LLMD visit update...DNA test results are in


Here I sit waiting. Good news is that they found something in the realm of Lyme in my blood; bad news is that they won't tell me over the phone what they found. I'm not worried or anxious, I know I'm on the right track and can wait a few more weeks before I make the 12 hour automobile journey. I have enough abxi, I'm having more better days than bad, and plenty to do in the meantime.

I am curious of what they found though. I think for sure Bartonella, maybe Lyme, and a far distant something else. I wish they tested CPni, I know upper respitory infectionsi have plagued me since I was 10 or so.

I will let you know more when I hear more. 



Hey Christian, at least you

Hey Christian, at least you know the enemy now. I have also had good luck with the sea salt and C combo. I mix up a big glass of it and drink it in the sauna. Seems to clear the toxins and kill off some of the weak cells at the same time (this is just my speculation). After that, another big glass of water with some toxin removal formulas my naturopath recommended.

Pekana Basic detox and drainage kit: http://www.modernherbalist.com/pekana.html<

Hits all three areas: liver, kidneys and lymph system.

Might want to look at the Byron White formulas for Lyme. I wanted to do them at the same time as the antibioticsi, but my naturopath said it might hammer me too much.

http://www.bioresourceinc.com/bwherbal/ <

I'm currently taking the Byron White A-BART formula for Bartonella and had some significant reactions (headaches, head swelling, night sweats) from it.


Good luck,



Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpni. CAPi since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NACi,BHRT, MethyB12 FIRi Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath

Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your comments. I've been reading tonight about Lyme and I just want to say,"This all sucks." We are fighting bugs, bad doctors, IDSA, ILIADS, insurance, and sometimes ourselves. I know Lyme is specific, but with chronic bacterial infectionsi it all bleeds together(excuse the pun). So anyways, I had to let that out.

Quick update,

I filled my new LLMD scripts this morning and found that he wants me to take Doxyi 100mg bidi, Rifampin 600mg qdi, and Azithromycin 500mg qd every day. To say the least, I'm in shock about the new regimen. The Azithromycin has doubled in size. Rifampin is doubled just once a day. I'm not looking forward to the herx living inside that dark pinkish pill or the punch from the red Rifampin. I have enough 250's to keep me for another week or so and I'm keeping my Rifampin at bidi until I see him on the 28th for an explaination.

I've been feeling good most days, but remember I haven't been hitting the cyst. Today I tried Sea Salt and Vitamin C. 30 minutes later I herxed, like some of my symptoms I felt on the first few days on abxi's in July. I've been supplementing Vitamin C at 2000mg bid with no bad results. However add the sea salt in and strap in to go for a ride. I think I'm going to wait on this one until after I graduate in July.

Everyone, have a great Valentine's day. I will talk to ya'll later.




Started CAPi on 06/29/2010 for RRMSi. Dxi w/ Brevundimonas Vesicularis in Jan '11 hiding in #20 tooth with root canal. Extracted 04/04/2011. Clinically dx with Bartonella at the same time. Recently found MPn.

Abxi: 100 mg Doxyi bidi<

ChristianThere is hope for


There is hope for the respiratory infectionsi.  I, too, had them for decades after my initial pneumonia at around ten.  Every year I developed deep and painful coughs that lasted for months.  They are all gone - just never stop your "stuff".  These bugs hate what we are doing to them - but we are finally getting our revenge!


3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abxi protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxyi 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyli 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMSi EDSSi 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Christian, Thank you for

Christian, Thank you for keeping us posted on your lyme quest.  I am so glad to hear you are having more good days. It's appears you are doing the right antibiotic combo.

started Wheldon capi 4/21/08 for Cpni, CMV, EBVi, CFSi. Cap hold 4/09vascultis. Restart 9/09 with Dr.Powell, restore gut, 4000 D3, supplementsi,  Pos. Bartonella and Babesia, Rifampin 600 mgs and Biaxon 1 gram. 

Christian, I'm so glad they

Christian, I'm so glad they found something, I wish they could have told you over the phone. Let us know.

5oo mgs Ceftin 2 x/day, 500 mgs Zithromax, 500 mgs 2 x tinii pulses,100 mg diflucan, 4.5 ldni; Wheldon protocol for MSi April, 2006 to May 2008. 2008 MRI shows NO NEW DISEASE ACTIVITY, 2012 MRI no new disease activity.