NAC correct dosage and timing

I've been taking 1,200 mg of NACi daily. 600 mg in the morning after eating breakfast and 600 mg in the late afternoon. But it seems like I remember taking 2,400 mg daily years ago. What is the correct dosage? also, is it best taken with or without food? thank you



The dose of NACi that you are to aim for is 2400mg per day. I take 1200mg early in my day and then another 1200mg last thing at night. I take without food, but whether that's right, I'm not absolutely sure. As with many things, it is often best to ramp up slowly.

I hope that helps.



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Work toward 2400mg daily, as supaguy says.  With or without food is fine and, yes, you can take it with other supps, also.

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Thanks to both of you. Yesterday I took 2,400 mg and will continue at that dosage.


On Mon, Wed & Fri, is it OK to take the Doxycycline and the Azithromycin at the same time? Or is a few hours apart better?

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Together is fine.

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