Hoping for a Higher Level

It seems much longer than the 20 days that have elapsed since my adventure in Wyoming. After returning only 3 weeks ago tomorrow, we (Richard and I) began flagyli 2 days later on Thursday night. My own response was the usual short hour until loss of function - a little less than usual - and mental confusion - much more than usual and the lethargy lasting for days. I still have the emotional flatness and great amounts of slow, fuzzy thinking. And the vertigo, something always present, this time in huge waves requiring me to hold on and wait till it passed every time I changed position. Even now, 13 days after ending the pulse, if I move suddenly, I must stop and wait, but briefly now. I look at this pulse in wonder. My walking deteriorated but less than in the past and for the first time I had a slight shortness of breath, now gone. It was very different from all the ones proceding it. My hope is that I am reaching a dividing line between the physical repair and beginning a much deeper burrowing into the brain. I have tried several times to extend my pulses with limited success and am almost looking forward (crazy!) to the next flagyl to see what the rewards will be.



Yeah Rica, I hope the roof

Yeah Rica,

I hope the roof is repaired & you don't venture up the ladder to fly!

Please keep your feet on the ground for the time being "Crazy Goat Lady" Tongue out



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Sensible to the utmost,

Sensible to the utmost, unlike Icharus, you know when not to fly...  I appreciate your experience with flagyli pulses.   They seem to change their effect time after time.

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VERY good. Very, very

VERY good. Very, very good. This lot is proof of what one can 'know' if only one pays attention! There may be no tangible reason for believing something has changed, we just 'know' on some level and I trust that more than the guy with a laundry list of reasons why. SO happy for you, Rica. We ARE a bit weird, looking forward to the next debilitating punch, aren't we?

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.  Mohandas Gandhi

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Determined yes, pragmatic

Determined yes, pragmatic yes, stupid yes - but not all the time! I do not climb ladders when on flagyli and in its' aftermath. My vertigo was really bad this time but I had no joint aches. My main reason for this blog, as so many of them, is to keep track of progress - one example of the many we are following. If I climbed during flagyl and fell, I would probably put my arms out and try to fly; that is the extent of my common sense during pulses!


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Higher levels, eh?  So you

Higher levels, eh?  So you aren't content with repairing the roof of your barn any more?  There's no stopping you!.......Sarah   
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Rica,  Go, go, go!  Now,

Rica,  Go, go, go!  Now, you climbing up the ladder and repairing the barn roof was exactly what I thought of also...when you mentioned having vertigo all the time.  So you do it now because it needs doing and you are newly capable of doing it.  Aren't you also terrified at the same time by the vertigo?  Mmmmmmm......

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Joyce~caregiver-advocate in Dallas for Steve J (SPMSi).  CAPi since August 06, Cpni, Mpn, B. burgdorferi, systemic candidiasis, EBVi, CMV & other herpes family viral infectionsi, elevated heavy metals, gluten+casein sensitivity. 

Well done Rica...

Well done Rica... spiralling up to the higher levels.  Though I'm only up to number 15 I have the same feeling now about looking forward to pulses even when the latest one has slammed into me leaving me wiped out, useless and in a panic for a weekend.........only you lot would understand the madness! 

Elinor ..... from England  on CAPi, doxyi/roxi/tini  for ME/CFSi/lyme borreliosis, positive Cpni and borrelia. Started Aug05, stopped Jan06, started again Sept 06.

Elinor ..... from England  on CAPi, doxyi/roxi/tini  for ME/CFSi/lyme borreliosis, positive Cpni and borrelia. Started Aug05, stopped Jan06, started again Sept 06.

Rica, I hope you are

Rica, I hope you are reaching that dividing line as well - as I am pretty sure I will be in this as long as you have been :). I can't extend my pulses either, I think I skip out on that last pill as I just can't swallow one more. However, I am not at the point that I look forward to my next flagyli. I fell behind schedule this summer and will plan my next one the week before school starts. On Wheldon protocol for MSi since April, 2006.  doxyi 200 mgs daily, zithromax 250 mgs 3x/ week , Flagyl Pulses start end Sept., LDNi 2004

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