Lupus and cpn


I would need help from another member with lupus.

Just four weeks on minocycline I experience my lupus getting worse.

I read about drug induced lupus and not sure what to do.

According to lupus is treated with minocycline. Just not sure now what to do.

You might want to check this site out. The gal that runs it recovered from lupus using abxi.< Also< Also< Getting worse is a good thing. It should tell you that you are on the right path.

200mg doxyi daily, 500 zithromax mwf,flagyli 1000 m-fri.rifampin 2x daily,chloestryramine 2x daily

K23la, if you read the list of diseases possibly caused  by CPNi, Lupus is one of them... as well as Sjogren's and fibrin/thick blood issues.<

I believe you mentioned you are not tolerating the minoi well and that is why you are on the low dose?  How is your Vitamin Di level?  Are you taking any supplementsi?  Have you tried the NACi test?  Inquiring minds want to know Wink (sorry for all the questions)

Perhaps switching to doxyi and starting this protocol (along with the supplementsi) may get you on the road to help with your health issues.....just a thought to consider.  Its hard trying to figure everything out, but when you realize the damage CPN can do,  this protocol does seem to cover quite a few bases.

The  Getting Started and CPN Handbook tabs (upper-right hand corner of this site) are good places to start reading/learning.


JeanneRoz ~ DXi'd w/ CPNi 4/2007; 6/07 -"officially" dx'd w/CFIDSi/FM; also: HHV6, EBVi, IBSi-C, 100 Doxyi:BIDi<; 500 mg Biaxin BIDi; Tindamax Pulses, B12 shots, ERFA Dessicated Thyroid,Cortef, Iodoral 25 mg, Vit D-6,000 uni

You might want to read David Wheldoni's site, regarding MSi and cpni infection/treatment. He discusses 'pseudo' flares, which occur when undergoing this treatment. Essentially, what you perceive as a flare-up of symptoms is actually the antibioticsi KILLING cpn.

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Thank you all so much. This is so much help for me. 

The links are great and I am still reading and got already a recommendation for a lupus doctor treating with antibiotic.

Will call him and report.


I switched to doxyi yesterday and I tolerate it better, take already 3/4 of 100 mg.

My D3 is 18 but when I take D3 I get so tired that I cannot get up. I also do not tolerate NACi, makes me sick.

I just have more energy since weeks and I am not willing to be bedbound again.

Still have throbbing all over the left side but better, especially area of lymph nodes and veins.


meds: natural thyroid  50mg, SOD 2-3 a day, Vit E 1,200, Carlson fishoil 3 a day, arsenicum album C30 for detox,doxy 150 mg a day, probiotics 80 billion 2 a day, magnesium glycinat 400 mg,   ubiquinol 100 mg 1-2 a day,liv 52 2-3 a day, tri-quench iodine 1 drop on skin, cholestyramine 600 mg started with 1 try to get up to 6 a day slowly.Beet juice from biotta, pure carrot juice, 1 - 2 spoons protein which I am not able to digest, 5 spoons of papaya juice a day. B 12 drops.Taurine 500 mg 2 a day.

Any ideas how I can tolerate D3 and vitamin C?


I also take quinton isotonic minerals 15 drops, 2 tablesppons electrolyte in my water, aloe vera gel 2-3 tablespoons .




there is a mistake in my last post.

Doxyi is only 75 mg a day at the moment not 150 mg.


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