My new dr

My previous LLMD who was my CAPi prescriber moved out of state and I transitioned to another dr in the same practice group. Yesterday was my first appt. I was a bit apprehensive to change the dr but I am happy now I must say.

My new dr has a different approach to the disease in terms of that he treats whole body. If my previous provider just gave me CAP rx, this dr wants to address all my conditions - hypoT, hypertension">i, nutritional issues, wants to check heavy metals as well. He even asked if I have a ObGyn and do regular pap smears.

He seems to be up-to date on CAP including Flagyli pulses and we did a small change in my regiment. I've been on Minoi, Baixin, Bactrim + Flagyl pulses. Now we are phasing out Bactrim and adding instead Amoxicillini 1000 mg x 2 /day.  That is to address possible strep and perhaps will have a better effect on EBi form too.

I brought to the appt print outs of CPni info with protocolsi but we didn't have time to talk about it. Next time I'll be seeing his physician assistant though b/c it's more affordable.

One thing he wants me to do is to add Armour thyroid to my Synthroid. I wouldn't mind to try it but I think the dose is too high. It will be 50% increase. While I am hypothyroid right now with TSH 8, strangely enough, I don't feel it that bad, so I'd rather not to jump up the overall dose much.

Another issue is I've been seeing my endocrin dr every 3 months and I wouldn't like to do any changes without agreeing with him, b/c I am looking to continue in his care for years to come. I 'll see him again on June 1st and will see what he says.

As for my status right now, after adding Biaxin a month ago and having done my 4th Flagyl pulse, I feel I have a stable reduction in right leg joint /muscle pain. I had no reaction to Biaxin itself but the pulse was more difficult.

My 4th pulse was interesting. I couldn't go for longer than 9 days and the die-off was very strong and decapacitated me for a couple of days. On previous pulse I was able to go for 17 days. I attribute this strong reaction to being on Biaxin. However, while on pulse, my joint pain and sinusitis became almost non-exsisting. Everything flared again for several days after the pulse, especially cough and sinusitis. I couldn't sleep b/c I had to blow my nose all the time. Also, still have pain in the chest, feels like intracostal muscle or perhaps pleural pain in one particular spot behind or below left shoulder blade.