Stratton Patents and ME Research UK

I've been in email contact with Dr Neil Abbot of ME Research UK (UK charity run ME research body< )

I was wanting to send him the Stratton patents.  Of the 3 on this page :-<_

which would be the best one to send him?

FYI the main research that they do, is looking for the genetic markers of people with M.E/CFSi<

They have also done some research into irregularities of cell apoptosisi in people with CFS.  I told him that cpn prevents cell apoptosis.



Mark, you are a troooper!

I don't have the mental capacity at this time to advise you what is better.  There are more "scientific" minded who will I am sure!

Thanks for your effort, you're the best.

CFIDSi/ME 25yrs, FMSi, IBSi, EBVi, Cpni, (insomnia - melatonin">i, GABA, tarazadone, triazolam, novocycloprine, allergy formula, 3 gm tryptophan), Natural HRT peri-M, NACi 2.5 gm, 6-07 Doxy 200 mg day pm, Azith 375 mg M/W/Fday, 8th Pulse 2 X 375 mg 3day,375 2 d

CFIDSi/ME, FMSi, MCS, IBSi, EBVi, CMV, Cpni, H1, chronic insomnia, Chronic Lyme, HME, Babesia, Natural HRT-menopause, NAC 2.4 gm,Full CAP 6-2-07, all supplementsi+Iodorol, Inositol-depression, ultra Chitosan, L lysine Pulse#27 04-19-10 1gm Flagyli/day-5 days<

 Mark- I'm going to post you a pdf of one of the patents on a forum post. If it's too big a file to attach, I'll try and put it in as a link.

CAPi for Cpni 11/04. Dxi: 25yrs CFSi & FMSi. Protocol: 200mg Doxyi, 500mg MWF Azith, Tinii 1000mg/day pulses; Vit D1000 units, Iodoral 50mg, T4 & T3


CAPi for Cpni 11/04. Dxi: 25+yrs CFSi & FMSi. Currently: 250 aithromycin mwf, doxycycline 100mg BIDi, restarted Tinii pulses; Vit D2000 units, T4 & T3, 6mg Iodoral

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