shortness of breath/cough/low grade fevers post stem cells/flu

Hi all,

Just thought I would introduce myself, as I am new here.

My name is Deb from Geelong (Australia), 51 years old. I wanted to join this great forum because I suspect I am suffering with a cpni infection.

I received adipose derived stem cells in May of this year for severe unexplained joint pain and referred headaches, whilst I had a very sore throat, fever, malaise etc, along with an iron transfusion.

I did have some asthmai like symptoms pre the stems, but not bad enough to seek medical attention. (have a history of childhood asthma)

2 days after the stems, i developed my first episode of rapid af, which reverted with iv magnesium.

2 days after this, i then became aware of chest tightness, a feeling that i cant completely exhale, low grade fevers etc. I thought initially it may be anxiety, but this has competely debilitated me on a daily basis now.

Multiple dr visits, only to be told that my chest is clear, my sats are normal etc. Kept getting sent home. Eventually, I talked a specialist into admitting me to hospital. He treated me for asthma/reactive airways for 5 days with steroids etc. Made no difference whatsoever. At its worst, I feel like I am suffocating, which is the most distressing symptom.

I was started on keflex, when i mentioned in hospital that i had low grade fevers. The fevers settled, but the respiratory symptoms did not back off.

So far, I have ruled out the following:

. normal stress echo

. holter monitor showed atrial ectopics

. normal chest xray and high resolution ct

. normal bronch. cytology and micro pending

. inflammatory markers normal (esr was mildly elevated just before the stems)

. chronic iron deficiency anaemia. cause unknown?

. no cpn or mpn detected in serologyi<

. normal antibody testing

. npa showed rhinovirus and parainfluenza

. normal lung function tests x 2 with no bronchodilator response

I stumbled across The site mentioned this web site. 

I am hoping this is infection for which there is a treatment for.

What I have noticed:

. higher resting heart rate

. palpitations when sob on exertion

. ongoing low grade fevers

. exhaustion

My specialist isnt convinced this is asthma, because of the normal lung function and lack of bronchodilator response to ventolin.

I am hoping to connect with others who can relate to what i am going through, as i feel very isolated and alone in all of this.

I have found a lab in Australia (australian biologics) who offer a CILA test which apparently is more sensitive for the detection of cpn. I have tried taking NACi but unsure if it makes me feel worse because I already have cold symptoms that are ongoing anyway.

My plan is to wait till i get the blood test done as above, and then look at starting doxyi and guage how my tinnitus">i goes with this.

looking forward to getting to know you all.



Do you have nausea also? I had your symptoms with pneumonia/strep....perhaps check that?

no nausea

check what sorry?

I had same symptoms and it is strep. I was just saying you could check for that.


how were you diagnosed with strep?

Live blood cell

Do you mean live blood analysis?

Would you mind expanding on this?


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