when it is cold or when I exercise.  I have never had asthma so bad where I needed a rescue inhaler, but nonetheless, I am tired of my conditio

Asthma- Steroid Inhaler- Do They "Feed" Cpn

I saw a blog a while back and wanted to ask does steroid inhalers "feed" Cpni.  I read a little bit of the Cpn Handbook and it said something about steroids possibly suppressing the immunei system but I was wondering if more research is out there about this and if steroids actually are conducive for Cpn growth?


Asthma- Flagyl Pulse- Longer Than Five Days?

I've been on the Weldon protocol for 13 months now and usually pulse Flagyli for five days.  Is there anyone out there that has experience with or knows about pulsing longer for better effect?

Beginning Dr Hahn' Protocol

Tomorrow I will be starting the 12 wk protocol. I was lucky enough to get my General Physician to give us the go ahead. I had previously experienced vertigo from an inner ear infection after a bout of bronchitis. The PA prescribed azithromycin and after taking the 5 day Z Pak I was amazed to notice that my adult onset asthma had taken a serious hit! Sooo I googled az & asthma and found your site. I quickly searched for some clinical support, made copies and got in to the doctor. Their normal protocol for asthma was steroidal and Singular etc. I wasn't a big fan of prednisone and took adverse reaction to Singular. But by the very evidence of my asthma sympton reduction we came to the understanding to give this a try. I will follow up this post with a running account of how things go.
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