Study Identifies Blood Coagulation Protein Fibrinogen as Cause of Brain Autoimmunity


This is an interesting article:<

It could well be that MSi - is a number of different disorders and could have different causes.  One thing that happened to Rick is that he had a fairly serious concussion prior to any MS symptoms.  My recollection could be wrong.  I have wondered if the concussion could have been an instigating factor, and this article raises that question again - could that concussion have either broken his Blood Brain Barrier - or otherwise caused bleeding in his brain, and thus the auto-immunei reaction?  Is it possible that not only could it do that - but could it have made his CNSi vulnerable to infection?

I'm curious about this.  Rick seems to have stabilized with the CAPi protocol - with no new lesions on his latest MRI.  We are awaiting his next MRI - and monitoring his progress.  He is recently a bit stronger in helping transfer, after being considerably weaker over the summer.  That could be the CAP protocol, his Tysabri treatment, or his Paleo Diet.  I could simply be that summer is now passing us and it's a bit cooler in Northern California on average for the last month or so.

In the meantime - he is on his 2nd Flagyli pulse - and it is totally miserable for him, with stomach pain and upset - though he also reports what I interpret to be "general malaise."  He is soldiering through - I surely wish he did not have to have taken on this battle, but am also grateful that he has the opportunity to take on the battle, both.  I would gladly take his MS from him - if I could.

Best & Highest Regards,

Tom  C

Yes interesting, i already new about it from another source.

previous msi i had a big fall on ice and damaged the end of my spine (coxis). I always though about the consecuences of bruising my spine....



RRMSi since 2010. Asthmai sufferer during  2008-2012 - Free of asthma since started  Wheldon protocol- october 2012 doxyi 200mg, Azytrom 3x week, NACi 1200g day and vitaminsi-  January 2013 started Flagyli pulses. i s


I guess I wouldn't be surprised if that knock on your tail-bone had something to do with your MSi.  Thank you for writing.

My best wishes for as full and complete a recovery as possible - for you and all of the folks here.

Best & Highest Regards,

Tom C

Proud Parent of Rick - R started CAPi in Nov. 13. Small measurable improvements as of 7/14, more by 10/14.  Holding Steady in early 2017.  "I will leave no stone unturned, no theory unexamined, to help my son." Tommi

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