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I was the moderator at, until the forum was abruptly shut down by the site owner. I now have a blog at but wanted to share my own success in treating the chlamydia pneumoniae that was causing constant sinus infectionsi and asthma.

I had asthma for 33 years and was sick four to six times a year, requiring antibioticsi and prednisone. My illnesses included bronchitis, pneumonia and sinus infections. In desperation I began doing research and discovered that Dr. David L Hahn began researching the link between asthma and chlamydia pneumoniae about fifteen years before I discovered him. I then began doing research and found other studies came to the same conclusion about bacteria sometimes being the cause of asthma and other diseasesi. was one such site. Taking my medical records with me, I went to see Dr. Hahn who decided to treat me using his protocol, with the hope that my asthma might be improved. His protocol is 3 days of Azithromycin at 500 mgs, followed by weekly doses of 750mgs for a total of twelve weeks. Patients using this protocol can see improvement up to a year after following it. Well, here it is more than four years later and I've been asthma and asthma-med free all this time. Once we eradicated the cpni, the asthma was totally resolved, as were the sinus infections. Even my allergies improved a lot. We've since seen my son's exercise induced asthma cured, as well as the asthma of people all over the world.

While blood tests are not conclusive, Dr. Hahn did test my titers using both serologyi testing and dna testing (polymerase chain testing). The dna tests came back negative, the serologyi tests indicated that the titers for both mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumoniae were out of the normal range. It is the opinion of Garth Nicholson ( that when the bacteria has been eradicated from the body, the titers go back into the normal range. In my case, the titers for chlamydia pneumoniae went back to normal but the titers for mycoplasma did not. Obviously, in my case, the sinus infections and asthma were caused by the cpn, not the mycoplasma. Still, I'd like to get that eradicated, as well, because playing host to any bacteria can lead to disease.

I'm posting this with the thought that it will help others, not only by giving them a possible solution to their health problems, but also by giving them hope in the mean time.

We are full of speculators and their thoughts here. Being just a person with no pretensions of medical knowledge, I can't help wondering if this CPni infection was caught at the period when it had not yet begun its practice of hiding - if the timing and the drug used conspired, catching it at just the right moment. In any case, you were obviously more fortunate than most of us who require very big guns to knock out our entrenched enemy. Welcome.


Rica PPMSi EDSSi 6.7 at beginning - now 2. Began CAPi Sept, 2004 with Rifampin 150 mg 2xd, Doxyi 100 mg 2xd, added regular pulses Jan 2005. Jan 2006 switched to Doxy, Azith, cont. flagyli total 44 pulses NC USA

3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abxi protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxyi 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyli 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMSi EDSSi 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.

Well, I think in my case it did a great job of hiding for 33 years.  My asthmai began when I was a teen, right after having pneumonia.  After four more bouts of pneumonia, yearly bronchitis and sinus infectionsi, and massive amounts of daily meds for asthma and allergies, I think it hid itself well for a long time.  I do believe, however, that asthma caused by bacteria is much easier to deal with than other auto-immunei diseasesi requiring the big guns for long long periods of time.   We don't know why the bacteria attacks one part of the body in one person versus another part of the body on another, but I believe that what it attacks means either a quick fix, as in my case, or a much longer one, as in the cases of so many of you here. 


I'd also like to add that in some cases where Dr. Hahn's protocol did NOT work, they tried the protocol of Dr. Fred Waghshul (in Ohio) and it did work.  His is a combination of antibioticsi and can take anywhere from nine months to more than a year of antibiotics taken in doses that are either daily or several times a week.   I'd say I was lucky that my cpni settled where it did, but the quality of my life was miserable for 33 years, so it's hard for me to be all cheery about it.

Hi Maureen and welcome to the site.  Out of curiosity, I did a quick google search for Dr. Fred Waghshul (in Ohio).  We don't normally mention the names of doctors who have not made themselves public, but, as the site administrator of did exactly that, I'll post the only thing I could find on him other than a listing/rating source.  This is the plug:


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I spoke with Dr. Wagshul on the phone and he told me he's treated between 10,000 to 15,000 with long term antibioticsi and has had a 90% success rate.  He also highly recommended Dr. Garth Nicolson


This doctor sounds like he might be one of ours.  Do you happen to know any details of his protocol?

I find your post very interesting from the the viewpoint of my own health problems.  My chronic respiratory infectionsi started with chronic tonsilitis as a child.  For some mysterious reason, my tonsils weren't removed until age 14.  Then the repetitive sinus infections started and stayed.  The bronchitis incidence over time progressed from rarely to about every 2 years.  The tracheitis was horrible, because it makes you cough until you throw up...that happened only once, but it left me with a chronic dry cough.   The walking pneumonia has happened at least twice in the past 9 years.  I can't say I've ever had an asthma attack, but I've experienced countless instances of coughing/strangling, unable to speak or catch my breath, red in the face, eye-squirting fits.  Is that an asthma attack of some sort or a pre-asthma symptom? 

Anyway, the reason I've related all that is to establish my history of chronic respiratory infections.  Several months before starting the CAPi, I had occasion to take doxycycline for a different reason.  My respiratory reactions to the bacterial die-off were very intense, scary actually.  From all appearances and thanks to some of the supplementsi I have been taking from before that time and that I am still taking, my Cpni population was held at the reduced level following that short course of doxycycline.  I began the CAP 3 months ago, and though I have experienced some respiratory symptoms associated with Cpn die-off, they have been mild.  Next weekend, I will do my first flagyli pulse, so then we shall see a clearer view of the current status of respiratory involvement.

Now, for my may very well be that someone with a chronic respiratory Cpn infection can enjoy a rather swift recovery on that front (provided they have not advanced to COPD).  But there is much more to consider.  Cpn is initially a respiratory infection, but it moves on from the respiratory system to infect many other parts of the body.  Your comments reflect that you are aware of this.  Surely, some of the asthma patients treated by Drs. Hahn or Wagshul have some other health problems that are linked to Cpn.  Is there any reporting on the status of those other health problems in the months or years following those protocolsi?  By the way, my major die-off reactions on officially starting the CAP were extreme fatigue, ear pain, and inflammationi at old surgical scars.  Those reactions, of course, were indicative of the other health problems caused by my chronic Cpn infection.

Joyce (self)~Generally Falling Aparti:  artery disease, HBP, high cholesteroli, diabetic, fatty liver/history of elevated liver enzymes, elevated blood calcium, elevated RBCs, elevated iron, falling thyroid function, rising homocysteinei and C-reactive protein, arthritis/DISH, disc degeneration, eye issues, acid reflux disease,  morning imbalance and cognitive dysfunction, history of chronic respiratory infections, etc....OOPS!  Perhaps I should have listed the chronic respiratory infections first, since that's how it all began.

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMSi).  CAP since August 06, antivirals, heavy metals chelation, LDNi, Metanx, Lunesta, GF/CF diet, Lauricidin, oral IgGi/lactoferrin/IGF-1 booster, astaxanthin, gamma oryzanol.

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMSi).  CAPi since August 06, Cpni, Mpn, B. burgdorferi, systemic candidiasis, EBVi, CMV & other herpes family viral infectionsi, elevated heavy metals, gluten+casein sensitivity. 

Joyce, I've never asked Dr. Hahn or Dr. Wagshul if their patients have had other diseasesi, and if they did what happened after treatment, but I will ask them that and let you know what they've said.

Once the forum was abruptly shut down on asthmastory, I began a yahoo group and contacted Dr. Wagshul to get specific information about his protocol. His head nurse had me fax over my questions and Dr. Wagshul had his replies typed up and faxed and also mailed to me. This was his reply:


Dr. Wagshul has sixteen years of experience in treating 16,000 to 18,000 patients with long term antibioticsi and none of them are hospitalized, almost none are on steroids and most are significantly better and coming off of inhalers.


Regimen #1

  1. Doxycycline 100mgs twice a day for 12 weeks
  2. Biaxin 500mgs twice a day for 12 weeks

Regimen #2

  1. Doxycycline 100mgs twice a day for 12 weeks
  2. Zithromax 250mgs a day for 12 weeks

Regimen #3

1. Ketek 400mgs 2 x a day for 12 weeks

We recommend that both pre and post treatment pulmonary function testing be done and initial baseline blood serologies for both mycoplasma and Chlamydia be done, looking at immunoglobulins.

I must emphasize that the above regimens are not FDA approved, although there are soon to be six NIH trials looking at long term antibiotic therapy in chronic obstructive lung disease and asthma.


He said he determined the regimen to use on a case by case basis. Also, just as with Dr. Hahn, in some cases a patients asthma improves because the asthma was only made worse by bacteria, and in other cases, it's completely resolved once the bacteria is eradicated, because the bacteria was the cause for the asthma.

Dr. Hahn was the one, I believe, who first noticed and wrote about the link between asthma and chlamydia pneumoniae. He noticed that his patients being diagnosed with adult onset asthma typically had elevated titers for cpni, indicating they once had the disease. Some testing showed that many of these patients who had nasal washes which were later tested, had cpn in the backwash. It was at this point that he began theorizing that with airborne cpn, it can enter the body through the nasal passages and mouth, and move further into the body if left untreated, down into the lungs, much the way sexually transmitted chlamydia has its own point of entry, and then moves further up into the body if left untreated. Does this sound familiar to your own situation?

I meant to add that his initial treatment is for twelve weeks, but most people continue on for much longer periods.

Maureen,  If you haven't read this post on Dr. Stratton's "Essential Observations" yet, it explains how respiratory infection with Cpni moves on to affect other parts of the body.  Basically, infected immunei cells take the infection to points of inflammationi.  Over 30 years ago, there was sickness in a fish camp where I was on vacation in Colorado.  It was blamed on contaminated well water and rumored to be caused by a virus.  In several days, I got over it, but it "settled" in my lower back; my back was very painful and stiff for several months.  I suppose that was Reactive Arthritis.  As the years went by, though, I slowly became arthritic in my lower back again, and it has spread to my hips.  I believe that's exactly the type of scenario Dr. Stratton presented in his observations. 

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMSi).  CAPi since August 06, antivirals, heavy metals chelation, LDNi, Metanx, Lunesta, GF/CF diet, Lauricidin, oral IgGi/lactoferrin/IGF-1 booster, astaxanthin, gamma oryzanol.

Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMSi).  CAPi since August 06, Cpni, Mpn, B. burgdorferi, systemic candidiasis, EBVi, CMV & other herpes family viral infectionsi, elevated heavy metals, gluten+casein sensitivity. 

Hi Maureen,

The Stratton/Wheldon protocolsi advocate the concurrent use of two antibioticsi in much the same way as you describe, but additionally use Flagyli for 5 days every three weeks, which is the antibiotic which addresses the cryptic formi of Cpni.

You can see a chart of the different protocols that people on this website use here.

I had asthmai, when I first started the protocol this is one of the first things that improved, but I also have other complaints (sinusitis, alopecia">i, IBSi, peripheral neuropathy, back and joint pain) where Cpn is implicated and they are taking a lot longer to eradicate.

Michele (UK) GFAi: Wheldon CAP1st May 2006 . Daily Doxyi, Azi MWF, Flagyl at 400mg for 7 days prior to 5 day pulses at 1200mg three weeks cycle. Spokesperson for Ella, RRMSi Wheldon CAP 16th March 2006

Michèle (UK) GFAi: Wheldon CAPi 1st May 2006. Daily Doxyi, Azi MWF, metroi pulse.

Joyce and Michele, thank you for the additional information.  Very interesting!  This reminds me of a friend who has been diagnosed with several of these autoimmune diseasesi and was confined to a wheelchair for a couple of years.  She had surgery three years ago and something went wrong requiring a large blood transfusion.  Within four months of the surgery she was like a new person - out of the wheelchair and taking walks every day, no more fatigue, etc.  Slowly, some of her problems have returned, but she's not as bad as she was - she's not in a wheelchair, for example.  It makes you wonder.

Regarding flagyli, I understand this.  I once had a sinus infection that wouldn't go away and my ent told me it was "anaerobic", meaning in tissue that doesn't get air, and would require flagyl.  Once on that for a couple of weeks, the infection was resolved.  I've since mentioned that to a couple of doctors (internists) who knew nothing about it. I found that a bit surprising.


Here is my story, but first, let me thank you so much for providing this site. 

I got sick Labor Day weekend of 06 when we were traveling.  I caught the worst case of strep I have ever had and I am also assuming this is when I also caught the c. & m. pneumoniae.  I was treated as soon as we got back for the strep but besides the sore throat subsiding, I did not really feel much better.  I went back to the Dr. and they re treated me for strep (even though the test was neg.) and I felt a brief period of relief but as soon as I was off the antibioticsi, I was sick again.  Over the next year I begged my PCP, dentist and even my kids pediatrician for an antibiotic everytime I went in just to get a little relief from what I thought was a case of some kind of resistant strep.  I even tried to have my dog tested for strep.  Finally, in May of this year my PCP put me in the hospital and called in an infectious disease Dr. and and Ear, Nose & Throat specialist.  They ran a variety of tests that lasted over 5 days.  I was poked, prodded and made to feel that "possibly" these "symptoms" I was having were in my head.  All the tests came back normal except an almost doubled SED rate.  My white count remained elevated but they concluded that it was due to recent dental work.

I was dismissed from the hospital with Ativan and Prevacid.  The pain was so bad sometimes that it would make me sick to my stomach so instead of treating the cause....

One month later I returned to my Dr. and told him the Ativan only knocks me out and that I am not depressed nor do I have anxiety but I am SICK!  After AGAIN being told that we all "perceive pain differently" and to "take my valium", I never went back.  I remembered how much this other Dr. had helped my daughter once so I called to get an appointment.  I had to wait over a month.  I still to this day try to think what I said different to him than the specialists in the hospital and my PCP but that day he sent me for the m. & c. pnemoniae test.  The next week I saw him and he said he knew what was wrong and that I had one of the highest numbers he had seen.  What a relief...FINALLY!

I am now on pulse therapy.  I feel so much better when I get to do the "2 weeks straight" but am really trying to follow what this Dr. says to a T. 

I'm glad I found this site.  Your stories and suggestions give hope, encouragement & ideas.



Senthia, You might cut and paste this to a blog post, rather than a 'response' here, so more people will see it. I am so happy for you, to finally have an answer! I won't comment on the 'pulse' therapy here, but perhaps you can elaborate on what you're taking when you post under a blog? It's amazing the doctor knew to test for cpni. Finally, they're taking notice!

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi


Senthia, you have a wonderful, informed doctor.

You are bound to make even more improvements!

Here's to hope.

Best of Luck

diagnosed MSi Jan.2000 ,  chronic neurological lyme disease Nov.2002.

doxyi 100 mg. 1BID. roxyi.150 mg.? BIDi,adding rifampin soon, pulsed tinii. every 3 weeks, as of oct.17/08, rifampin,naltrexone (LDNi),NACi, nystatin, major wheldon supplemrnts daily,

I had a very similar situation, especially with the "calming pills"; it's such a funny way to relieve the problems of a patient... " a multi-symptom patient is treated with anxiety pills" and nothing else.  Is it everywhere or is it just here in the US?  I come from other Country and the treatment there is soo much different...  

Anyways, the important thing is having the "cause' treated, as you well say, instead of just the symptoms.  And this is exactly what I am looking for, when I ask who was first, the hen or the egg?  because is we find the cause, like in my case it is now very clear it is a sinus problem even though I had no serious congestion in my mucus; I just swallow from time to time some liquid - that in my words it is such a toxin that makes my thoat and neck swell, my thyroid dysfunctional, my heart slow, my muscles tired and loose, my hands swelling, etc etc.  - but what comes after this liquid?  is it the CPNi? ok, good to know to be able to treat it, and what comes before it?  What can be a bed of these bacteria to have it living there? Which is the cause in my case?  - because not everyone has it in their sinuses doing what it does in mine - so, I thought, there must be something helping her to live here, or something generating the environment for her, and I thought it might be a fungus - as the Mayo Clinic studies found... so, I start washing my nose with salt water; used Euphorbium nasal drops; used antihistaminic and specially have used Silver Sinus nasal Spray and, voila, symptoms have gone far; big recovery have come very near and life is sometimes really good.  I still don't have the final answer and have relapsed, probably because I might need more treatments like the flagyli and others; but looking for the cause have been the clue to recovery!



Happy to hear that Senthia is going to have the treatment; I hope I can get a Doctor too ...

Maria P. 

God bless you all.

MariaPatri - living in a rollercoaster! (In Orlando, Fl).

Thyroiditis, sinus infection, heart, muscles and joints. 

I think it is so great to read about other people's journeys here.

I feel like on such a roller coaster most of the time- that I get almost confused when at the doctor or specialist of the day to tell them why I am there... one week-- all symptoms back- next week- just a few remain-- next week something new.. :) I am so thankful for this though because I would rather have it that way than to have some of these all the time like I know some people have- and I am so sorry for those that do.  It seems that the majority of people here found cpni on their own after searching and searching-- with ms or cfsi or fm or somethinglike this. I wasnt looking at all- but my internalist stuck me on this website and said he wouldnt even talkt o me abotu cpn until I had read it (he is good but doesnt have the best bedside manner:))Anyways== It is a journey... I have not convinced my DO yet that this is what is going on- he thinks lymes more likely -- as my internalist also things lymes in play. He is still after me about my lymphs and watching out for Burkitts lymphoma with my high ebvi count..... so;) All I have to say is God is good:) and I am so thankful to be on a path now instead of hunting down things like I was before I came to my internalist... I was convinced I had some new horrid disease every week with the way my symptoms were. I know that doesnt sound new to those who have been here. BUt just wanted to encourage anyone new. I still consider myself new-- JUst started the doxycyline and azythromicin part of the protocol. I am still trying to remember all of the supplementsi and such. It is quite overwhelming at first. I encourage anyone just starting to not give up- let's keep going:)




HIGH EBVi 2/08,card/resp sxi,numb hand,musc twitch/pains,neg for msi/lupus,scans hd 2 toe, abd/jnt/lymph pain, dizzy/fatigue, lymph swelling, lyme susp 9/08- igx-1 ++, cd57 52, CMV+, HHV6, MYCO-CAP11/08 NACi,Dxy,Zithi MWF+sups

Hi Rica was also diag with PPMSi....I have been on the Weldham regime for 8 monts and am on my 5th pulse I have doubled it up to 800 mg 3 times a day for maybe 3-4 days, My question to you is when did you start to see improvement in your walking and balance, I have deteriorated very quickly in the past 2 years where I now use a cane full time and my left leg drags after me.....I have a 4 year old child and have never ran or carried her on my shoulders.....I just long to improve so I can start to live again, any words from you about your progress and starting point would be appreciated....thanks Alexander
ACE, It's probably a good idea to start a new topic for this question, rather than post it under patient stories. You're taking 2400 mg of flagyli a day???

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

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Medical History - Doug            5/24/07

This was prepared for Dr. Michael Powell for intake when I starting seeing him June, 2007.  Cleaned it up and posted it here in case it can help anyone.   


I stared this history in 2005, added to in 2/06 and 5/07. 

No illness prior to 1997

In 1997 I was exposed to Strachbotrus Chartum and Penicillin mold in a building interior during renovation work as an Architect.  This seemed to initiate flue like symptoms for about 1 1/2 years, with a general pattern of feeling ill for two weeks to a month, then feeling slightly better for two weeks to a month.  Other symptoms were fatigue, aches, fevers, sore throats.  A succession of stiffness, swelling and pain started in my joints.  First affected was one foot, and then the other was affected two weeks later. Knees, hips, elbow joints followed in a similar pattern. 

A Rheumatoligist mis-diagnosed early Sjogrens in 1999, and I tolerated arthritic type pain without seeking medical help until 2002.  Also many symptoms lessened during that period. 

In 2002 arthritic symptoms remain, new symptoms appear.

2003 Right knee surgery for cartiledge . Right foot surgery for plantar fibromatoma, DVT develops.

2007 Right shoulder adhesive capsulitus, cartilage damage


Extensive blood testing from 1998-2006 has found consistently found high hepatic values.  High antibody levels for Chlamydia T found in 2005 High antibody levels for Chlamydia T and CP found in 2006. 


Fatigue, flue-like symptoms; random and sporadic joint pain; sinus pain, eye and ear pressure/pain; headaches, creeping sensation on scalp; lumps on feet -one surgically removed; swollen knuckles; burning sensation, frequency and urgency of urination; scrotum angiokeratoma, pain in testicles; abdominal and chest pain; abnormal vision; dizzy and disoriented, memory problems; paratoid gland swelling, sore/white patch in mouth; poor circulation; finger numbness; adhesive capsulitis-degenerative subchondular in the right shoulder.

Most symptoms are sporadic, except for skin rash, ear pain, past knee and recent shoulder pain.  There may be a time of weeks or months when most symptoms are active, then a period of weeks or months when I have few symptoms.  Some symptoms appear one year, then take a year off before appearing again.  Hand and foot pain is sporadic but occurs regularly.  Some days I feel great in the morning, but tire easily.  Lately even when I feel normal, I'm still at about 75% energy level.  Glucosamine Chondrotin controls ear pain, knee pain. 

Before 1997 I was physically active and energetic.  From 1999 to 2005 I regained some energy, but had long bouts with flue type illness, and ear and urinary tract symptoms started.  I was able to resume some activities such as mountain biking, skiing, but was sidelined with knee surgery.  At the end of 2004, I had a period of illness similar to 1997-1998, but lasting shorter.  During the last two years fatigue is worse, and blood circulation has become bad.

 Flu type symptoms: I experience an overall feeling unwell and tiredness, accompanied by random muscle, joint, body aches and pains.  Sometimes a low-grade headache.  Often I feel feverish, but body temp is usually 97.6.  These can continue for weeks or months 2-4 times a year, or last only one or two days during a good week.  Some of these are probably a common flu or virus.  I had 'flu symptoms' from last October through this January.  Since taking energy supplementsi starting this January, my energy level is better in the morning, but I am frequently exhausted in the afternoon and evening.  Its hard to tell if any supplementsi work, as symptoms are sporadic.  Also shoulder pain was waking me up from sleep. 


Supplements (2007)

 No prescribed medication


 N-a-c 2000 mg/d

Fish oil (850 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA) 2-3/day

Energizer type multi-vitamin

Q10 Co-enzyme 100 mg/d

Vitamin C 1000 mg/d

L-carnitine 500 mg/ 2-3/d

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM)1000 mg/ 1-2 day

Glucosamine Chondrotin 750/600 mg 2 times/day



6/2007 Started treatment with Dr Powell in Sacramento, ending 6/2010

I also experimented with many herbals and other supplements:


Started with blood tests for infectionsi

While awaiting lab tests, started on immunei boosters

First a thru e vitamins to boost immune system, energy, along with Milk Thistle, A-L-A, L-arginine-ornithine, multivitamin and a multi-mineral, selenium.


Tested positive for CPn and EBV active infection antibodies, heavy metals

Tested positive for low thyroid, started taking T-3


Supplements taken/tried during treatment.  Not all started or taken at once:

Combination antibioticsi for CPn, later Valtrex for EBV - took for 1 1/2 tears

Took glutathione, NACi A-L-A, methylation support supplements (Yasko simplified)

Took ATP promoters like Q10, NADP, SAM-e

Took infra red saunas

Nitric oxide for vasodialation

Chelated heavy metals, mercury with OSR#1 and molybdnum; had 6 silver amalgam (mercury) teeth filling removed.

Took Chrisolm Labs transfer factor for CPn and EBV

I took Inosine for about 1 1/2 years on and off, then added DMAE.  The combination is very similar to isoprinosine,an antiviral and immune modulator.


6-12/08 gradually starting to feel better

12/08 I started to feel much better

1/8/09 I had enough energy to start taking Bikram Yoga classes.  Also started taking better notes of what I was taking, how much, etc

2/10/09 Stopped taking prescription medicines, except for T# Triiodo-L-Thyronine SR 15 mcg 1x day.  Noticed I was feeling worse after taking, and was giving me IBSi/diahrea.  Take Nitroglycerin occasionally. 


Still taking supplements:

Inosine 2x 1000 mg each morning, sometimes another 2000 mg before dinner


NAC 2x 600 mg am & pm

NADH 5 mg am

SAM-e 200 mg am

Multivitamin am

Astragalus 2x 500 mg am & pm until I run out, then take a break

TMG 1000 mg am

Supergreen 'Perfect Food''

Vitamin A 1000 iu am & pm

Vitamin B12 5000 mg am

Vitamin C 1000 mg 3x day

Vitamin E mixed 400 iu am

Vitamin E Tocotrienols 125 mg pm

Milk Thistle Extract 300 mg am & pm

Horney Goat Weed 1000 mg 2x am ( + maca, mucuna, polypodium extracts)

'Source Naturals Life Minerals'  ( incl 40 mcg iodine) am & pm

L-Arginine 1250 mg-Ornithine 750 mg  am & pm

Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg 1x day

CoQ-10 100 mg am

Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg ( w/ 333 mg Biotin) am & pm

Fish Oil(450 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA) am & pm

5-HTP pm

Melatonin">i 3 mg pm


Dr. Powell visit 6/2009


Did Doctor's Data Toxic Metal test panel 4/27/09 6 hrs after (20) DMSA .  Tested elevated lead and mercury.  Started OSR#1

Took OSR for three months starting in June

Started taking Urso Forte again

Reduced then eliminated NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid during chelating from my concern they transport mercury to brain


Stopped some supplements 8/09: Horney Goat Weed, TMG, 5-hTP, Melatonin


Dr. Powell visit 9/1/2009


Did Doctor's Data Toxic Metal test panel 9/13/09

High lead and mercury

retested toxic metals


Dr. Powell visit 12/1/2009


tested essential metals

took  MonoLaurin again

Started Biofilm elimination protocol



Meds and supplements, some part of Biofilm removal protocol:


15 minutes before breakfast and dinner:

Urso Forte 500 mg

'Now' Chitosan 1.5 g per 3 caps(1,500 mg), incl. 300 mcg Chromium

'Vitamin Shoppe' NAC 1200 mg per 2 caps (before breakfast only)

'Life Extensions' Super Curcumin w/ Bioperine (800 mg/5 mg)

'Arizona Naturals' EDTA 500 mg (recommend multivitamin 2 hours after)

'Doctor's Best' Serrapeptase, 40,000serratio units per cap

sometimes Coconut oil (counter to serrapeptase fat reduction?)

Inosine 1000mg(take breaks)

'Source Naturals' DMAE 351 mg 2x day)

'Nutraceuticals' Piracetam 800 mg


15 minutes before breakfast only:

T3 Triiodo -L-Thyronine SR 15 mcg

'Country Life' L-Argine/L-Ornithine/B6 (1,250/585/20 mg)

'Jarrows' L-Carnitine 500 mg


Right before eating breakfast and dinner:

First Flagyl, then Minocycline

now 5 days into Rodogyl ( Spiramycin-metronidazolei) 26 mg/ 2x day


olive leaf or oregano oil extract


Immediately after breakfast or dinner

Ultrase 371 mg

'Twin Labs' Betaine HCI with Pepsin (648 mg/130 mg)

'Natures Life B-50 High Folic Acid">i' multi B vitamins)

'Country Life' Buffered Vitamin C 1,000 mg

'Kirkland' D3 2000 IU

'Source Naturals' Phosphitidtyl Choline in Lecithin 420 mg

'Vitamin Shoppe' Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg

'Natural Factors' Liv-Gall Cleanse (Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Dandelion, Artichoke)


After breakfast only

'Now' Full Spectrum Minerals

'Vitamin Shoppe' A&D (10,000IU/200IU)

'Vitamin Shoppe' Daily VM Caps multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant">i/enzymes

'Vitamin Shoppe' DHEAi 50 mg


Mid morning:

'Garden of Life' Super Seed Fiber drink, sometimes add L-Glutamine 2g powder


After lunch

Ultrase 371 mg

'Natural Factors' Herbal Liv-Gall Cleanse

'Country Life' Buffered Vitamin C 1,000 mg

'Kirkland' D3 2000 IU

'Vitamin Shoppe' 7-Keto 25 mg

'Twin Labs' B-12 sublingual 500mg 1-2x

'Solaray'' Biotin 1,000 mcg


Mid evening or before bedtime

'Garden of Life' Super Seed Fiber

or 780 mg (3 caps) activated charcoal before bed


At bedtime

Sometimes Melatonin and 5-HTP



Stopped Biofilm protocol - IBS symptoms, leg cramps. Chelators reduce magnesium which can cause muscle cramps. 



started back with Serraptase, Curcumin, Lactoferrin


had upped T3 to 60 mcg/day because low body temp

added zinc- drew out magnesium, noticed muscle cramps again



started taking Gia herbs thyroid support, Tyrosine. Body temp still low

taking pregnolone (50 mg too much, 25 mg m-w-f.)  50 mg DHEA am, 7 Keto at lunch t-th. 



stopped most supplements -  loose bowels in am after taking

Excessive B vitamins cause homocystein, acetly L-Carnitine suppressed T3 uptake by cells

still taking 30 mcg T3 in am only.  temp measure 98.1 F

Gia herbs thyroid support, Tyrosine for Thyroid

multivitamin and multimineral




I'm feeling great.  Last visit to Dr. Powell

T3/T4 ratio is very good

TSH is good, need to wean off T3

No EBV antibodies

No active CPn infection antibodies, high levels indicating past infection

Quest Labs Cpni antibody blood tests IgGi > 1:1024; IgAi,1:16 and IgM ,1:10 indicating a past infection.

IgG should come down over time. 



Still feeling great.  Able to exercise, and possibly in best shape in 20 years.  Continue to take Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week.  Noticed I have some lingering damage from long term infection.

Taking Multivitamins;

multi-minerals (because of heavy sweating from Bikram yoga, to avoid muscle cramps)

Flush type Niacin">i, which is reported to reverse athersclerosis;

Biotin and Folic acid ( getting old and seems to help grow hair!)

DHEA, Keto-7 and Pregnonolone (getting old, boosts testosterone)

Coconut oil (amazingly good for skin)

Turmeric and Vitamin Di, Glucosamine HCI (reduce inflammationi, still have bad knee)

DMAE (supposed to remove lipofuscin, and seem to have a burden of metabolic waste from chronic illness)

please pm me if you have ever followed the work of dr. gary gordon?

diagnosed MSi Jan.2000 ,  chronic neurological lyme disease Nov.2002.

doxyi 100 mg. 1BID. roxyi.150 mg.? BIDi,adding rifampin soon, pulsed tinii. every 3 weeks, as of oct.17/08, rifampin,naltrexone (LDNi),NACi, nystatin, major wheldon supplemrnts daily,

Taking my medical records with me, I went to see Dr. Hahn who decided to treat me using his protocol, with the hope that my asthmai might be improved. His protocol is 3 days of Azithromycin at 500 mgs, followed by weekly doses of 750mgs for a total of twelve weeks. Patients using this protocol can see improvement up to a year after following it. Well, here it is more than four years later and I've been asthma and asthma-med free all this time.

That's nice but it didn't irradicate your bacteria from you body.  Perhaps just moved it out of the lung focus but it likely continues quite well in the rest of your body.

  • CAPi(TiniOnly): 06/07-02/09 for CFSi
  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
  • Intermtnt CAP: 02/09-02/10
  • Full MethylProtocol & LDNi 02/09
  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support

I feel like on such a roller coaster most of the time- that I get almost confused when at the doctor or specialist of the day to tell them why I am there... one week-- all symptoms back- next week- just a few remain-- next week something new.. :) I am so thankful for this though because I would rather have it that way than to have some of these all the time like I know some people have- and I am so sorry for those that do.

I agree my days are still like whatever is occurring good or not so good changes in a few minutes or hours.  The one constant seems to be I feel better after a short nap and can move better for a bit.  And it does not matter if the nap is mid-morning or mid-afternoon or whenever.  I think that Medical professionals and anyone who does not have some chronic health problems really do not understand what it is like.

And I hope that your journey is moving you [and all of us] to a place where we have and can expect good days.

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