Monitoring of blocked jugular veins

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I am being treated in Australia & the Dr is checking my jugular vein flow on the left & the right. he said that the CPNi lives in the vein & blocks a vein (normally the left) if the infection is bad. 

>Is this a common method used?

>Would this be helpful to add to the list of tools for diagnosis on the website?


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Hi Mark,

I followed the same process through a Dr out of Newcastle with Scans on my veins, I had bloods to confirm that CPNi was in my system and I had flow retrictions on my first vist over 15 months ago, I then commenced the CAPi, I had a follow up vist in June of this year with blood flows reurn to normal, this was also confirmed through a MRI 3 weeks later.


That is very gratifying to hear Rod.  I often wondered what the state of my veins would be when my treatment is over, and whether I would then need vein surgery.


You'll want to read this, then.< 

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Hi,  can you email someone that can provide me with a website that provides quality antibioticsi?  My Neurologist does not believe CAPi can help me but I have to at least try instead of watching myself get worse.... Thanks for help, Shelleye

I've had a read at that MacK - sounds like DW's vascular system healed when the CPni was got rid of.  Thanks, Irene

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