A story about some breakthrough for MS, but seems risky.....for 5 % of people

Canada has one of the highest rates of MSi in the world — affecting about 55,000 to 75,000 people. Wondering what is tha causal factor here - D3?



Okay, the article isn't about

Okay, the article isn't about D3 or the inordinate number of Canadians with MSi.  It's about bone marrow replacement therapy.

We've talked about this a lot here.  It's a case of which really affects the MS - the destruction of the immunei system, or the incredible amounts of antibioticsi used, or the cell/marrow replacement.

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Ok - I was just putting it

Ok - I was just putting it out there, but it seems moot point now that you write...in the article it seemed to say or maybe that was just a header - MS and Canadians....