Kim Rides a Bike! It's Been Over Ten Years!

Kim Rides a Bike!  It's Been Over Ten Years!

We hope to incorporate this into a blog post.  What an amazing day!!!!!!  Kim


Kim, You look positively radiantly happy.   Bravo!    Louise
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Hooray! Yes, I hope you can put this into some kind of blog to show what happened over the years. Riding a bike at the 10 year mark isn't what people new to this website would expect.

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You GO Girl!   :-)


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10 years since she last rode a bike.  Kim's been on CAPi for 20 months.

Here's my artistic thought about this, we think about things like where the bathrooms are, how far we have to walk and how humid/hot it's going to be when we go places.  Many of us do.  And here we are in a place you can't drive to, far from any bathrooms, in the middle of a mid-80's day.  Kim exended her frontier a good bit with this first of many rides.  I'm so very proud of her.  Ken

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Ken give yourself a pat on the back, too. You need a very strong anchor for keeping the motivation and its because you push me even when I'm not wanting to be pushed. I know how AMAZING it is to have doors open when you thought it was perminatly slammed shut! 

words of gratitude will never be enough...I love you! Kiss 

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