My 25(OH)D lab results are in...

Hi all,

FYI, I just  received my 25(OH)D lab results.  I used the home test kit made available through the Vitamin Di Council site link to ZRT Labs here<.

After taking at least 10,000iu a day for @ 13 months, at least 8,000 iu a day for @ 15 months, at least 6,000iu for @ 20 months and at least 4,000iu a day for @ 26 months, I now have a 25(OH)D level of 101ng/mL.

I know this is considered by many to be high, but I am actually quite happy with this level.   Please take a look at the following review article for its findings of safe levels:

Risk assessment for vitamin D<

Also note the Holick quote that “Vitamin D intoxication does not occur until the circulating levels of 25(OH)D are over 125 ng/mL [312 nmol/L].” from the following article:



Red, I think you found the test kit at just the time you were meant to. Now, you can keep tabs on your status as you recover. If we're right, one shouldn't require so much D3 (in order to maintain high levels) once we begin to recover.

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Glad you have your results.  Thanks for sharing....and for all the info on Vit D you have so willing posted for our info.     I *think* my doctor ordered the 1, 25 dihydroxy test, not the 25(OH)D test.  I've sent her some info from the Vit D council, and asked her to check which test she ordered.  At any rate, I should know the results of whatever test was run on me this coming week.  Then we'll go from there.



on valtrex 500 mg tid<




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