Sometimes We Get it Wrong

And someone pays.   During an eventful weekend, things happened.  Our wonderful Sorcerer kids were in the new baby kid pen and the dogs said something was going on.  To my shock and surprise, there was a young coyote across the fence from them - in the barn!   She was terrified, and I stayed with her, Richard brought a crate, milk, and food.  I talked to her and petted her, got her into the crate, and we took her to the animal shelter.  No kids got eaten for lunch, but we learned that she was euthanized.

We did some moving around and the little kids are now in the official kid pen, with an extra layer of space and fence around, and will be joined by the ones who were born a few hours later.

Snarfi was born six years  ago in the place where the coyote was, and was in early labor. 
We had given lutylase to induce her a few days early because she "didn't look right", and was in trouble.  At the end of a long, sleepless night, Richard finally went in and dragged the kids out, the first trapped with the head back, a very bad logjam.  She died soon, but was followed by two live bucks.  But Snarfi died from the long, long labor.  I am the one who had said "Give her a little longer."

Last spring she finished her championship, and her daughter Snaffu went Reserve Grand Champion.  I told the judge excitedly that they were mother and daughter and she said "How cool is that?"  Some are very, very special and I sit here in tears missing my friend.  I have many reasons to go to the barn. but she was at the front of the line.



Rica, I am so sorry to hear

Rica, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Our animals are like family to us.You did what you could in a difficult situation. Please be kind to yourself. Raven

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Oh Rica, how terrible! I am

Oh Rica, how terrible! I am so so sorry that you and Richard have lost your friend and child.


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In tears here, too. I am so

In tears here, too. I am so sorry, Rica.

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Rica,  This is very sad

Rica,  This is very sad news. Your kids were very special to you and loosing one is very difficult. It sounds like you and Richard did all you could do.

Sorry my friend.

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Oh Rica, I'm very sorry, you

Oh Rica, I'm very sorry, you must be really torn up about it.  I know you cared for these goats like they were more then just prize winning animal; they were loved ones.  I'm sorry that this happened but you know it probably would have happened anyway, even if Richard had done something earlier.  I'm so sorry!

best, John

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Rica, I just reread your

Rica, I just reread your post (and my previous comment, which I deleted) and feel like a jerk.  For some reason I didn't realize this just happened...... I am so sorry  you lost Snarfi. (please don't blame yourself).   

[I don't know if I mentioned if before, but there is a small farm on the way to my doctor's office and they have goats and kids.... whenever we go by I think of you (really).]




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Oh Rica, that is so sad: 

Oh Rica, that is so sad:  have a picture on my computer of you and Snarfi together.  She was such a beautiful animal.................Sarah

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