I''m going to be trying up to 350 mg capsules of biotin

I had made up 50 size 1 capsules of biotin. They weighed out to about 230 mg. I say about, because each capsule varied quite a bit. Some might not even have weighed as much as 200 mg whilst others might have been more than 250 mg. It was all a matter of how compressed or how full the capsules were.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a size 0 capsule filling capping gadget. A few hours ago, I filled another 50 capsules with pure biotin. This time they are size 0 caps rather than size 1. After filling, I weighed as few of them. They are all well over 300 mg. I have labelled the bottle “Biotin 350 mg”. Have I got the bottle to take them at that volume? Yeah, why not? If  you see the site’s gone a bit quiet and there are no more posts from me, you’ll know that I woke up dead (David, I know that you are not forensic but would you kindly oversee the autopsy?).

Before I go, let me share this one money-saving fact with you. Since learning that I could fill capsules with bulk powders, I realise that there are big savings to be made on filling capsules with things like NACi. I have a 100 gram bulk powder packet which I paid just over £6.00 net for. If it works well, I shall truly buy bulk and save the postage. If it doesn’t work well and I die, I shan’t buy from there anymore.




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SG, I take 75 mg, x 4 a day -   just built up.  I just needed to get on to it!  Mine are from a guy who has done really well - once again, RRMSi, but  he gained better balance, etc.  Has a lot of B supplementsi.

Jam    ☺


Rick started right off at 300mg - and has had no issues.  I recall there is no known toxic level for that stuff.  It is in things like brocolli.  My recollection is that the phase II trial was testing as much as 600mg a day.


That's part of this article:


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Tom C

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Gee, I feel like such a woosie Wink I only take 10,000 mcg. a day......

I've been "absent" for a couple of mts, started capsule # 4 on Jan 24 approximately 400mg no issues. 300mg since August '15. Still no significant changes... yet. Any comments?

Hi Daka,

That capsule size seems unlikely to hold 300 milligrams, though it's more than enough for 300 micrograms.  Rick uses size 0 or 00 - and they are 3/4ths full or thereabouts with 300 milligrams.

There has been some confusion about micrograms vs. milligrams - a couple of times in this forum, and what doses were actually being tested in clinical trials in France (200mg to 600 mg - milligrams).

So - you may want to check the actual amount you are putting in the capsules.

The other thing is - while some 91% or more folks in the phase II clinical trial were said to benefit from being treated, there is a lag time between starting the treatment and seeing results that varied from 2 to 8 or 9 months.  Plus, some of the results were faily subtle - measurments of nerve conduction speed improvement for example being one.  Disability measurements being another - and one that was not seen as frequently during the length of the trial. 

If this stuff does help someone also on a CAP protocol, I speculate that the effects may be more lasting if they discontinue the trial vs. those who are not on a CAP protocol.

This article might provide some insight:


There are other similar articles - search for "capsule size and capacity."

We bought a fairly sensitive scale - with a resolution down to 10 milligrams if I recall correctly.  That's more than likely enough resolution when the range is 100 milligrams to 600 millgrams.  Not enough for 300 micrograms probably.

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Tom C

Proud Parent of Rick - R started CAPi in Nov. 13. Small measurable improvements as of 7/14, more by 10/14.  Holding Steady in early 2017.  "I will leave no stone unturned, no theory unexamined, to help my son." Tommi

Correct Tom,

 I like your approach as a highly detail person ( like my self):-), each capsule holds approximately 95-100mg depends on how dense powder has been packed.

I choose #4 (~100mg) as a referent size/ amount, easier to manipulate (I thought) and/or when decide to increase the biotin amount... Simply add/pop one more capsule. :-)))

I would also like to thank Sarah who started/brought this info and everybody else decided to go to this journey...

I hope I'm clear?

Very Best Regards,

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