Private message page messed up

Does anyone know what is wrong?  When I try to type a private message to someone, the area to type in is squeezed so much that there is only a half a line showing.  I can type what I need to type but I can't read it.  Don't know if the person that receives it can read it either.  Also, everything I type is centered now.  Help!  Lynn


Thanks guys!

Thanks guys!

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I've added instructions for

I've added instructions for doing this on the welcome message for the time being.   I will remove it when I know that it has been fixed.

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Sorry, this is going to get

Sorry, this is going to get fixed, along with some security updates, when the developer gets time free. It's on the list.

In the mean time, follow TImaca's directions and drag the lower left corner of the editing box to make the window bigger.


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Lynnp~   Go to the bottom

Lynnp~   Go to the bottom right corner of what you are trying to type in.  There are some diagonal lines (3 small ones).  Put the pointer on there until a double arrow appears.  Then click and drag the box down to make it larger.   I think that will help you.   I had the same problems on this site, and that is what someone shared with me.  Wink

Best, Timaca

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