set of 3 antibiotics - 2 series treatment

Hello everyone, I'm from Poland and my uncle (who can't speak English) is in the IGGi phase of chlamydia and he's after the first series of antibioticsi. For six weeks he had been taking metronidazol +Doxycyclinum + azithromicinum. Now he's supposed to wait two to three weeks (break) and then start the second series of these antibiotics. Has anyone ever done it? And if yes, was it helping? Any positive effects? My uncle is wondering if he should take the second series of this antibiotics or should he stop this treatment.

Thanks for any help.

Greetings from Poland.

Waylanderus, This site is all about teaching people how to use the protocol you are asking about.  Please read the 'Getting Started' page.  We do have some Polish speakers, so if it becomes too difficult, maybe they can help you.

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