Sometimes to treat

Sometimes to treat interstitial cystitisi, DMSO is injected into the bladder. I think this breaks up the biofilm. Maybe biofilm kept Plaquenil and Artemisin from working. Two years of artemisin not working really is depressing.

minocycline, azithromycine, metronidazolei 2007-2009, chelation for lead poisoning, muscle pain, insomnia, interstitial cystitisi (almost well), sinus, dry eyes, stiff neck, veins, hypothyroid, TMJ, hip joints (no longer hurt)

They say - as far as they

They say - as far as they know now, remember it is still in testing - the protozoan has the DNA of malaria and toxoplasmosis. This is what I heard from others, not official.

So Artemisia and Zhang's HH might have some influence on the bug, also rife frequencies for both.

Also why they give you biaxin plus plaquenil.

But this is just the protozoan, one inhabitant in the biofilm house. Others are possibly cpni and virusus.

I have no medical knowledge, so be careful this all just what I have heard from others. 

Artemisin is an interesting

Artemisin is an interesting idea.  My F/F doctor said it is the World Health Organization choice for malaria - which is also a protozoa, of course.  Depressing that it didn't help Kayla.

Artemisin over more than two

Artemisin over more than two years in extreme high dosage did not anything to the protozoan. But it also was not so bad for the liver enzymes. It is said it is good against cancer.   

I have read about taking

I have read about taking artemisinin (wormwood) short term. Using it longer than one month, liver enzymes should be tested. It is supposed to be active against protozoa and cancer.

minocycline, azithromycine, metronidazolei 2007-2009, chelation for lead poisoning, muscle pain, insomnia, interstitial cystitisi (almost well), sinus, dry eyes, stiff neck, veins, hypothyroid, TMJ, hip joints (no longer hurt)

Never heard of Ruth. The

Never heard of Ruth. The tiny black dot should have a text underneath. What does it say?

Is IC now from the Fry bug or from the chlamydia?


 There will be new info


There will be new info from Fry labs soon. So we are all just waiting. Now they offer the new PCRi test for this Fl 1953

to the public for $ 499. I can post the test number if someone is interested.

They say it is treated with minoi and plaquenil or biaxin and plaquenil but there is no cure so far. When you get off the meds it is back.

But he is working on finding something.

I took iodine this week and got pretty sick, interesting. I now just start nebulizing with iodine, let you know later how it feels.


Can you explain: It shows up on xrays as a black dot. Like your organs have dots? My skin has tiny microscopic black dots, did he xray the protozoan or the people with the protozoan? I had IC. 




Kayla, thank you that is

Kayla, thank you that is very interesting.  Please do post new developments. I could actually scan the picture of the Frye bug and post it if anyone is interested.  It is just a tiny black dot on the blood cell.  Ruth Kritz, who treats a lot of IC patients around the country (I'm guessing you know Ruth if you know about Frye) is giving people plaquenil now since Frye found the protozoa in bladder tissue of some IC gals.  Depressing that it doesn't go completely away. Wonder if the Biaxin I'm taking is killing off some of the protozoa.


Plaquenil is in the same

Plaquenil is in the same family as levaquin. My response to plaquenil was... I did herx and I did very well for 2 months but it seemed to stop working and I back slid horribly. It fits with why levaquin is not used to treat cpni. I think Dr. S said it works very well but cpn quickly developed resistance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plaquenil is in the quinolone family.< Levaquin is a quinolone family drug.<

200mg doxyi daily, 500 zithromax mwf,flagyli 1000 m-fri.rifampin 2x daily,chloestryramine 2x daily

As far as diet and

As far as diet and supplementsi, I would treat protozoa much like fungal infectionsi.  Lots of iodine (taking care first to eliminate wheat and other sources of anti-thyroid autoantibodies), selenium, vitamin C, NACi, glutathione, vitamin Di, melatonin">i, magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium.  No fructose, but a moderate amount of starch (~500 calories per day) - white rice is a good source.

Blogger at<. 17-year chronic illness cured with diet and antibioticsi, nearly fully recovered.

A previous lyme literate

A previous lyme literate doctor whom I formerly saw at one point prescribed plaquenil as well as a few other antis ,all to be taken in combination.

The plaquenil was cut within  1 month.

I presume his beliefs regarding plaquenil as being somewhat efficacious ,were cut.

diagnosed MSi Jan.2000 ,  chronic neurological lyme disease Nov.2002.

doxyi 100 mg. 1BID. roxyi.150 mg.? BIDi,adding rifampin soon, pulsed tinii. every 3 weeks, as of oct.17/08, rifampin,naltrexone (LDNi),NACi, nystatin, major wheldon supplemrnts daily,

I had never heard

 I had never heard of the "Frye Bug" until a new member here mentioned it (I believe it is K23la).  I couldn't even find anything when I googled!.

I know others here have taken Plaquenil, but I do not believe it was for the  protozoa.


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