Seeking Doctor Recommendation in Philadelphia area

I am new to this forum and to Cpni.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a physician in and around the Philadelphia area (NY, NJ, too!)?

 Thanks, in advance, for your kind help.


Any suggestions, everyone?

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Thanks for trying MacKintosh!  Still crossing my fingers for a suggestion and keeping my eye on my inbox :)


I would contact the local lyme support group in your area. Also ask on lymenet. I just watched a copy of the last lyme conference and several references where made on cpni. So they are open and aware of cpn. They are the only ones that have knowledge in treating with long term abxi and can handle problems that arise.

200mg doxyi daily, 500 zithromax mwf,flagyli 1000 m-fri.rifampin 2x daily,chloestryramine 2x daily

Great idea, Lee!  Thank you!  Didn't even consider helpful.  

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