Prostatitis (again!) - how to fix?

Hi all!

I have prostatitis & need to keep an eye on it. I am relatively young at 44 to have these issues. i have seen that CPNi increases the incidence of both prostatitis & prostatei cancer. 

I have been on the CAPi for 3 years & it is during this time that the prostatitis has become worse. 

Does anyone have any success stories here? (if you are female feel free to chip in! I will happily take any advice :-))

Thanks in advance!


I have been suffering from a combination of prostatis and ic for 2 years. Only using herbs and some supplementsi now. They are useful to some extent so far , not a great accomplishment. Trying to live with this thing.

So I am interested on the topic too. CAPs, adjuncts, herbs whatever it works.

What are your symptoms?

My symptoms are elevated PSA, enlarged prostatei, i need to get up during the night to go to the toilet. 

For enlarged prostatei I heard saw palmetto is useful. I do not know anything about elevated psa. A  suggestion for night time urination. Try a small amount of vistaril before sleep. It is used for frequent urination in IC.

I hope you find something useful for you.

Take care.

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