My story of cpn (???)

Ok. To cut the long story short. 

For 2 years I have been dealing with prostatitis, urethritis and reactive arthritis after an intercourse. I have also problems with fast heart rate and body tempature which  I am always very sensitive to cold.

I had symptom free time for almost 4 months. Then the thing came back again. Countless semen culture, urine culture ,some specific tests for chlamydia trachomatis pcri , mycoplasma pcr were negative. However last week a cpni test IgGi came positive. Test value was 48 which was over the normal test value 22.

I live in Turkey. I must say doctors are not helping me much because they are imcompetent even in the research universities. 

I have got still mild knee pain but my dominant problems are the urinary problems of testicle pain, frequent urination and  burning during it. 

As I said before, my access to abxi is somewhat limited or none because I could not get a prescription. Even if I have an access I have some kind of allergic reactions or bad herxes. 

So I need suggestions of herbals and supplementsi to manage the prostatitis and urethritis caused by cpn. May be there are some people like me in the forum. I especially need their advices. I know it is hard to cure or treat this ilnesses without abxi but I choose this way for the aforementioned reasons. 

I am already taking krill oil, 600 mg naci, nsaidsi (Aspirin) , pollen and vit C and hydroxzine for sleep . But these are not helping much. 

Thanks and sorry for my English.


You can also look

You can also look into stephen buhner and his herbal protocol. The problem I found is that some of his herbs are hard to get in my country and in others, but it is certainly something you should look into also!



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Darren I will certainly look

Darren I will certainly look into buhner s protocol. 

Be sure I will study my lesson. However there are some difficulties even I can not find some of the supplementsi in good quality here. Also some herbs could not be found here. 

I do not want to take too many stuff at not want to mix everything.only a few herbals and supplementsi I plan to use together.

I am trying to be careful.

Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.

Hi there,here is a list of

Hi there,

here is a list of what might help

it isn’t a full list of everything I took but I fine tuned it down to this

i done other stuff on top of this but I think this is plenty to get started on 

below is a list of what I took

list of herbs are as follows

Avena fe
Scutellaria baiac
also I make apple cider vinegar- beetroot drink and vegetable drinks. I grow most stuff and make them myself from scratch 

List of supplementsi<i<<i<< as follows

olive leaf extract (seagate brand) 2 tabs 3 times daily


acetyl l carnitine with R-Alpga Lipoic acid

vitamin c

vitamin e

vitamin d3

lithium orotate

turmeric (source naturals brand)

b complex

milk thistle


grape seed extract

allimed liquid Allicin (very good)

These supplementsi are taken at different times of the day. You don’t take certain supplements at night and you take certain supplements bef breakfast!

when I am taking herbs I do not take supplementsi<<... As it would be too much for the organs and that goes for when taking supplements I don't take herbs.

i use essential oils also, in burners, in baths and massaging with carrier oil... Red thyme - oregano - German Camoline - tea tree - lavender 

i find these great! I also have detox baths 

exercise as hard as it is sometimes is very beneficial 

hope that helps 


The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

good list of supplementsi. I

good list of supplementsi. I guess everyone finds his own favorite supplementsi in the end.

In addition to your list, I would consider supplementing some important minerals

selenium - best source are brazil nuts, important for thyroid and brain, antioxidant">i<

iodine - important for thyroid, immunity and brain

magnesium - important cofactor of vitamin Di<

zinc - immunity

+ manganese, boron, iron ....

Thanks Darren.Which ones you

Thanks Darren.

Which ones you take as a must? Do you do cycles of herbals and supplementsi? Like two months herbals only  after that two months supplementsi only?

What are they good for? 

Can I send you private message? I have got lots of things to ask if you don't mind.

you can send me a private

you can send me a private message.



The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

You're lucky to have a

You're lucky to have a positive test result, because so many people search for years for an answer!

We have a few people here who are very knowledgable about herbal treatment. I'm sure someone will be along soon to guide you.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Thank you MacKintosh.I do not

Thank you MacKintosh.

I do not know what to do to feel happy or sad after the result. 

Are there any other tests? I do not know if  this result is conclusive or not.

I know this is a forum adopting abxi treatment and it's use. So, thank you all

for your understanding.

I pray to Allah for all people  with  health problems. You do not know until it happens to you.  After that I understand the importance of life than before.

Before that I was reading reactive arthritis literature both in Turkish and English. There are papers including long term abxi use.    I will read cpni related search afterwards.  Thanks again to all friends.

Hi Wolves26,Should you be

Hi Wolves26,

Should you be happy or not?  That depends on your approach, but I do know getting a positive (MSi) result, was a happy day for me because it meant that I wasn't imagining my symptoms and, although there are no mainstream cures, I should be treated sympathetically and symptomatically. Please tale the supplementsi advised and ask yourself if you are allergic to herxor if the herx is simply the pathogen floating around your body, on its way to death, a necessary evil, a sign that health will come, although it hurts, temporarily.


MSi symptoms began in 2001 DXi RRMSi in 2008, following an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss, Interferons, on and off, until 2012. New consultant prescribed chemo infusions, to slow progression.

Jane I was sure there is

Jane I was sure there is something going wrong. However, I did not know if there is a bug or it is immunei response only. I did have a symptom free time.  It makes me confused too.

I am happy too for finding out the bug that makes me miserable. I am sad that I do not know how to treat it. I ve just find out it is hard to treat or cure and may be it progress into other diseasesi.

Some people are lucky. We are not competing in the same league. Our medical system sucks. I can not even order supplementsi from amazon. 

Just supplementsi think of it of course it is same for medication. I can not get abxi without prescription. It is hard to find a doctor that adopts these treatment here. They only give me 6 weeks of prophylaxis. 

Also I ve never forget the things when I used cipro. I was certainly poisoned.