Help I am so confused

I am still trying to get a grasp on Chlamydia Pneumoniae, I just found out on 4-11-07.  But I have been sick for awhile  Cry.  I am just starting Antibioticsi again......eeeeek Foot in mouth.  My symptoms have been sinus infectionsi and uppper respitory infections , Phlaringitis, Broncotitis, Asthmai.  In and out of the Dr. office the month of April, and my throat swelled shut I could go on and on.  I ended up at an Infetious disease Dr. and just about fell off the table when she told me that I have Chlamydia Pneumoniae Surprised.

 Can anyone give me any info please what am I looking at for the long run?  Any way thanks for the stories and for this page full of info I don feel alone or crazy anymore Kiss

Thanks, Gloria 


 Superglo- The handbook is

 Superglo- The handbook is broken down into some useful introduction chapters. It takes a couple readings to absorb. Does your doctor understand that it is a multiphase organism and can't be gotten rid of with one antibiotic?

The main approach here is to work up, gradually, to two continuous antibioticsi (like doxyi and azith) plus NACi and other supplementsi, and then begin pulsing every 3-4 weeks for 5 days with flagyli or tinidazole. Depending on your reactions this is likely a 2-4 year process, although some have done it in less time. Keep reading and re-reading. It's all overwhelming at first.

CAPi for Chlamydia pneumonia since 11/04. 25yrs CFSi & FMSi- Currently: 150mg INHi, 300mg Rifampin, 200 Doxycycline, 500mg mwf Azithromycin, plus 500mg Tinidazole 2x/day pulses every two weeks. Whew! That's a lot!


CAPi for Cpni 11/04. Dxi: 25+yrs CFSi & FMSi. Currently: 250 aithromycin mwf, doxycycline 100mg BIDi, restarted Tinii pulses; Vit D2000 units, T4 & T3, 6mg Iodoral

HI Gloria. Join the club of

HI Gloria. Join the club of no longer crazies...  And hurrah for a diagnosis of Cpni, most of us did not get this intead we got diagnosed with MS, CFSi, Fibromyalgiai etc etc.   So the fact that your doctor has diagnosed you with Cpn is a good start.   If your doctor is aware of all the difficulties involved in the treatment of Cpn then you are indeed fortunate.

You seem to have done quite a lot of reading which is good, and even if you don't remember everything you have read you will know that somewhere here the information is available.  It will help you to determine whether your doctor is aware of the fact that Cpn is more like tuberculosis than other bacteria in that its treatment is prolonged and requires more than one antibiotic.   This< is the treatment I follow, I have done it for a year now and likely to continue for another year at least.   My hair has grown back and my sinuses are much better as is my asthmai.

What you can do for yourself is take a look at the supplement< charts and start taking NACi, Vit D3 and Vitamin B12, but actually all the supplementsi will help you.   Ideally you should start this before the antibioticsi as they will protect your body from too much endotoxini damage by giving you the building blocksneeded  to repair it. 

Don't hesitate to ask questions, we have all done it and still do.... 

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