How the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat

A New York time article suggests many of the dietary guidlines of the past five decades may have been shaped by the sugar industry<

Very interesting, thanks for posting. Not very related to Cpni, but I think this is much more common than most people realize. Big money gets away with alot. Review studies seem easy, just hand pick studies and analyse them, and it will end up in your favor....

"...the industry papers were a reminder of “why research should be supported by public funding rather than depending on industry funding.”"

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Of course that "should be supported by public funding" line is in itself a case of a scientist who receives a lot of money saying something that his funding source wants him to say -- that is, that government should be larger and more powerful.

Public funding does not guarantee quality science either... one of our climate scientists got the boot recently for questioning the level of warming others are predicting... they just sacked him as that line does not suit gov who provide funding...

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