NAC, Vit C Questions

Can someone clarify the NACi dosage for me? I read in the supplementsi chart that the dosage was 600 mg 2X  per day, but I also see elsewhere that one should ramp up to 2400 (i.e. 1200 2 X per day).  I am just starting on the protocol, is it correct to ramp up to the full 2400 mg of NAC daily before starting the doxycycline (my first antibiotic).


Also, I see the vitamin/supplement chart recommends 1 g Vitamin C 2 X per day. My local pharmacist recommends using regular ascorbic acid, not buffered, as I said I want to be cautious to prevent kidney stones with all of these supplementsi and calcium oxalate crystals in urine. Has anyone had any problems with taking 2 gm Vitamin C per day, unbuffered, such as gasto sensitivity, or other problems?


Thanks for your help!  Regards, Len


Hi Len, I discussed the

Hi Len, 

I discussed the causes of kidney stones on my blog recently:<.

The context was explaining why kidney stones are more common on very low-carb diets. But a lot of the biology is relevant to any diet.

I would not be afraid of supplementing vitamin C. Vitamin C can degrade to oxalate, but only if you're deficient in antioxidantsi, which is common in chronic infectionsi but won't be the case if you're supplementing selenium/NACi/copper/multivitamin.

Best, Paul

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