Taking a break

Hi there,

After suffering from gastro distress for many months, which has severely impacted my quality of life, I and my doctor have agreed that it is time for me to take a break from antibioticsi.  We will decide if I return to the protocol when my gut heals.  In the meatime I will keep taking NACi and I am doing my best to adopt Terry Wahls' ketogenic diet.

I will still be cheering for everyone on the protocol!  May you have more success and less discomfort than I experienced.

Best wishes to everyone!


Do what you need to do to be

Do what you need to do to be as well as possible... all the best!

Started NACi Sept'14... 100mg Doxyi Dec'14...  Roxi 13Dec '14 Supplementsi...

All the very best

I am thinking along the same lines HG, Summer  will be here soon so I might wait until it gets cold again.  My gut would appreciate a rest, I am sure.  I cannot say I have had any lasting improvements, only momentary glimpses.  The old theme, SHOULD I STAY, OR SHOULD I GO NOW.  

Either way, I will be looking on.  Wishing you all the best.